For Beginners: How To Apply Full Coverage Foundation Like A Pro

For Beginners: How To Apply Full Coverage Foundation Like A Pro

In the massive world of makeup products, finding a full coverage foundation is a Herculean task. Most of the time, some foundations, instead of concealing blemishes, spots etc., end up looking like a cakey mask. That being said, applying a full coverage foundation depends on the formula and the way you use it on your skin. Don’t fret just as yet, as our guide can transform the face canvas into celebrity-like flawless skin. Here’s how you can go about using a full-coverage foundation.



Natural face wash with salicylic acid by Neemli Naturals

Neemli Naturals Tea Tree and Salicylic Face Wash


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Start by using a mild cleanser on your face as it helps get rid of dead skin cells or any residues. Use a cleanser that doesn’t have alcohol in it and is designed for your skin type. Popularly a face wash with salicylic acid in it is said to be suitable for all skin types.


To avoid a cakey makeup look, exfoliation is a MUST DO! It helps get rid of dead skin cells. Depending on your skin type, you can pick out a suitable scrub. Remember to pick one out which is gently and with tiny granules. Anything rough could tear your skin apart.

Coffee & Chocolate face & body scrub by Juicy Chemistry

Hazelnut, Coffee & Chocolate Face & Body Scrub


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Organic rose water by Sutatva

Steam Distilled Organic Rose Water – Cakranga


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Post exfoliation, apply a toner/serum to your face and wait for it to absorb into your skin. Irrespective of your skin type, this is an important step as it hydrates your skin deeply.


And finally, use a dab of moisturizer all over your face before you start the makeup regime. Using a moisturizer is an important step as it hydrates the skin.

Bonus Tip – Press the moisturizer into your skin instead of rubbing it in. This allows it to properly seep into the skin.

Oil free moisturizer by DoYou Beauty

DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser


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Primer for all skin types by Colorbar

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer


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To create an airbrushed look for your makeup, use a pore minimizing primer. Woovly’s beauty expert recommends Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer, as the lightweight formula blends well with the foundation. It also helps the makeup last longer.

How to use it?

Start from the centre of your face and then covering your T-zone. It gives a smooth and fine texture which makes it easier to apply the foundation without making it look creasy or cakey.


Hear what Needhi Dhoker, a long time user of Auric Beauty Matte foundation, has to say, “I have used this foundation, matching my skin shade and trust me when I say this, it glides like a dream on the skin. This foundation besides giving full coverage also helps with easy application and is an instant way to make your skin look free from blemishes or hyper-pigmentation. Basically, Auric CoverMatte Foundation has everything you’re looking for in your dream foundation.”

Full coverage foundation by Auric Beauty

Auric CoverMatte Foundation


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How to use it?

Start by taking 1-2 pumps of the foundation on the back of your hand and apply small dots on your skin.
Now in an outward motion, start blending from the center of the face with the help of a stippling brush.
Then using a damp makeup sponge, dab (not swipe as it can create patches) the foundation, allowing it to melt into the skin.


Concealer by Colorbar

Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick


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Always go for a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone as it gives a natural look. Concealers are mainly designed to hide trouble spots like acne and other skin concerns. Use a pointed brush and cover the under-eye circles, covering the outer and inner corners. Dab some concealer if you notice untouched spots.


The Luminous powder adds a boost to the full coverage foundation. Instead of the mainstream matte powders, go for translucent ones that give the skin a striking glow. The powder sets the foundation and doesn’t let it form creases or cakey texture.

Bonus Tip: Instead of the mainstream matte powders, go for translucent ones that give the skin a striking glow.

Luminous powder by Colressence

Coloressence High Defination Loose Powder


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5 palette bronzer by Coloressence



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It adds warmth to your skin, giving definition to your features. Use it on areas like your cheeks, temple, nose, and chin.

Bonus Tip: Brush a bit on their eyelids as well, keeping it light.

Makeup is all about experimentation. Not one size fits all! What makes the process fun is finding your size. If reading this blog has got you all jittery about what products to buy and where from, look no further. Like Auric Matte Foundation, Woovly has got you covered, FULLY!

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