The Real Difference Between Using Hairbrushes & Combs

The Real Difference Between Using Hairbrushes & Combs

Having the right shampoo and conditioner in your arsenal is not the only way to keep your hair tamed. Other essential tools include a good comb and hairbrush, which play a vital role in styling your hair. In addition, there are different types of hairbrushes and combs in the market. So yes, if there’s still an ongoing battle in your head, which one to go for, here’s your quick guide to knowing the best suitable one for your hair.

Using A Comb

You might be wondering if combing is for your hair or not. The answer to that is a big yes.

A comb helps in increasing the blood flow from the scalp. This further helps give the hair more nutrients that it needs. It also nourishes the roots and stimulates hair growth. However, knowing when to use a comb and which one exactly will ultimately help you reap its benefits.

A Wide-Toothed Comb


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This one is quite an essential hair tool that helps remove tangles and smoothens the follicles. It reduces hair damage that’s caused due to excessive brushing. A wide-tooth comb has enough space in between, which makes the tresses glide smoothly. For women with curly hair, this one is a blessing. They don’t break your strands, and because they aren’t as invasive, they also help with the volume.


Organic B Neem Wood Comb is a wide-tooth comb with a good grip and a useful hair accessory. This one massages the scalp well and stimulates blood vessels, thereby helping with hair growth.

A comb is said to have better control when it comes to styling hair. However, the option isn’t limited to just a wide-teeth comb. Many people use the following types as well, depending on the hair type.

A Fine-Toothed Comb

This one is another comb with a pointy end, which helps with the parting of your hair. Don’t be taken aback by design, as the fine end does its job right, especially when you want to do braids. The comb’s overall construction helps release tangles and knots whilst giving you a perfect hairstyle.

Looking for a match? Organic B also has a Rosewood/ Sheesham wood comb with a tail handle. This one has several advantages too. It causes less frizz as compared to plastic combs. Moreover, it spreads natural oil across every strand. Finally, the tail handle helps with loose hair and places them right in the hairstyle. Try it out.


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Using Hairbrushes

Speaking of hairbrushes, they are the next step after combing. Combs help with detangling, but brushes help with smoothening the strands and making them look shiny and healthy. In addition, the bristles help massage the scalp. And, just like combs, there are varieties of brushes as well. Take a look:

A Paddle Brush


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If you have thick hair, your best companion is a paddle brush. This one is the quickest way to get rid of tangles, even when your hair is wet. The flat, rectangular base with wide-spaced teeth works well in sectioning the hair and gives good control to use the dryer.

Another perfect addition from Organic B is a wooden paddle brush. Excellent for grooming and straightening, this one has nylon bristles that can massage the scalp and reduce the snags.

A Round Brush


If you have layered hair, a round brush helps with volume and adds that much-needed bounce as well. It also helps when you wish to give your natural hair waves without using a curling iron.

A Detangle Brush

Suitable for all hair types, this brush goes well with both wet and dry hair. It minimizes hair damage, and the bristles help with the knots peacefully.


A Scalp Massage Brush


A happy scalp is a healthy scalp! And, just like our body needs a massage, so does our hair. So, there’s a dedicated brush that is made to steer clear of dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.

As for the debate of which one is better, they are both equally helpful. The usage differs based on the hair type. If you love these products, buy yours now on Woovly. They are affordable and quite handy.

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