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Our transparent and easy onboarding process helps you set up shop on Woovly in just a few clicks. With access to a more extensive customer base, your products are bound to reach far and wide, across the nation.
Making your products available to millions of prospective buyers in the lesser-known regions of India is a feat in itself. At Woovly, we would help you with customized solutions to spearhead your business journey.
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How do I benefit by partnering with Woovly?

Woovly is a Curated Social Commerce marketplace platform helping users discover & shop brands and products via video catalogues created by the influencer community and has a reach of 8 Million Customers

What are the requirements to partner with Woovly?

The OperatingBrand/ Seller needs to have the below Documents.

  1. MSME Certificate (Optional)
  2. GSTIN (Mandatory)
  3. Trade mark/NOC - if not available need the Indemnity bond of Rs. 100 or Rs. 300 (Mandatory)
  4. PAN Card
  5. Cancelled Cheque
  6. Authorised Signatory Signature Copy

What is the payment cycle at Woovly?

A 7-15 days payment settlement from the date of delivery of products to customers.**. Payment is done once in a month.

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