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Khadi Essentials – Natural Beauty and Wellness Solutions

Khadi Essentials is a quality-conscious brand that offers custom-made products created with handpicked ingredients. Their range of products is sustainable and cruelty-free, and a rather large assortment is 100 per cent vegan. The brand offers dermatologically-tested products manufactured according to the guidelines set by the World Health Organization for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In simple terms, Khadi Essentials has maintained adherence to quality standards across its production processes and continues to do so in the larger interests of its varied clientele.

Khadi Essentials Pomegranate Sheet Mask

Experience the skin-loving properties of cherry and pomegranate extracts with a special sheet mask. The mask also includes aloe vera, green tea, neem extracts, glycerine, tea tree serum, castor oil, propylene glycol, aqua, and xanthan gum in its ingredients list. Each of these ingredients has skin-repairing properties. Together, they exfoliate the skin, massage the surface, reduce pigmentation spots, and provide your skin with an enviable, even tone. 

How to Use:

Wash your face with an organic face wash from Khadi Essentials. Unfold the sheet mask and place it gently on your face. Pat it lightly so it fits the contours of your face better. Now relax as you allow the rich ingredients of the mask to seep deep into your skin for at least 20 minutes. You can then peel the mask slowly and apply the tea tree serum to your face.

Khadi Essentials Swarnim Sandalwood & Lodhra Handmade Soap

Give your skin some love and nourishment with this handcrafted soap from Khadi Essentials made with sandalwood, turmeric, castor butter, etc. It adds a golden sheen to your skin and gives your skin a smooth texture—the natural ingredients aid in rejuvenating and imparting radiance and removing tanning. The chaulmoogra heals and boosts your skin while kokum helps promote healthy skin cells' growth. 

How to Use:

Wet your face, neck, and body with water and lather the soap by massaging it. Rinse off the lather with lukewarm water and pat skin dry. It is recommended that you use the soap twice to get optimum results.

Khadi Essentials Red Onion & Black Seed Hair Oil & Onion Shampoo

The nourishing mixture of red onion & black seed oil is further enriched with the essence of jojoba, olive, and coconut oil. Together, they encourage healthy hair growth and hair regeneration. The onion shampoo is rich in vitamins and the essence of curry leaves. These products prevent hair fall and breakage. They hydrate and nourish your scalp, strengthen your hair, and give it volume and shine.

How to Use:

Depending on the length of your hair, take an appropriate amount of the oil and apply it thoroughly to your scalp and hair length. You can leave it overnight or wash it off after about 30 minutes. Wash your hair with the Khadi Essentials, nutrient-rich onion shampoo for the best results.

Khadi Essentials Red Vitamin C & E With Hyaluronic Acid Ayurvedic Serum Sheet Mask

This nourishing sheet mask is ultra-rich in vitamins C and E, cucumber, and aloe vera. It is made of 100 per cent natural bamboo extracts and includes the hydrating essence of hyaluronic acid. This mixture of rich natural ingredients helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation, tighten skin pores, and make your skin feel firmer and even-toned.

How to Use:

Wash your face well with a Khadi Essentials organic face wash. After you unfold the mask place it on your face, pat it till it adapts to the angles of your face. You can apply the leftover serum in the pouch on your neck. Allow the mask to sit for at least 15-20 minutes. You can then remove it gently, then apply a fine layer of the serum to your skin and watch it glow beautifully.

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The Khadi Essentials products are free of artificial colourings, chemicals, and parabens – all of which are harsh on your skin. The solutions are created with pure and organic ingredients abundant in nutrients to provide you with clean and healthy skin. 

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