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Haircare should be an essential part of everyone’s daily self-care routine. Hair with a lot of shine, volume, and bounciness not only looks good but also makes you feel amazing. You may think that regular shampoos are enough when it comes to providing your hair with the right level of cleansing, hydration, and nutrition. Many commercials proclaim how using a certain shampoo gives you bouncy, fresh, frizz-free, shiny hair. It is easy to assume that these shampoos are good for your hair. But, if you ever go to a salon for a haircut or a hair spa, your hairstylist is bound to recommend the use of a mild shampoo. To maintain good, shiny, and healthy hair, it's better to use a gentler shampoo rather than the ones that have a host of harsh chemicals in them. Mild shampoos often contain natural ingredients and gentle cleansing agents that help you restore damaged hair, provide it with the right nutrition, and give it bounciness and a natural shine.

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Gentle Shampoos for Healthy, Radiant Hair

In a regular shampoo, cleansing agents help in the removal of dirt and oil from our hair. But the downside of this is that it can make our hair dry and frizzy. On the other hand, mild shampoos for hair contain mild cleansing agents and usually have natural oils and hair conditioning agents to keep your hair feeling soft and supple. 

A gentle shampoo is a great way to go if: 

  • You wash your hair on a daily basis
  • You have damaged hair due to heat, chemicals, or pollution
  • You have dry hair
  • You have a dandruff problem
  • You have hair fall issues
  • You have a dry, itchy scalp
  • You have split ends
  • You have frizzy hair

The mildness of these shampoos can still help remove dirt, oil, and pollution from your hair without damaging it in the long run. These shampoos lather less compared to the regular ones as they do not contain harmful detergents or surfactants.

Regular shampoos may contain a lot of harsh chemicals that often go unnoticed. These chemicals are not only hazardous for your hair but sometimes even for your skin. These days, parabens and sulfates are not included in a few shampoos. Below is the list of a few important ingredients to avoid while buying shampoo:


Parabens are one of the preservatives used in cosmetics and shampoos to prevent bacteria from growing. This is said to be harmful to the hormones in the body. It also affects reproductive organs and is said to increase the risk of cancer. It can also cause irritation of the skin.

Sodium Chloride:

Sodium chloride is also known as table salt. It is not good for hair. This chemical maintains the thickness of the shampoo. It can irritate sensitive scalps and also cause hair loss.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate:

Sulfate is the one that helps in the removal of oil. This chemical is so harsh that it not only clears the scalp but also leaves the hair dry and frizzy. Shampoos with this chemical are  a bad idea for people with sensitive skin.

Synthetic Fragrance: 

The most common ingredient to go unnoticed include artificial fragrances. These are used to hide the harsh smell of the chemicals used in the shampoo. These fragrances are so bad that they can cause health problems like asthma, and cancer and can also lead to hair loss.


This is a type of chemical used by manufacturers to make hair look shiny. But it just ends up damaging the hair in the long run. It is made up of silicone, which helps in building up hair and scalp. This thin coat of plastic not only coats the hair but also clogs up pores, and stops the absorption of nutrients and moisture in the hair which contributes to hair loss and damaged hair. 

Benefits of Using Gentle Shampoo for Hair and Scalp

The big difference between a regular shampoo and a gentle shampoo is that the mild one doesn't contain any harmful chemicals like detergents or surfactants. Detergents and surfactants are soap-like in nature. They get rid of oil, pollution, and dirt present in your hair. But they also remove the shine and healthy oils, making your hair frizzy.

A gentle shampoo is very beneficial for your overall hair health. It allows you to wash your hair carefree without worrying if the shampoo you are using can cause permanent damage to your hair or not. Below are a few benefits of using the best mild shampoos out there:

Cleans scalp build-up:

Just because these shampoos are gentle and mild doesn't mean that they will not cleanse your hair properly. Like a regular shampoo, these shampoos help cleanse the scalp build-up but without causing any damage to the hair root.

It keeps the moisture in your hair intact:

Using a regular shampoo that is loaded with different chemicals strips off the moisture and natural oils in your hair. It leaves the hair dry and rough. Gently exfoliating shampoos not only cleanse the hair but also keeps it conditioned and moisturised. 

It conditions your hair and scalp:

The mild shampoos contain essential oils and Shea butter which conditions the hair and scalp.

It can be used on sensitive scalps:

Many of us have a dry and sensitive scalp. It is tough for people like us to choose the right shampoo. However, using a gentle shampoo may do just the trick. It'll keep your scalp protected from irritation and itchiness. 

No artificial fragrance:

Most shampoos come with a strong artificial fragrance. These fragrances can be harmful to people with asthma. If you are a person who doesn't like strong artificial fragrances, switch to a gentle shampoo that often comes with a natural fragrance.

No more itchy scalp:

Regular shampoos are packed with harmful chemicals which can disturb the pH level of your scalp. This can lead to flaky scalp and itchiness. Using a milder shampoo may prove to be beneficial in this matter. It can keep your hair moisture intact which in turn can help in reducing the itchiness and flaking of your scalp.

Improves natural shine of the hair:

A mild cleansing shampoo will clear scalp build-up and cleanse the impurities present in the hair. This helps in getting good nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. The shampoos that have Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5, and B7 helps to add natural shine to your hair. 

Helps in balancing the pH level of the hair:

If you want healthy and shiny hair, know that the management of the pH level of hair and scalp is very crucial. With a regular shampoo, the pH level gets disturbed due to its alkaline properties. This causes damage to the cuticle and breakage of hair. A shampoo that's mild in nature will not have all these problems. It will mainly have natural ingredients that maintain the pH level and leave your hair soft, frizz-free, and tangle-free.

