Can You Skip Facial Toners from Skincare Routine?

Can You Skip Facial Toners from Skincare Routine?

Let’s cut to the chase – Yes, you can skip facial toners. *gasp* An e-commerce website suggests you do not need another product on your shelf – how? Just hear us out. 

So, all this time, were facial toners just a marketing gimmick? Well, toner is a debatable topic in the world of skincare. If you researched, you would notice different experts have different opinions. But all of them will agree to one thing – they are optional. If you want a simple routine without fuss – a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen are all you need.

Any additional products that you use will cater to a skin-specific problem. Like hyperpigmentation, dark spots, under-eye bags, dehydrated skin, and so on. Such products have concentrated active ingredients which are beneficial to give you healthy skin.

Before we begin explaining the need for the toner, let us have a quick recap:

 What is a facial toner?


It is a fast-penetrating liquid with either cleansing, hydrating, or exfoliating properties. They have been around for a while, but over time, their formulas have evolved.


Back then, the bar soaps and cleansers were harsher and created an imbalance in the skin’s natural pH. So, to maintain the pH, toner was developed. But as skincare technology advanced, our cleansers are now gentler and safer to use, and hence toners now have active ingredients. They are hydrating, safer, and have chemical exfoliants like AHA, BHA, and PHA, which are better for the skin.

When to use a facial toner?

Straight after washing your face, on the damp skin, you can either spray, use cotton, or fingers to apply facial toner. Use it whenever you need a boost of hydration.


Use it in the morning to remove oil build up from night and in evening as to remove dirt and pollution from all day hustle; also use it for removing makeup.

So, what is the use of a toner, and why the hype?

As we mentioned earlier, facial toners available today are different. These new-age toners are hydrating or exfoliating with concentrated active ingredients.


They also prep your skin for the rest of the skincare regime. Facial toners help to keep the skin damp which allows other products to absorb better. And it just feels nice to add a refreshing and hydrating product that only helps your skin. So, yay for facial toners!



It is up to you and what your skin needs. Many people who have found their favorite toners don’t even think of ever skipping the step. It is a nice hydrating process that doesn’t do any harm. All you need is a suitable toner that fits well into your skincare routine.

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