This Toothbrush Is A Life Changer. Invest Now

This Toothbrush Is A Life Changer. Invest Now

Did you know that every time you throw out one plastic toothbrush, it adds to the 1% waste in the ocean? It means that the environment is harmed by at least 4.5 billion people throwing out their plastic toothbrushes.

If this gave you the chills, the next step would be to abide by a more eco-friendly toothbrush type. Bamboo brushes have become popular in the past few years. They have been around for centuries, but their benefits went under the radar due to plastic brushes.

If you are wondering what Bamboo brushes are, they are the same as our regular brushes, except they are made with biodegradable materials. The handle is made of bamboo, and the bristles are nylon coated. They remove stains and plaque from the teeth the same way a plastic toothbrush does.

None of us are fans of such lifestyle changes, but when I switched to a more environmental-friendly strategy, I realised its importance.

Since most of us are going green in today’s time, let’s talk more into the details of why using bamboo toothbrushes is your best bet.


Why you should stop using plastic toothbrushes

Well, first of all, do you ever want to be held responsible and feel guilty that you are slightly accountable for damaging mother nature? If not, bamboo brushes are promising and easy to use. It’s said that it could take about 60-100 years approximately to break plastic toothbrushes while bamboo breaks within months.

While it may not seem huge right now, but when millions of people do this every day, well… By using bamboo material, you are doing nature a favour and saving it from any haphazard.


Well, that depends on how you use and take care of the brush. On an average, a bamboo toothbrush lasts for about 3 to 4 months, which isn’t bad at all.

These brushes require a little more care than your plastic brush. Once you have brushed, rinse the bristles under warm water and scrub well to remove the debris. Then, with the help of a towel, dry the bristles. Store it on top of the brush holder to prevent the handle from getting moist and dark in colour.

How long do bamboo toothbrushes last


Where to buy sustainable bamboo toothbrushes

The Organic B Bamboo Toothbrush

₹199 onwards

Click here

Without bragging too much about bamboo brushes now, here’s one product that will surely impress you. I swear by The Organic B Bamboo Toothbrush that I bought on Woovly. Replacing your toothbrushes now and then can be a faff, but this natural bamboo toothbrush does what it claims.

It’s been five months since I have had this sustainable addition on my bathroom sink.

First of all, it’s easily compostable.

Secondly, talk about design and aesthetics, and this brush scores full marks for that. The bamboo handle looks quite appealing and pleasing.

The bristles are soft and easy to use. I swear no bleeding gums! Moreover, they are made of nylon coated in charcoal, making the teeth look really good and shiny clean.

Talk about environment-friendly! The brand uses Nylon bristles over boar hair. The brushes are made without causing any harm to the animals as well.

Speaking of its price, the pack of 2 is available for ₹149. I mean, think super clean teeth at this price. I call it priceless.

With time, I have become a big fan of bamboo toothbrushes, but I won’t give a biased opinion. Since The Organic B bamboo tooth brush is coated with charcoal on its bristles and made of sustainable bamboo handle, it is super effective for the teeth.

Bamboo toothbrushes also have natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, making them a safe choice for dental care.

Are bamboo toothbrushes sanitary

If you want to bring out some positive change in the environment and your lifestyle, then investing in a bamboo toothbrush is a fantastic, life-changing approach. Woovly offers this stunning toothbrush in multipacks at an affordable range. You can get a pack of two or own a full family pack without worrying about breaking the bank balance.

Say goodbye to plastic today!

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