Why Should You Start Wearing Organic Makeup?

Why Should You Start Wearing Organic Makeup?

Organic Beauty practices have recently been the go-to option for most beauty enthusiasts. Rightfully so, it was high time that we started paying attention to sustainable beauty choices.


Just when I was hesitant about switching to organic products, my friends recommended to me an all-natural, and sustainable makeup brand – Echt Beauti. I wanted to shop from an app that gives me some good offers as I hadn’t tried this brand earlier and did not want to splurge too much. That is when my friends recommended Woovly to me! And sure enough, I was blown by their reduced prices!

Let us first delve deeper into the meaning of organic makeup.

What exactly is Organic Makeup?

Organic Makeup is nothing but cosmetic products that are made of natural plant-based ingredients. Their blends do not contain any harsh chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides which makes them safe for the environment as well as our skins’ health.

Here are 4 reasons how you will never regret switching to organic makeup:

1. Good for your skin


They are extremely gentle on the skin and free of harsh ingredients, petrochemicals, irritants, or allergens. They also contain certain natural colorants and mild fragrances. There are no added preservatives or synthetic colors and thus no toxic components being used which might be harmful to your skin. What’s more? They are suitable for all skin types! Hence in case of any unforeseen skin irritation, it is best to switch to an organic makeup brand, one such as Echt Beauti!

2. Environment-friendly

When you decide to make this responsible shift to using organic makeup, you are being extremely kind towards the environment you live in too. Makeup that is not organic uses toxic and harsh ingredients that are causing water and soil pollution. It is because of the chemical waste that is generated during their production which makes its way into the soil and rivers that surround us. But the very goal of organic products is to reduce toxic waste by incorporating sustainable practices. Echt Beauti Multipurpose Pot Lipstick on Woovly had cute packaging and at a nominal price!


Echt Beauti Multipurpose Pot Lipstick

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3. Health is not compromised


Echt Beauti Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

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You might not be realizing it, but with daily makeup use, there are chances of traces of makeup getting accumulated on your skin. Let us think of some common issues like when you are consuming half of your lipstick while eating, or at times your kajal might go haywire while applying on the waterline. However, with organic makeup products, you get some peace of mind. They minimize the risk of harmful toxins entering your body thus acting as a protective shield for your health. As I am very fond of winged eyeliner looks, I was hoping that Echt Beauti would have a gel eyeliner with an applicator brush, and sure enough, there it was!

4. Ethically Sourced & Cruelty-free Products

The thing we often forget is that makeup products that are not made using sustainable ingredients are not ethically sourced. For example, how many of you knew that one of your favorite makeup products – highlighter contains a component called Mica which is mined from hazardous conditions to be used later? And that favorite red lipstick shade that you cannot get enough of, did you know they have a pigment that has been extensively derived from crushed beetles? Yes, these are hidden facts, but you should be made aware of them. Therefore organic makeup is better because its ingredients are ethically sourced, and its efficacy is not tested on animals or humans. They are 100% natural and there could not be a better reason as to why organic makeup is the wisest choice ever!


Today we live in a world that requires care and switching to sustainable practices such as using organic cosmetic products is just a small step of ensuring its well-being. I urge you to explore Echt Beauti on Woovly. You will be more than satisfied with their offers and that would also help you to give it a try. With Woovly’s incredible offers and helpful product descriptions, you are sure to find a favourite without burning a hole in your pocket.

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