8 Shades Of Pink your nails will absolutely love

8 Shades Of Pink your nails will absolutely love

My Nail Paint Story.

Chipped nail paint

Day 1 – Beautifully applied two coats of my favourite nail paint!

Day 2 – Adoring my beautifully coloured bright nails. Eating dal chawal with a spoon so that I can protect my nails from getting damaged.

Day 3 – The nail paint starts chipping.

Happy Healthy Nails – Is It Too Much to Ask For?

I am sure all of you must have gone through the same sad story as mine at some point in your lives. It is truly annoying and depressing to see your nails chip just two days after you spent almost an hour applying perfect strokes of your favourite shade! That’s not just it. Most of the nail paints I have used till now have added chemicals. This makes my nails feel rough and lose it’s natural shine.

So I said to myself that it was about time I made a firm decision. Either find a nail paint that is made from natural ingredients and lasts long or stop applying nail paints altogether! I was afraid I’d have to succumb to the latter, but before I gave in, I set out to find “the one” who’d keep me and my nails happy and healthy!

It is very hard to find a vegan, cruelty-free nail paint that won’t chip easily and will restore your natural nail surface….but with Disguise Cosmetics, it’s easy-peasy! All shades of the Disguise Cosmetics nail paint are made of lotus extracts and three natural acids called alpha hydroxy acid. The natural acids present in these nail paints are malic acid found in apples, lactic acid found in sour milk and also in tomatoes and glycolic acid which is found in the sweet sugar cane!

Vegan, cruelty free nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics
Happy healthy nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

What is its texture like? Well it’s almost (exactly) like the nail paint of my dreams! It is gel-based which gives your nails a glossy and shiny look! Simply apply two coats of your favourite shade on dry nails and get happy healthy nails in just two minutes.

You must be thinking, if this nail paint is vegan, made from natural ingredients, free of chemicals and has a gel texture, it must drill a hole in your pocket. That’s the best part! It keeps your nails and your budget both happy and healthy!



As the name suggests, this Marshmallow Pink shade makes your nails look like mini marshmallows. It’s a perfect nail paint for a casual weekend brunch outing with your best friends!

marshmallow pink nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Marshmallow Pink Nail Polish​​


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marsala pink nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Marsala Nail Polish​​​


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Giving a bricky-pink shade, Marsala nail paint is a must have for a nice cocktail party or your friend’s reception ceremony!


When it comes to shades of pink, you cannot go wrong with Cotton Candy! Be it a summer top, a glossy lip colour or a nail paint, Cotton Candy works best for all occasions and moods!

cotton candy nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Cotton Candy Nail Polish​​​


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Flamingo pink nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Flamingo Pink Nail Polish​​​


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Blue jeans, white t-shirt and nude coloured sneakers. Everything’s set but how can you amp up this casual day look? Just apply two coats of Flamingo Pink nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics and you’re good to go!


Give your monsoon look a makeover with Cherrylicious shade by Disguise Cosmetics!

Cherrylicious nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Cherrylicious Nail Polish​​​


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Tulip pink nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Tulip Nail Polish​


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Tulips are often considered as one of the most expensive flowers. But you can definitely buy Tulip Nail Paint without a second thought!


Roses are red, violets are blue, get healthy happy nails in coats of two! Buy Rosebud pink shade for your nails now!

Rosebud nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Rosebud Nail Polish​


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Pinky Promise nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Pinky Promise Nail Polish


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Next time you’re about to pinky promise someone, make sure you have this nail paint on your pinky finger!

Pinky Promise by Disguise Cosmetics has a fine finish and gel look, making it a must have for all of us!


If you’re more into nude shades then these Beachy Peachy and Melanin shades by Disguise Cosmetics are perfect for you to rock any outfit!

Nude colour nail paint by Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics Melanin Nail Polish


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I think I’ve covered all the information about these dream-come-true nail paints by Disguise Cosmetics. You’re just one step away from buying it on!

There’s just one question left though. Which one are you gonna buy?

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