5 Simple & Fast Ways to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

5 Simple & Fast Ways to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff


If you have a majestic beard, you already know a thing or two about beard dandruff. It is a prevalent problem amongst men who have lustrous beards. Your glorious facial hair, though, can sometimes be overshadowed with flaky dandruff. But that’s just a warning sign for you. To not let your follicles get affected, there are some fantastic ways to keep the beard dandruff at bay. Check it out.


Before we get into the details, let me quickly tell you what causes dandruff in the first place. If you have dry skin and have been using harsh face wash, it can damage your skin. Your skin will be devoid of any oils. Other factors, including harsh UVA and UVB rays, are also responsible. Moreover, your lifestyle and environmental hazards too can lead to beard dandruff.

Bring it all to an end with the following methods.

 1. Wash & Exfoliate


Your beard goes through a lot daily and deals with pollution and debris as well. To avoid that itchy feeling, you need to get your hands on a beard wash. This can help to keep your skin and follicles clean and hydrated. Your regular shampoos won’t work, and hence you need a good beard wash for dandruff.

Beardhood’s Beard Wash lathers well on your follicles. This one is packed with necessary ingredients like Biotin, Vitamin E, and apricot kernel oil. 

To use it:

  1. Wet your face and use it on your beard.

  2. Gently massage and leave it on for two minutes.

  3. Use it thrice a week for mind-blowing results.

2. Keep It Hydrated

Anyone who has experienced beard dandruff knows how persistent the problem is. However, there are ways to bring the itch under control, and that’s by moisturizing. Beard oils are your best bet here. They hydrate the skin and help to get rid of the dry texture.

Meet Glamveda’s Beard Oil. This one is light on the skin and has a quick-absorbing formula. Filled with mint, onion oil, and several other essentials, it gives your beard that rugged appearance. Take some amount and massage it on your beard. Use a comb once done to spread it evenly. You can leave it overnight too!


3. Use Beard Balm

While oils hydrate the follicles, beard balms help tone down the itchy sensation and soften the follicles. The product also has the potential to create natural sebum, which the skin produces for hydration.

So, to create a sleek look while also keeping the irritation under control, use Bombay Shaving Company’s Beard Softener Balm. This one comes with shea butter that nourishes the skin. It also helps with shaping and styling.

4. Use A Brush

Coming back to exfoliation, facial hair needs to be scrubbed now and then to eliminate the accumulated dirt and debris. As you make exfoliation a part of your regime, don’t forget to use a beard brush. It is another helpful product to get rid of beard dandruff. 

Organic B’s Beard Comb is said to have many benefits. It beats any other ordinary plastic comb and helps your beard with strays and knots. This comb spreads the oil evenly and gives it a perfect exfoliation. Additionally, it enhances blood circulation as well. You will be left with a happy, scratch-free beard! 

5. Use A Trimmer

To keep your mane sane, you need a trimmer. While regular washing can help with beard dandruff, it alone won’t suffice. Keeping your wild strays tamed with a quality trimmer is the way to go.

What if we told you an expert is waiting for you? LetsShave’s Beard Trimmer is designed with detachable combs and different hair settings as well. The sharp blades give a smooth and luxurious glide in no time. Moreover, it keeps the irritation at bay and soothes scratchy beard.


Now don’t let the skin beneath your mind-blowing beard feel malnourished at any point. These are some steps and products that help deal with many woes, especially flakes and dryness. Get yourself these products and say goodbye to an itchy beard.

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