Make Rakshabandhan EXTRA SPECIAL This Year With mcaffeine

Make Rakshabandhan EXTRA SPECIAL This Year With mcaffeine

Hate them, love them, can die for them. Siblings have a special relationship that is incomparable to anything. You two may not have chosen each other, but life has brought you together, and now they are extra special to you.

And the favourite festival celebrating the immortal bond of siblings is here – Raksha Bandhan. That means it is also the time for the joy of gifting with rakhi gifts. Raksha Bandhan gifts are a little token of appreciation to make up for all the fights, stolen items, and annoying behaviour throughout the year. But, we have something in store if you are struggling to find the perfect rakhi gift ideas for your siblings.

With so many of us still working from our homes, self-care has is now part of our lives. Endless hours of working, lazy feeling and housework (with Mummy’s daant), “me-time” is that little space that helps you rejuvenate and make you feel refreshed.

Do you know what else makes you feel that way? Coffee! So, combining self-care with coffee, mCaffeine brings you the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister or brother.

Read ahead to find what rakhi gift 2021 mCaffeine combo we have on the Woovly store for every kind of siblings:


mCaffeine Espresso Body De-Tan Kit - Combo of 3

mCaffeine Espresso Body De-Tan Kit


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These siblings like to steal your things. Shoes, clothes, food, and your skincare! Like everything you own is from them. So, why not rakhi gift them their own incredible skincare kit.

mCaffeine Espresso De-Tan kit is great to kickstart the coffee skincare. Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize – it has all the basic essentials one would need.


AKA the parents’ favourite. They are great at everything they do – school, sports, and helping out in the house. But, they are always there to get you out of trouble with your parents.

So for the go-getter siblings, face & body care with mCaffeine Exfoliation & De-Tan kit is an ideal rakhi gift. This duo, like you and your sibling, are the best rakhi gift combo!

mCaffeine Coffee Exfoliation & Tan Removal Kit - Combo of 2

mCaffeine Coffee Exfoliation & Tan Removal Kit


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mCaffeine Cellulite & Stretch Mark Reduction Duo - Combo of 2

mCaffeine Cellulite & Stretch Mark Reduction Duo


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There is no getting your way around them. They want what they want to do and do not want to listen to anybody. But, you know your way into their hearts and how to get things from them – pizza, ice cream, hugs, or rakhi gift.

Just like your stubborn siblings, cellulite and stretch marks are too stubborn to get rid of. But, not with mCaffeine coffee scrub and coffee body oil. The Pure Arabica coffee in the oil helps in cell regeneration and leaves you with soft, smooth and supple skin.


Whether you need a bit of advice, cover-up, or just about anything, you have a bestfriend for life at every stage. And your ultimate BFF deserves the ultimate care.

Gift this rakhi 2021 a healthy, nourishing, and glowing skin with skin’s BFF – mCaffeine Coffee scrub with coconut oil.

mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub - 100g

mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub


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mCaffeine Body Toning & Polishing Kit

mCaffeine Body Toning & Polishing Kit


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Any long-distance relationship is tough, not just romantic ones! If you aren’t able to spend this Raksha Bandhan with your sibling, no worries. Send them your love and buy rakhi gifts online from the Woovly Store.

mCaffeine Body toning and polishing is the perfect body skincare to get healthy skin. Trust us – your sibling will thank you for this best rakhi gift.

Raksha Bandhan will be twice as special with these awesome gifts kits that are budget-friendly. #BondOverCoffee with mCaffeine personal care items for rakhi gift 2021. You can shop for more such skincare bundles at Woovly for rakhi gifts.

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