5 Best Essential Oils for Dry Skin

5 Best Essential Oils for Dry Skin

As someone who has always struggled with dry skin issues, I have been looking for a solution to balance my skin with proper nourishment. That is when I came across the qualities that essential oils can offer. They are mostly recommended for their calming fragrance and soothing properties that are beneficial for the skin. 

I always make sure to mix a carrier oil with the perfect essential oil that suits my dry skin. I go for moisturizing and nourishing carrier oils that aid in dealing with excessive dryness. My go-to is the sweet almond carrier oil which I mix with a few drops of my favorite rose essential Oil. Both almond and rose are enriched with hydrating properties, and they are said to be one of the most experimental concoctions too! The intoxicating fragrance of Rose makes it my favorite essential oil to use. 

In the quest of finding the right essential oil, we are here to guide you the right way! Other than the amazing offers, we have detailed descriptions that will help even beginners.  To know which essential oil would suit your skin type, keep reading.

 1. Khadi Essentials Cold Pressed Pure Sweet Almond Abhyanga


Khadi Essentials Cold Pressed Pure Sweet Almond Abhyanga

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I was in search of essential oil that has the perfect composition of a soothing aroma as well as the properties that would help improve the dryness my skin suffers from. That is when I came across Khadi Essentials Cold Pressed Pure Sweet Almond Abhyanga. Almond oil has an intoxicating fragrance and at the same time is enriched with various antioxidant properties. A perfect mixture that helped in improving the dry texture of my skin because of the hydrating infusion of this essential oil.   

2. Juicy Chemistry’s Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is the answer to my search for perfectly scented oil. Sweet-smelling lavender flowers have multi-faceted benefits that have gained a lot of popularity in the beauty and wellness sector. Personally, Juicy Chemistry’ Lavender Essential Oil truly appealed to me for its organic composition and soothing fragrance. Lavender is said to actively help in skin regeneration thus making way for softer and suppler skin. 


Juicy Chemistry Lavender Essential Oil

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3. Khadi Essentials Vitamin C Night Cream Oil


Khadi Essentials Vitamin C Night Cream Oil

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To remove the occurrence of flakiness and get a healthy glow, Vitamin C is one of the components that is said to be beneficial. While searching for this composition of essential oil from top brands– I came across the Khadi Essentials Vitamin C Night Cream Oil. I was thrilled as Khadi Essentials is one of the top Indian Organic wellness brands and is highly recommended. It helped in boosting the blood flow and to get that radiant flush on my skin.

4. St. Botanica Pure Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil is said to be the perfect solution for your dry and irritated skin in extreme cold weather conditions. With the cyclic change of seasons, I felt I should have essential oil that provides the necessary skin nourishment and hydration and that is when I found St.Botanica Pure Geranium Essential Oil which has been concocted for such extreme weather conditions. It helps to boost blood circulation and make the skin look fresh. 


St.Botanica Pure Geranium Essential Oil

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5. Pure Chief Lemongrass Essential Oil


Pure Chief Lemongrass Essential Oil

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In case I don’t get the multi-purpose Lavender Essential Oil, I usually go for the Peppermint Essential Oil which is suitable for all skin types. Along with reducing skin inflammations, tightening skin pores, and promoting skin cell generations – this essential oil is a boon for dry skin. Therefore while searching for a solution to my chapped lips I came across Pure Chief Lemongrass Essential Oil. I saw visible results of how it soothed the dry patches of my skin with its cooling effects.

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