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VLCC shampoos have an excellent hair-boosting formula available for all hair types and massage therapy. The brand boasts enriching formulas with promising results and excellent maintenance of the hair. Whether VLCC shampoo is for hair fall therapy, dandruff control, silky shine, nourishing roots or hair defense, there is a VLCC shampoo available to address every hair-related issue. Check out the different varieties available and their ingredients before proceeding to buy the shampoos online. The ingredients are combined professionally according to the active substances and the effects produced. Some popular ingredients are coconut oil, hibiscus flower extracts, rosemary oil, mint extracts, green almond oil, orange oil, soy proteins, lemon oil, red onion seed extracts, fenugreek extracts, etc. The VLCC shampoo for dandruff is an excellent dandruff control measure for women and men of any age. It provides protection against scalp damage and helps considerably decrease the production of dandruff on the scalp. The different shampoo formulations are prepared without parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or silicon and are thus a healthy manner of caring for your hair. Scroll through the varieties available, and the shampoo prices before adding them to your cart and paying with a suitable payment gateway. Order the shampoos online in a required quantity and a delivery location for convenient doorstep delivery. Make sure that you read the VLCC shampoo reviews before buying it.

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VLCC Shampoos

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Reduce Hairfall and Strengthen Hair With VLCC Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Add the goodness of nature and science with VLCC Shampoos to get great hair. Transform your shelf of hair care products and add the best from VLCC to give yourself a holistic hair care routine today. The varying types of VLCC shampoos available can be categorized based on the effect produced. There are different ingredients specially chosen according to desired concentrations for specific hair types and their problems.

Types of VLCC Hair Shampoo

  • VLcc Hair fall control shampoo — Try the VLCC Onion & Fenugreek shampoo is an excellent hair fall control shampoo with ingredients like onion oil, fenugreek seed extracts, almond oil and black seed oil. The VLCC hair fall control shampoo helps reduce hair loss by strengthening and restoring properties for vitality.
  • VLCC Hair fall repair shampoo — The anti-hair fall Hibiscus and coconut oil shampoo is beneficial for making the hair healthy while reducing hair fall at the same time. There are some unique minerals in the hibiscus extracts that help in repairing the hair breakage problem. Thus, get a VLCC hair fall repair shampoo for a frizz-free finish and well-nourished hair. 
  • VLCC Anti dandruff shampoo — The VLCC dandruff control shampoo uses ingredients like rosemary with mint extracts that help control dandruff production. Rosemary oil has an anti-bacterial action to prevent scalp infections and remove dandruff on the scalp. The VLCC anti dandruff shampoo has mint extracts to help in soothing the scalp effectively whilst also conditioning it for a revitalized feel. Check out the VLCC Dandruff Care & Control shampoo, specially formulated to fight dandruff formation on the scalp. 
  • Hair growth enhancing shampoo — The nourishing shampoo is suitable for any hair type, whether dry, straight, curly, frizzy or wavy. It is a scalp penetrating shampoo that strengthens the root follicles. The VLCC Nourishing & Silky Shine shampoo is a wholesome and natural hair-boosting variety. It imparts a shine from the root to the hair tips coupled with a silky softness. The VLCC shampoo for hair growth contains soy proteins which are nutritious to the hair roots to strengthen them. The green almond oil present within helps in giving a lasting sheen to any hair type. 

How to Use VLCC Shampoo for Hair?

The entire hair length must first be moistened with water and then treated with shampoo. Squeeze out a dollop of hair shampoo in the palm and gently massage it  onto the scalp. Leave the shampoo in the wet hair for about two or three minutes till it gets absorbed fully. Rinse the hair and the scalp thoroughly till all the shampoo is washed out completely. Repeat the process if necessary in case of lengthy hair. 

Why Should I Buy VLCC Shampoo Varieties for Hair?

The benefits obtained from using VLCC shampoos are many, as they do not contain harmful additives. The brand has several prestigious awards in its portfolio that represent customer satisfaction for personal care. Although it started in India, the brand is now spread across 16 different countries due to its fame and recognition. The products are safe to use with guaranteed benefits for a long-lasting effect. Personal care hair products and shampoos made by VLCC for hair fall, dandruff control, nourishment, shine etc., are exotic and reliable. The VLCC shampoo price varies according to the different ingredients available and the quantities packaged.

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