The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Intimate Hygiene

The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Intimate Hygiene

Dear Men, Here’s Why You Should Be Using Intimate Wash​

In recent years, there is an increased talk of health and hygiene around us, whether body or mind. As crucial as it is to take a shower or brush, it is necessary that we give equal attention to the most sensitive part of our body – the groin area. There is much talk about intimate health among women but is often skipped in men. As odd as it sounds, yes, intimate health is equally important in men too!

Men's intimate hygiene

Dear men, I am sure all of you have faced the awkward situation of an itch down there in public or even a romantic getaway cursed by an embarrassing odour. While I certainly believe that these situations are normal human experiences, the bigger talk is of maintaining the health of your intimate organs.

My boyfriend and I recently visited a doctor for his regular check-up when he was enquired about how he took care of his intimate region. Truth be told, he hadn’t thought about it before.

While one may argue that they regularly clean the area, the soap used for the body may be too harsh on the sensitive intimate regions. The chemicals used can leave the skin damaged and inflamed when scrubbed. Not to mention, soaps are alkaline and change the pH of the body.

No soaps for intimate wash

The answer to that – intimate washes for men! These washes are specifically designed to cater to delicate skin of the groin. Always look for ones with natural ingredients! Not only are they light and effective in cleaning but also help maintain the pH level which is (as for women too) different from the rest of the body.

Women's intimate wash is different

Should you be using the same intimate washes as women? Answer is NO.

While I preach equality in real life, the beauty of the body is that we are built differently.

The male crotch is slightly more acidic and has different body bacteria.

It wasn’t long before my boyfriend and I started a search for the perfect intimate wash to make his life easier. After a long search, we stumble upon Woovly and end up purchasing Mancode Intimate Wash For Men.

With a lesser number of options available in the market, we were adamant on searching for one with natural ingredients. Mancode Intimate Wash for Men is Alcohol-free and comes with aloe vera extracts and tea tree oil. It also leaves a rather cooling and refreshing effect while maintaining the natural acidic composition of the crotch.

Intimate wash for men by Mancode

Mancode Intimate Hygiene Wash for Men


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  1. Wash the groin region with lukewarm water to open up the pores
  2. Take a dollop of the intimate wash solution
  3. Lather it in your groin region and clean thoroughly as you would any body part and rinse
  4. Pat the region dry

Experts recommend using it once or twice daily while showering.

Afterall, like women, men too deserve the best of wellness! Why should girls have all the fun, eh?

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