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A lip balm is a boon for dry, chapped, and dehydrated lips.  Pollution and impurities in our food and water, besides ever-changing weather conditions, can make your lips prone to a lot of damage. But, if you apply a smooth layer of balm to your lips, it can soothe irritability and get rid of dryness, leaving them smooth, pink, and healthy.  If you have a proper lip care regimen and are just looking to make your lips look plump and hydrated, pick an organic lip balm or a natural lip balm with ingredients such as coconut, almond, shea butter, beeswax, watermelon, strawberry, vitamin E, chocolate, and grapefruit.

When at home, it may seem easy to care for the lips with ingredients from the kitchen counter, like pure honey and coconut oil. But busy lifestyles ensure that it’s not always possible to invest time and effort in coming up with homemade solutions. When you are busy and on the move, you need an option that is convenient and efficient. This is where an off-the-counter lip balm for men and women plays a key role. When on the go, you can just whip out the compact canister of the best lip balm for daily use and give your lips some pampering.  There are various tinted cute lip balms available in the market too, so you can just pick one that best suits your skin tone and compliments the colour of your lips.

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Lip Balm

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Top 9 Benefits of Using a Lip Balm

Types of balms based on ingredients

There is a range of hydrating, brightening, protective, and organic balms available online. A balm may be:

There is a range of hydrating and protective lip balms from brands like mCaffeine and Aster on offer at Woovly. You can pick a tinted one or go for a natural, untinted one and have it delivered to your home using Woovly’s easy payment options and rapid delivery services. 


Is there any balm for women with natural ingredients available?

Beetroot lip balm and strawberry lip balm are balms that have natural ingredients in them. You can check out the range of the best lip balms in India that are offered by Khadi Essentials, mCaffeine, Bella Vita Organic, and Aster.

My lips have sensitive skin and get damaged easily.  Are there products that can help me keep my lips healthy and smooth?

Sometimes products that are not organic or natural tend to harm sensitive lips and lead to discolouration.  Several products available in e-stores can help reverse such damage and keep your lips moisturised, nourished, and smooth. 

I use a balm in winter. Do I need to use it during the summer season, too?

Summer season requires a good lip care regimen. Just as the body needs extra hydration during summertime, so do your lips.  Discontinuing the use of balm in summer can adversely affect the lips and lead to dryness, causing chapping, peeling, and possible bleeding.   That is why skincare specialists recommend the use of a balm during hot, dry summer days when the sunrays and heat can easily cause skin damage.  It is best to use a moisturising balm during summer. 

I used to have even-toned, pink lips, but I now have blackish lips.  I am told it is due to my smoking.  Can this be true?  How can I make my lips look better?

Smoking can make your lips turn black. The nicotine in cigarettes leads to the shrinking of blood vessels.  When your gums and lips are exposed to tar and nicotine, the melanin in the skin begins to darken.  A quick way to make your lips look better is to use an appropriate lip balm for dark lips.