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Eyebrows have the power to define and frame your face. And it is not just the tweezers and other plucking equipment that bring the best out of your eyebrow. Wait till you discover the goodness of eyebrow pencil. It is a simple product that does wonders and gives you a confident gaze. You can give your eyebrows a good shape with a few strokes. Use an eyebrow pencil to darken, enhance, and fill your eyebrows to get fuller, healthier-looking arches. Get an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural brow hair colour and improves the structure of your face. Several eyebrow tools and products come along with some added applicators like an eyebrow brush. It is a hassle-free tool to help you make small hair-like detailing with a smooth gradient finish.

Get amazing results with an eyebrow pen and achieve a natural yet make-up-ready look. Eyebrow tints in pencils are highly pigmented and yet lightweight when applied correctly. It gets tricky to set the correct technique according to the curve of your eyebrows unless you find a suitable shade. Being a versatile make-up product, you can create stunning, and high-fashion looks with the precise spoolie brush and bristles. The products are inexplicably good as they glide smoothly for a well-blended finish. Browse through Woovly and get access to an arsenal of luxurious eyebrow care products. Extend the routine with a touch of mascara and brow gel for polished and mysterious eyes that mesmerize.

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Eyebrow Pencils

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Achieve the Perfect Brow Look with an Eyebrow Pencil

Explore the secret of getting perfect arches with the best eyebrow pencil in a few simple steps:

  1. Select a shade closest to your natural eyebrow. 
  2. Comb or brush your eyebrows for a better canvas to draw or fill in your brows using a spoolie or a brush.
  3. Use an angled pencil.
  4. Start drawing light feather-like strokes. It must look natural.
  5. Follow along the line and arch of your natural eyebrow shape.
  6. Follow the same process on the other eye and make it look as even as possible. 
  7. Lastly, comb the eyebrow into a shape with a spoolie or brush attachment to set the eyebrows and achieve well-blended eyebrows. 

Tips and tricks to get the best eyebrows:

  • Always draw along your actual eyebrow line. Choose and mark the start and finish of your eyebrows.
  • Select a proper angular arch as per your desired look.
  • Always choose a shade closest to your natural eyebrow colour.
  • Highlight the inner lining of the eyebrows to give it a pop and give it a cleaner look. 
  • Lastly, know your face structure well for the perfect eyebrows.

Pencils for eyebrows are formulated with a wide variety of ingredients like beeswax, oils, butter, fruit wax, etc. They come in various shades for experimentation, including vibrant blues, reds, browns, etc. Browse through the catalog to explore a plethora of options with eyebrow pencil benefits. Get a wide variety of premium quality pencils that enable smooth strokes, good pigment, different hues, durability, and packaging. 

Cherry-picked eyebrow pencil brands only for you

With improved formulations, several brands put their effort to bring you a professional finish with every eyebrow product. Brands like Coloressence and Note Cosmetique are a few among the many eyebrow product brands that give you a well-defined arch and natural finish. Some brands offer a set of spoolie and brush to create smooth and blended eyebrows effortlessly. Get a waterproof eyebrow pencil for hot and humid weather. Several brands offer products that give you a flawless finish without burning a hole in your pocket. Keep a close look at the eyebrow pencil prices on Woovly for discounts and offers. 

Shape and nourish your eyebrows with Woovly

Woovly brings you a wide variety of eyebrow care and styling products that help you achieve looks ranging from bold and modern to soft and dewy. Discover a fantastic range of flawless eyebrow pencils online that can help you achieve the desired look in a fraction of a few minutes. Woovly offers you easy shopping, a variety of quality products, safe and fast payment gateways, and hassle-free delivery services. Get everything under one roof and access doorstep delivery with Woovly.


How to shape your eyebrows?

Firstly, clean and remove the unwanted hair and trim wherever required.  Once done with the process of shaping it, go in with the brow pencil and fill in your eyebrows.

What are the different eyebrow tools and products? And what should I use for a natural day look?

The eyebrow tools need skills and can get intimidating when using them for the first time. However, brands have worked to develop eyebrow products for easy blending and implementation of techniques. Some eyebrow products include eyebrow pencil with a brush, eyebrow gel, eyebrow shadow with powder, eyebrow marker, eyebrow wax, etc.

Which shade works best for dark hair? And how to choose the perfect shade?

Choosing the perfect shade is simpler than you think, and you should always go for a shade lighter than your actual hair colour. And a person with dark hair should go for a dark brown shade, that is, a brown eyebrow pencil. 

Can I use a mascara wand instead?

A mascara brush brings volume and increases the length of your eyelashes. The eyebrows need something less pigmented yet to fill in the gaps naturally. Go for a natural shade of eyebrow pen for better results.  

Does using an eyebrow pencil make you lose your eyebrow hair?

Using a pigmented pencil for eyebrows cannot harm your hair or hair growth, and it does not cause hair loss. However, for safety, browse Woovly to find a serum for eyebrows to enhance eyebrow growth and density naturally, and it will enhance and accentuate your eyebrows. 

What is the ongoing eyebrow trend?

Influencers recommend natural and soft eyebrows that are thick. Trends come and go extremely fast, and you can keep up with fast fashion or all-time classic looks as preferred. Hence, the best and easiest eyebrow look is whatever suits your style.

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