5 Reasons Why Lavender Oil Should Be Your Favourite Oil

5 Reasons Why Lavender Oil Should Be Your Favourite Oil

If we were to award the best smelling essential oil, it would probably go to lavender oil. This sweet-smelling oil is quite the popular fragrance note in perfumes, bath products, mists, room fresheners, and so on. Not just beauty and home care products, lavender essential oil benefits enlist its proven effects on the mind as well. 


Curious to know more? Read ahead and discover the benefits and uses of natural lavender oil.

What is Lavender?

Well, the colour purple comes to mind, but there is more to it. Lavender is a flowering plant and herb from the mint family. It originated from India, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, almost 2500 years ago.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits:


There are many known benefits of this versatile oil. Here are some ways you can reap the most and include it in your lifestyle: 


Induce Sleep: Organic lavender oil has sedative effects and can help you deal with insomnia. If you have been busy spending the night turning and jumpy without getting any sleep, try inhaling lavender oil before your bedtime.

Simply use 3-4 drops of it in a steamer with water or 1-2 drops on your pillow directly. 

Need a better idea? Take a bath! After a long tiring day, use dried lavender leaves and oil to make a relaxing bath that will put you right to sleep. Natural lavender oil will not only help you sleep quickly but also get a better quality of sleep. 


Helps with Anxiety: There have been many large-scale studies on the lavender essential oil benefits for anxiety. And it showed promising and positive results for calming anxious thoughts or behaviour.

Hence, this oil is often used in aromatherapy. These therapies help to clear and calm your mind, body, and soul.

Another way it helps with anxiety is by making sure you get a good quality of sleep. A well-rested body has better control in regulating mood swings and anxious behaviour. 


Promote Hair Growth: Recently

this oil is in the limelight for its hair growth properties. A 2016 study done on mice observed a significant growth in their body after using lavender oil.

So, either mix it with your favourite oil or find a blend with other powerful oils for healthy and thick hair. Lavender for hair is also good to keep the hair healthy. And less damaged hair means reduced hair fall.

Can help with skin inflammation:

It is calming and soothing for not just the mind but also the skin. Using lavender oil for the skin can help with inflammation and dryness. It can also aid as a home treatment for ulcers.


How to use Lavender essential oil?

Lavender for hair: Test the best organic lavender oil from Juicy Chemistry for hair regrowth. Mix 4-5 drops of this oil with any oil and massage it onto the scalp. If you prefer a pre-mix oil, opt for Juicy Chemistry’s Marula, Argan and Lavender oil blend for dry and damaged hair. You can either use it as a pre-wash hair mask or apply it overnight.


Lavender for skin: Lavendar in skin products comes in many forms. For instance, you have soaps for daily use and organic lavender oil bath salts for a rejuvenating bath.


Lavendar oil on skin is a bliss on earth. If it for you, it is there for life. It helps in fighting acne, dark spots, skin feels fresh. It is soothing for skin, reducing eczema and dry skin conditions.

Lavender for home:  Unwind and restore your mind with this oil. Get yourself a diffuser and drop in a couple of oils with water. It will make your home smell comforting and also create calm and soothing energy.


Haven’t tried lavender mist diffusers yet? Go try. Get a lavender collection by La Flora at Woovly; consists of Lavender handmade soap, shampoo, body scrub and body massage oil.



New to essential oils? Organic lavender oil is great for beginners. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are soothing to the skin. Find the best organic lavender oil and other essential oils on Woovly. 

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