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VLCC is a homegrown brand that is recognised worldwide. It is an all-encompassing name synonymous with beauty, wellness, fitness, skin care, and clinic. The brand has a dominating presence worldwide, offering a holistic approach to producing skin-safe products from organic and cruelty-free ingredients. The brand started with slimming and weight management centres across the nation in the late 1980s and emerged as a comprehensive beauty and wellness platform. They have blended science and technology with the goodness of natural sources. The extensive range of products includes easy-to-use facial kits, face wash, shampoo, toners, moisturisers, body lotions, and many more. These products give you a professional finish as they are crafted with expert-recommended formulations to tackle problems focusing on skin and hair. Its product is free from harmful chemicals, toxins, allergens, and synthetics. Their wide range of skin-safe products helps you to treat your skin and hair problems by preventing the root cause and not masking them with temporary solutions. One popular skin care product is the VLCC face wash which is widely used by people with different skin types and skin-related woes. It offers several options in skin care face washes to tackle problems like pimples, tanning, pigmentation, etc. You can explore and purchase your choice of facial cleansing products like the VLCC anti-tan face wash, VLCC charcoal face wash, VLCC melia face wash, and many more. Check the VLCC face wash prices on Woovly to get the skin care products at affordable rates.

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VLCC Face Wash

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Get skin-replenishing face washes crafted with effective properties that blend science and nature. The brand stresses creating a space of skin care products for every skin type. Their facial cleansers contain active nutrients, antioxidants, and several other properties that revitalise and improve your skin’s quality. The variations in nourishing cleansers tackle specific skin problems based on your skin type. Their VLCC Ayurveda face washes, and other types of facial cleansers are paraben-free, sulphate-free, toxin-free, and vegan. The brand has focused on providing a holistic skin care experience that is safe for you and the environment. Get a deeply nourishing face wash that prevents premature ageing, damaged skin, acne-prone skin, dark patches, dark spots, and several other troubles. Try the wide range of organic skin care to control and end your skin-related problems with products like the VLCC Tulsi Acne Clear Face Wash, VLCC Turmeric & Berberis Face Wash, VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Face Wash, and many more. 

Types of VLCC Face Wash

How to Use VLCC Face Wash

Take a dime-sized blob of the VLCC face wash in your palm and lather it to form the foam. Gently massage the foam all over your face and neck in circular motions. Do not miss the hairline, ears, and back of your neck while lathering the cleanser. Once done, rinse off with lukewarm water or tepid water to unveil a fresh and glowing complexion. You can follow these steps for AM and PM routines to achieve the best results. You can also apply a toner, moisturiser at night, and sunscreen during the day after washing your face. 

Why Should I Buy VLCC Face Wash

VLCC is a renowned brand that offers skin-rejuvenating and deep-cleansing products to boost your skin’s quality and repair it with active organic ingredients. The wide range of VLCC face washes are loaded with options that reduce hyperpigmentation, eliminate pimples, remove tanning, soothe your skin, and much more. VLCC is a sworn advocate for vegan products and offers harmful chemical-free products crafted through a cruelty-free process.