Happy Skin In Nine Easy Steps

Happy Skin In Nine Easy Steps

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on us. Most of us have been working from home for quite some time now. Amidst all the chores and daily work that follows, one thing we often forget about is our skincare routine. There was a time when we paid heed to makeup, followed by a makeup removal regimen. But it turns out, amid the pandemic, the skin has become our last priority.

Skincare routine is important, irrespective of the occasion. Your skin needs daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing. What it also needs is night care, which we often pretermit. When you fall asleep, the skin focuses on renewal and repair. Hence skincare is paramount at night.

Our skin is the largest organ that can show ailments caused due to stress or a sinful lifestyle. However, these things can be dealt with proper sleep, nutrition and exercise. Give your skin the love it needs with a daily, simple night care routine.

Why Does Skin Care Matter?

I was always big on skincare, but the night routine wasn’t important to me. There were days when I used to sleep with my makeup, only to wake up to ugly breakouts the next day. I reckon my skin was trying to tell me ‘this is what you deserve’. Thus began my night skincare routine.

You might say, ‘With nowhere to go, my skin barely gets dirty!’ Sorry to pop that notion but it does! The skin deals with a lot of environmental hazards, even when you are sitting at home. So do not neglect your skin. Adopt a routine that is suitable for your skin and stick to it.

What Sort Of Products Should Be Used?

What you use during the day would certainly change a bit at night. Your pre-bedtime routine needs to focus on deep cleansing the skin. Before I go to bed, I give my skin a good dose of hydration by using some fabulous skincare products.

This is what my nighttime skincare routine looks like.


Natural makeup remover by Fuschia

Makeup Remover by Fuschia


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Even though I work from home, my schedule calls for basic makeup. I start my night routine by removing makeup, as it helps remove traces of dirt from the skin. For this, I use Makeup Remover by Fuschia. It removes accumulated sebum and impurities from the skin.


For deep cleansing, I love using The Sustainery Citrus Facial Scrub, which I bought just at Rs 399 on Woovly. The orange peel powder in the scrub helps my skin with clogged pores and blackheads. It also takes extra care of my sensitive skin, by not stripping away at its moisture. I use it once a week.

Citrus facial scrub by The Sustainery

The Sustainery Citrus Facial Scrub​

₹ 399​

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Natural face cleanser by Amoha Natural

Shea Butter Hydrating Face Wash

₹ 598​

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** Never miss cleansing!**
Another fantastic product in my vanity is this Hydrating Shea Butter Face Wash by Amoha Natural. The ingredients in this face wash come with hydrating agents that save my skin from breakouts and leaves it feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. My breakout issue, over 2 weeks, stopped after I started cleansing with it.

Step 4 – TONER

I never go to bed without my favourite, Damask Rosewater, which I purchased on Woovly. This is distilled traditionally, and the anti-inflammatory properties in it clear the skin against all mild acne and oiliness (if any).
Being a natural product, I’d best recommend it over any chemical-based toners.

Organic rose water by Precious & Nature's

Damask Rose Water by Precious & Nature’s

₹ 396

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Natural moisturizer by Amoha Natural

Green Tea Moisturizer by Amoha Natural​

₹ 499​

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This step can be tailored as per your skin type and skin concerns. My skin is sensitive, and hence I gave Green Tea Moisturizer by Amoha Natural a try. It’s made with a perfect blend of non-greasy ingredients. The EGCG (a polyphenol found in Green Tea) in the cream helps calm the skin against redness or irritation. It restores the natural moisture balance as well.

It comes in a pump bottle, so I take 4-5 pumps and gently dab it on the face and neck area.


You might think eye-creams are bogus, but since the area underneath the eyes is super sensitive, it needs extra care. I have been using an Eye Roll-on by Juicy Chemistry. The key ingredients are Prickly Pear, Chia & Tamanu which together help diminish under-eye bags and the sagging of the skin. A few dabs and you are good to go.

Organic eye cream by Juicy Chemistry

Eye Roll On by Juicy Chemistry​

₹ 600​

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100% organic night cream by Juicy Chemistry

Australian Sandalwood & Myrhh Night Cream by Juicy Chemistry​

₹ 600​

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Using a night cream can help with several skin concerns. Australian Sandalwood & Myrrh night cream, another stunner product by Juicy Chemistry that I have been using. I am a huge fan of this one since it has pomegranate and carrot seed oils known especially for their antioxidant property, which in skincare allows the skin to repair itself and correct any visible damages to it. The essential oils in it help soothe the skin.

Step 8 – FACE MASKS​

Face masks are super helpful as they give a good boost of nourishment. The therapeutic properties hydrate the skin. The face mask is not to be used every day. You can choose hydrating masks like a clay mask or a sheet mask for a night skincare routine. I use mine twice a week and my skin feels blessed!

Woovly recommends – Arata Face Masque

Natural face mask by Arata

Face Masque by Arata​

₹ 449

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Step 9 – USE A LIP BALM​

Toxin free lip balm by Super Smelly

Strawberry Smoothie Natural Lip Balm by Super Smelly

₹ 319

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The last step in the night care regime is a lip balm. Super Smelly’s Strawberry Smoothie Natural lip balm is basic and the best one out there.
Apply it on your lips, and notice how quickly it moisturizes the lips.

I hope this list was helpful and inspired you to start with your night care routine as well. These products from Woovly came at a good deal. I can’t wait to add more products to my cart!

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