Breaking Down Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Tareefan look With 10 Products

Breaking Down Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Tareefan look With 10 Products

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja – The fashionista of Bollywood and Fashion Icon for so many youngsters all around the globe. Her style and choices of clothes are fun and flirty. Here we will be breaking down her most glamorous Tareefan look. A look that has stolen the hearts of every man and woman with the glam of a strong confident character.

First Things First – Setting Spray


Coloressence Makeup FX Spray

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The thing about setting spray is that it is inevitable in any look that you are creating. Let it be an everyday look, setting spray can do wonders to your makeup by keeping it all set throughout the day; obviously, it’s in the name. So, this purchase would not only add perfection to your look but also will be a great addition to your makeup collection. Coloressence Makeup FX Spray is one such product that gives you a misty finish, which means this setting spray is what you need to create a perfect base for your makeup.

Perfect Foundation = Perfect Base

Without any doubt, we all know the importance of foundation in any part of life. You need a proper foundation to make the base flawless. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one as Sonam Kapoor Ahuja used, we have a better alternative for you. Auric Beauty CoverMatte Foundation with six different shades, will be your skin’s new best friend, why? Because it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.


Auric CoverMatte Foundation

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Loose Powder To Set You Free

Coloressence High Definition Loose Powder

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Loose powder plays a similar role as setting spray. The feature of loose powder is that it helps to set your makeup and this process is called baking. Once you apply foundation/concealer, apply the powder at places where you want the makeup to sit properly, suppose under the eyes or forehead or even the whole face. Leave it for a few seconds and then dust it off. Get your hands on this amazing product Coloressence High Definition Loose Powder. Loose powder will hold your makeup close to your skin-saving it from falling off, similarly save from constant dabbing and touch-ups.

Eyeshadow – The Fun Element

Now let’s be honest, doing eye makeup is fun. The beauty of it is the experimental factor. It can always get better because any failed eye makeup could be a unique new look. So put your worries aside and pick up your eye makeup tools, if not your fingers could do the magic too. All you need is an eyeshadow palette with green and yellow tones. We have- Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil in the shade Turquoise for you, but if you already have a palette, work with the colors. The key is blending, add the yellow or green shade you have on the inner corner of your eyes. After blending it properly to the outer corner in half, add a brown shade at the end. For the Smoky eye effect, add black in the outer corner of your eye and blend it. Keeping it light or dark is purely optional to your preference. You can also go for Coloressence Satin Eyeshade – Summer Field to play around with colors and add some shimmer to it.


Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil
Coloressence Satin Eyeshade- Summer Field

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Brow > Attitude


Coloressence Expert Eyebrow Pencil

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Your eyebrows can send the attitude that you wish to reach people. There is a saying in the world of makeup that if you want to be taken seriously, do your eyebrows properly. To imprint the actress aka Bollywood vibe to your look, use Coloressence Expert Eyebrow Pencil- 2 in 1, to bring the Sonam Kapoor in you. Don’t overthink, just go with your instincts and fill in your brows. Trust the product, the outcome will be perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Bronzer For Sculpting

Adding definition to your face is possible with bronzer. To bring out the beauty of your cheeks before going for blush, you have to apply the Coloressence Professional Matte Sculpting Bronzer . It gives you that glow any actress carries around. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is always about glam, so don’t forget to get yourself a bronzer. You can also use it daily to bring out a sun-kissed glow. Don’t apply it too much, keep it minimal. We have more products to top it, to create Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Tareefan look.


Coloressence Professional Matte Sculpting Bronzer

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Wear Your Blush


Coloressence Satin Smooth Highlighter Blusher

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Blush is never too much, unless it is, so be careful with blush. To finish off Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Tareefan look, you need to add Coloressence Satin Smooth Highlighter Blusher  to your cheeks. Blush is a very important part of this look. It eliminates the plain effect that a fully covered makeup look has, and it brings all the products together. Now you know that you have to have a blush in your makeup pouch

Highlighter To The Rescue

Highlighter has made a comeback and it’s an everyday product now. We are all back to embracing the beauty of glow. It is all about the glow today, because why not? A perfect highlighter is all you need to create a celebrity-level makeup look. Here is a product for you, which is of multipurpose use, Note Cosmetique Terracotta Blusher. It is both a highlighter and a blush. So, you don’t need 10 products to create Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Tareefan look, shop wisely.


Note Cosmetique Terracotta Blusher

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Dramatic Bollywood Eye


Auric Everyday Mascara

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Mascara is a product that you can’t avoid. It opens up your eyes in a way that nothing has ever done. Get the Auric Everyday Mascara (Black), to complete the eye makeup. Who doesn’t need flaunting lashes right?

Last But The Most Important – Lipstick

Lipstick is a magical product, it can brighten up your mood by just a glide. Here, we have Auric Beauty Mini MatteCreme Lipstick in the shade blackcurrant to complete Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Tareefan look. It’s a shade that screams out UNIQUE! A new shade of lipstick that will give you a fresh and new look.


Auric MatteCreme Lipstick

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Breaking down Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Tareefan look with 10 products was fun. It is promised that you will enjoy every bit of recreating this look. Have fun with your makeup always, it adds to the exploring part of yourself. Which occasion is perfect for you than today to try out one of the glamourous looks of Bollywood? So, try it out now.

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