8 Habits That Are Messing Up Your Hair

8 Habits That Are Messing Up Your Hair

When it comes to our hair, women are unsalvageable if things go wrong! We women will do anything to ensure our hair looks as lustrous and shiny as they seem to be achievable in all those TV commercials.


While for some it might be some internal issue like hormonal changes, in most cases there are things you do regularly that cause harm to one’s hair quality.


Read along as we state some very common mistakes you do now and then that need to be stopped!

Skipping Breakfast



Have your elders always mentioned how breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Skipping breakfast leads to depriving yourself of essential minerals and vitamins. I noticed tremendous hair fall and at the same time how my hair growth reduced because of no breakfast. Therefore, always have a hearty breakfast full of essential fruits and energy-inducing foods that would address all your hair needs.

Combing Wet Hair


When your hair is wet, it is in its most fragile state. I have made this mistake and hence I recommend never to forcefully brush through your wet hair as they break easily. If you have to comb and can’t wait for it to dry up, use a wide-tooth comb because it effectively prevents breakage.


Lack Of Sleep



Just like your body, your hair also needs time to recharge all the nutrients and minerals that you intake. Me being someone who never paid heed to sleep at the right time, I found out that not only did it have an impact on my health, but my hair looked extremely dry. Therefore, having a balanced sleep cycle is essential to make your hair look healthy and beautiful.

Tying Your Hair Too Tightly


You should be gentle with how tightly you tie your hair. Tying it very harshly causes weakness to your hair roots and promotes hair damage. So maybe you can opt for a hairband in case you don’t want to have hair all over your face. It doesn’t cause pressure on your hair and is a lot more comfortable.


Styling Your Hair Often


Hair straighteners, curlers, and dryers – they all come in handy in making your hair look stylish. Excessive heat only leads to making your hair look duller and rougher. I used to be a big fan of poker-straight hair, I used to straighten it very often and after a certain age, it started looking extremely dull. Therefore, reduce the usage and try to mostly go for air dry or a natural look unless you have to style it.

Not Going For Hair Trimming


Hair trimming is the only way to curb the split ends of your hair. If you are like me who loves keeping long hair and avoiding haircuts, you are making a big mistake! This would only lead to making your hair look weak. On average, having your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks seems like a good way to start with this practice.


Not Using The Right Hairbrush



You need not opt for an expensive hairbrush to ensure shiny hair. As I was doing my research to ensure I buy the right product, I came across the benefits of a hairbrush with a boar bristle recommended by a lot of beauty influencers as well. It does an excellent job of scattering natural hair oils from the root to the tip and thus promotes blood circulation and keeps the scalp healthy.

Use Of Chemicals


Since childhood, I have always had the fetish to color my hair. And then when I started splurging in hair coloring, its chemicals caused rampant hair fall and damage. Therefore, my advice would be, at least go for occasional hair spas or healing treatments that help in balancing out the damage caused.

Not Using The Right Hairbrush

It takes a lot of effort to keep your hair healthy. The habits listed above are a few of the most common mistakes that cause hair problems. Now that you know about them, you can learn how to be more responsible with your hair, one step at a time!

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