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Bella Vita Organic Nose Glow Blackheads Removal Scrub 20g

Blackheads and whiteheads are stubborn skin concerns that do not tend to leave you alone. They are another form of acne that occurs due to clogged pores. Your pores tend to clog with dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt, or dust particles. Removing these from your face is not only healthy but also necessary. Mild cleansers like face washes, soaps, etc do not clean dead skin cells or hidden dirt particles, one needs a stronger cleanser like an exfoliates to deep clean the skin. Your lips talk a lot about your body’s hydration level. The health of your lips is as important as any part of your face or body and is affected the same way. The skin on the lips is extremely soft and is prone to more damage. Dry and chapped lips are very common, change of weather and lack of hydration can lead to that and can be dealt with by drinking more water most of the time. However, tanned and pigmented lips cannot be dealt with as easily. In fact, the skin on the lips also gets dark because of nicotine stains which are extremely difficult to get rid of.

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Bella vita Organic


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