Himalayan Pink Salt: Your New Best Friend

Himalayan Pink Salt: Your New Best Friend

Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest forms of salts, and to nobody’s surprise, it boasts several benefits. The salt may have been under the radar, but with time, pink salt became a trendy ingredient, now found on the beauty and wellness aisles.

The benefits of this salt go far beyond its appearance. Apart from being used for food, pink salt has proven to be helpful for the skin and body as well. There are many benefits to reap from this salt.

The Himalayan pink salt hails from the Pakistan region, specifically nestled below or around the Himalayan area. The salt is seen in the form of crystals, which is later used for several reasons, including cosmetic benefits.

So here are a few ways to uplift your beauty regime with the help of Himalayan pink salt. Check it out:


Himalayan pink salt for a feet soak

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If creams and lotions has become redundant for you, then Pink Himalayan Salt is a MUST TRY! I have been using this salt to soak my feet in. The magnesium in the salt hydrates my skin.

Treat your feet to a spa-like session. Take warm water and put the heavy salt solution in it. If you experience skin irritation, then add magnesium flakes to it. The solution worked wonders for my tired feet.


Exfoliators are easily available in drug stores, but a DIY made from Himalayan pink salt can be a fresh addition to your regimen.

You can sub the scrub in your recipe and add salt to it instead. The best way to use this is by adding a carrier oil, for example, almond oil, with a few drops of essential oil (of choice). This exfoliator helps the production of collagen that keeps the skin smooth.


Himalyan pink salt as a refreshing spray

If you thought only rose water or a green tea spray could work wonders for your skin, then try out a refreshing spray made of Pink Himalayan Salt.

I had heard a lot about using this as a spray for the skin, so I made a recipe for myself. I added one Tbsp of the salt and magnesium flakes to warm water, and some essential oil. Poured it in a spritz bottle and voila! Spritz it on your body and face whenever required.

It also works as a toner that you can use before moisturising. I made mine with coconut oil and lemon oil in water and now use it as a mist after cleansing. It helps in diminishing pores and also controls skin sagging.


If you have Himalayan pink salt at home, you can also use it as a hair spray to add bounce and texture to your hair.

We all like to have beachy curls, and trust me, doing that at home is possible. Add required amount of Himalyan pink salt to a coconut oil. Add this mix to some warm water and work it as a leave-in-conditioner.

Use this recipe on towel-dried hair and see the magic!

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Himalayan pink salt is said to have anti-inflammatory properties that work on redness and skin irritation while retaining skin’s moisture.

I make a paste out of it and use it on my face. The best way to do so is by using raw honey with some pink salt. I apply it to my face, leave it on for a while, and scrub away the mask with some warm water.

This has worked wonders for my skin and I highly recommend it to all.


If you are facing flaky scalp issue, pink salt helps absorb the oil. In fact, humidity causes fungal growth. Clogged pores are also one of the reasons for dandruff. But, getting rid of dandruff is now easy with Himalyan pink salt.

Pink salt works as a dandruff remedy

Use olive oil as it helps strengthen the scalp. Add lemon juice to it as it has Vitamin C in it and helps with hair growth. Add the salt to the olive oil and lemon juice. Mix it and use it on damp hair. Massage it well into the scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes. Work a mild cleanser, followed by a conditioner to get dandruff-free scalp with Himalayan pink salt.

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