Features of a Mild Shampoo

The ingredients lists of these shampoos look different when compared to regular shampoos. These ingredients ensure that:

  • It clears the scalp without removing moisture
  • Adds shine without stripping off hair strands
  • It isn't that thick compared to regular shampoos
  • It doesn't lather too much
  • It doesn't have a very strong artificial fragrance

Mild Shampoo for Dry Hair 

Hair loss cannot be fully stopped. But with the help of milder shampoo, it can be controlled and slowed down. Milder shampoos help in keeping the scalp nourished instead of inflaming the scalp. In the longer run, a gentler shampoo will help in keeping the hair healthy without damaging it.

Harsh formulas in regular shampoos make your hair dry. Soft shampoos not only keep your hair from breakage but also make it more healthy and keep it from falling. It also keeps your scalp nourished and hydrated, adds shine to your hair, and keeps it healthy overall.

Mild Shampoo for Hair Fall

In the long run, using a gentle shampoo can reduce hair loss. No shampoos can completely stop hair from falling as it depends on the type and texture of your hair, your skin condition, and genetics. But using a soft shampoo can make the process slower while also repairing damage to existing hair.

Mild Shampoos for Daily Use

Using a regular shampoo daily can break your hair. A mild and gentle shampoo can help in cleansing hair without stripping good natural oils from the hair. So, these shampoos can be used regularly without causing much damage. For people who have coloured hair, this type of shampoo is usually recommended by hairstylists as it doesn't have too many chemicals and won’t strip their hair off the colour. Strong surfactants can always damage your hair. It can also worsen the condition of dandruff by inflaming the scalp. To help with the prevention of dandruff, look for a shampoo with Zinc pyrithione in it. This will slow down the production of excessive oils and help in preventing flakes.

Different Ingredients to Look for in a Mild Shampoo

Regular shampoos have detergents and surfactants in them. Even gentle shampoos do have ingredients that achieve the same results but these are vastly different from what regular shampoos use. They usually have gentle cleansing agents to make sure your hair doesn't get damaged. Here is the list of ingredients to look out for in gentle shampoos:

  • Long-chain amino esters
  • Alkanolamides
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine
  • Ammonioesters
  • Polyoxyethylene sorbitol esters
  • Sodium lauraminopropionate
  • Cetyltrimethylammonium chloride
  • Polyoxyethylene fatty alcohols

Not only do these shampoos contain milder cleansing agents but also additional, nutrient-rich ingredients like natural oils and proteins. Below is a list of a few ingredients that are usually present in a gentle shampoo:

  • Plant extracts
  • Shea butter
  • Essential oils
  • Amino acids
  • Glycerin
  • Animal protein
  • Hydrolysed silk
  • Amino acids
  • Keratin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Dimethicone 
  • Vitamins like provitamins and Parthenon

Why Should you Switch to a Milder Shampoo

  • Your hair texture doesn't matter. If you have straight, curly, or wavy hair and even if you have a dry or oily scalp, you can always go for a gentler shampoo.
  • Gentle shampoos also clear the scalp of dirt, gunk, and oil without being harsh on your skin, scalp, or hair. So, people looking for shampoos for daily use could definitely go for these.
  • Since there are fewer chemicals in it, your hair will be able to breathe properly without having to deal with all the harmful chemicals. 

A Mild Shampoo List

There are many brands that sell shampoos. But it's important to look into the ones that give you the best results after washing your hair. Mild and gentle shampoos ensure that your hair is clean and healthy after each wash. They won’t strip off natural oils or cause skin irritation. Below is a list of some of the best mild shampoos in India:

  • Coco soul shampoo with coconut and Ayurveda
  • The switch fix love is love shampoo bar
  • St Botanica GO strong hair shampoo
  • Globus Naturals protein gentle hair care hair growth shampoo
  • Oriental Botanics Go Long onion hair shampoo
  • Mcaffeine naked and raw coffee shampoo
  • Just herbs dandruff control ayurvedic soya protein shampoo
  • Spantra red onion black seed oil hair shampoo
  • Khadi Naturals henna rosemary shampoo

These are some of the best mild shampoo names available in the market currently. You can buy from brands like Coco Soul, The Switch Fix, St. Botanica, Globus Naturals, etc. at Woovly – the one-stop online destination for hair and skincare. You can choose your product from the extensive collection on offer there and buy a mild shampoo for women and men right from the comfort of your living room. 


How does a gentle shampoo cleanse hair if it doesn't lather too much?

Most people believe that lather equals cleaning but that’s a myth. Mild lather also cleanses your hair. It just doesn't contain too many chemicals in it. It'll deep clean your scalp without stripping it off natural oils and moisture.

Are milder shampoos good for coloured hair?

Yes, usually after you get your hair coloured, hairstylists recommend using a milder shampoo since it doesn't strip colour off your hair. Your hair may also be prone to getting dry after you’ve coloured it. But using a gentle shampoo helps in slowing down the process. It keeps your hair in better condition as it contains natural ingredients like essential oils and shea butter.

Does a milder shampoo help in preventing dandruff?

Using a gentle shampoo doesn't completely prevent dandruff. But it can help in reducing dandruff by nourishing the scalp and preventing inflammation and dryness by providing just the right level of hydration. 

Can I use a mild shampoo if I have oily hair?

Yes, absolutely. You can use gentle shampoos to remove excess oil on a daily basis. Try to avoid the shampoos with silicone in them. Using such shampoos may give you the shine you want, but if you have an oily scalp, it just may end up looking more greasy.

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