Splurge Vs. Save

Splurge Vs. Save

Splurge Vs. Save – On Makeup Products

Are you one of those who find themselves at the threshold of impulsive buying? Maybe you don’t want to buy them? Maybe you are confused whether your favorite red lipstick that cost 500 bucks is a lot prettier than the one that comes for 100 bucks at that big supermarket sale!


Can I save on buying an expensive mascara by choosing an alternative that comes at a nominal price? Or should I save up on that foundation so that I can splurge more on my favorite eyeliner? Which makeup product is worth the splurge, and which is the one where you can go for a cheaper brand? How do you decide correctly?


That is when I thought of doing a little bit of research on some mid-range makeup brands. My quest led me to one of the upcoming cosmetics shopping brands – Woovly! My friends who have already shopped from Woovly told me to have a look at their range of products, especially because of their amazing discounts and offers! 

Let’s have a look at some of the alternatives I came across at a lucrative price that was a steal! 

Splurge: Coloressence True Tone Premium Foundation – 30ml

Splurge: Coloressence True Tone Premium Foundation - 30ml

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The Coloressence True Tone Premium Foundation appealed to me because of its winning combination of SPF 15 and full coverage! It made sense to splurge just a little bit on this makeup product which I use daily. Its lightweight formula promotes a flawless finish for the skin and reduces signs of aging. As the foundation is something I cannot do my makeup without, Woovly’s vast range of various shades and suitability for all skin types was the ultimate win-win situation for a makeup addict like me!

Splurge: Coloressence Camera Ready Long Were Eye Liner – Black

You don’t want your mascara to be too gooey or too watery! Finding the perfect mascara can be made possible on a certain budget– however, Woovly made it so much easier for me as I found some of the best and most affordable mascara ranges on this platform! I have always been a fan of Coloressence products as they are extremely long-lasting. I was looking for a mascara that would last the entire day and can help in achieving all kinds of makeup looks. Be it dramatic eyes or a natural day look – the Coloressence Camera Ready Long Wear EyeLiner glides on smoothly and does the job perfectly!

Coloressence Camera Ready Long Were Eye Liner - Black

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Splurge: Auric Lipstick Intensive Lip Crayon


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Lipstick never goes out of style! Some might be more on the expensive side even when they are mid-range brands. But maybe lipstick is a good investment. The Auric Lipstick Intensiv Lip Crayon surely is! It is something you would always apply every time you step out! As I was looking for a nourishing but at the same time, long-lasting matte lipstick – I came across this product. Woovly’s helpful product description told me that it had a velvety color payoff and was especially perfect for Indian skin tones. A lipstick always calls for a little splurging for that perfect shade so go for the best!

A daily makeup essential and Woovly with its range and offers makes it so easy to choose! For all of you who are scared of liquid eyeliners getting messy, take my suggestion and go for the Note Cosmetique Ultra Black Eyeliner! What’s better? There is 15% off too! It is waterproof, smudge-proof, and has a matter formula which is also one of the latest trends! All we look for is a long-lasting and well-pigmented eyeliner that would last throughout the day – and this one lasts up to a solid 16 hours! 

The trick is to find out which makeup products require you to splurge a bit more than your budget, and which are the ones that you can save on. Listed here are a few of the makeup products that we mostly use daily and hence they get over quite quickly. Therefore this blog would be quite helpful to navigate your way and find a suitable and affordable product within your range!


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