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Since ancient times, scented candles have been a mood enhancer and beautification of your humble abode. You can use these fragrant emitters as prayer requisites, party decoration essentials, relaxation instruments, etc., creating low-light ambiences. They can be fragrant even when unlit due to the cold-throw effect of the wax but are most refreshing and rejuvenating when lit up. The gradual melting of the scented wax releases the sweet scent and fills your space with a fragrant aroma of your choice. The perfumes produced can lighten up a dull moment and turn your atmosphere into an appealing ambience. Festivities and occasions like Christmas, Diwali, house-warming, etc., are good opportunities to gift your near and dear one an elegant aromatic candle. Browse through the zesty-scented candle types available on Woovly and start your journey of therapeutic delights of calming aroma.

Get various candle types such as floating, tealight, novelty, jar candles, pillars, tapers, etc. Popular aromas like woodsy, floral, musky, festive, seasonal, earthy, fruity, oceanic, herbal, etc., are the range of fragrances that open the gateway to relaxation. The candles bring a pleasant and nostalgic moment. After a long day, it works as an unwinding, healing, and stress-busting agent. You can get them in unique perfumes with various favourable blends to bring a positive feeling every time they get lit up. Februus Organics, Bella Vita Organic, PureSense, The Bamboo Bae, etc., are some brands that offer fragrant candles. Order these scented candles from Woovly for a convenient home delivery service.

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Aromatic Candles

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Benefits of Utilising Aroma Candles

Producing a favourable atmosphere:

Bringing a change of space and environment in the room is a mammoth task. Seasons change, and so do your decoration preferences. Perfumed candles are a dynamic element that energise your room and add to the aesthetic. Including aromatised candles is an ideal method of bringing a cosy ambience into your home. Scented candles invigorate your senses and add a decorative hue and a warm glow in any corner of your room. 

Can illuminate the mood:

Fragrant candles bring an aromatic charm to the home. The refreshing perfumes produced by burning the candle's wick work wonders on a person’s mood. It is an excellent element with aromatherapeutic properties. It is made with essential oils that get released with each session. Cheer yourself up on bland days with a revitalising aroma of scented candles. 

Reminisce lively memories:

Perfumes have an excellent recollection factor. It triggers your brain to bring back your most cherished memories. Relive your good days with an aromatic candle. Particular scents that awake your olfactory senses take you back to your happy moments in the past and rejuvenate you. Whether it is the smell of lavenders, lilies, roses, etc., the same smell gets revived with the help of these candles. Light up a candle with your favourite aroma whenever you feel homesick. 


Drives away any unpleasant odour:

Bad odours can be a mood killer and spoil the rest of your day. To fight off any foul smell, light an aromatic candle to eliminate any foul odours such as mouldy smells, persistent odours from cooking or cigarettes, etc. Scented candles are an excellent product that replaces the lingering unwanted smell with lasting freshness.


Enrich the air quality within your home:

The various odours we encounter every day, whether in the workplace, taxis, trains, supermarkets, etc., can have a lingering effect on the olfactory senses. Using a candle having your favourite perfume can erase the memory of unpleasant odours and put you in the right spirit for any task ahead. There are various fragrances to select from like herbal, fruity, musky, beach, season-dependent, earthy, festive, flower scents, etc.

Creates a relaxed ambience:

Aromatherapy is an extraordinary remedy used to bring about a healing effect to a disturbed person. Regardless of age or gender, the refreshing scents given off by such candles are employed by massage therapists to ease off any strain on the body. The combination of lovely perfumes, the soothingly gentle flames of the candles, and a rejuvenating massage immediately calm the nerves leading to a relaxed state. A productive lifestyle can bring about a positive outlook with a relaxed atmosphere. Improve the quality of your life with perfumed candles and induce a state of relaxation with candles from Woovly. 

Wards off pests:

The persistent smells from the aromatic candles also work as an insect repellent—odours such as Citronella help in averting bugs in the home. 

Healing insomnia:

If sleeping disorders of varying intensities victimise you, it is essential to take steps to improve your sleeping pattern. One effective method is to light an aromatic candle right before you sleep. It eases any stress that hinders your sleep. Odours such as lavender effectively calm down fast-paced thoughts and bring about tranquillity. Jasmine is excellent at relaxing the muscles and is perfect for individuals with restless leg syndrome. Enhance the quality of your sleep with sandalwood perfumed candles and other pleasant perfumes for a relaxing bedtime routine.

Are scented candles healthy?

Using a scent-based candle is highly beneficial. Make your experience more environment and health-friendly with candles made from coconut wax, beeswax, or soy wax. These types of candles produce cleaner fumes and are healthy. There are other types derived from vegetables and certain minerals that do not release any harmful residues. So choose the right kind of wax for a wholesome experience. Avoid paraffin, and petroleum-based candles as they produce dangerous fumes that lead to respiratory illnesses, sometimes triggering skin allergies. Acquiring the correct type of fragrant candle is vital for a good mood and health. Choose the right organic wax-based candle with pure essential oils for a wholesome experience. 

The core wick present within the candles is also a significant factor. The wick should not be wrapped with any harmful metal. Some candles have cotton wicks surrounded by unsafe lead when burnt, causing lead poisoning. Thus, select candles with cotton wicks having a tin or zinc coating as they are safe. Hemp wicks do not need any metallic support as they are sufficiently stiff and are a healthier alternative. 

Also, ensure that you get candles with natural fragrances that have the edge over those with chemical scents. Opt for organic extracts from plants or flowers, essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, etc.

How do scented candles get manufactured?

A wax mixture with the desired scent is melted and poured along with the wick into the preferred moulds. Different types of shapes can be made in a range of attractive colours. Various pretty glass jars get used in different colours and shapes like bowls or cups. Buy scented candles online from Woovly with easy payment options through a secure payment gateway and access to convenient home delivery.


What are the different aromas available in perfumed candles?

Honeysuckle, Kashmiri Nargis, Oud & Bakhoor, Juicy tangerine, Ginger & Lily, Iced Raspberry, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Fresh Teak with Bamboo, Lavender, Cinnamon, Rose, etc. are some aromas available on Woovly.

What are varieties available in scented candles?

Februus Organics Iced Raspberry candles, Februus Organics Japanese Cherry Blossom candles, Vanilla Cinnamon Lavender & Rose Aroma, Februus Organics Ginger & Lily Scented candle, Februus Organics Juicy Tangerine perfumed candles, etc., are some types of scented candle products available online on Woovly. 

What are some instructions to be followed when using perfumed candles?

You must keep the candles on a heat-proof surface to avoid fire hazards. Use one candle for up to 3 hours at a stretch. Do not continue using the candle beyond one cm, as it can crack the glass in the base. Keep away flammable objects from a burning candle. It is good to trim the wick to less than one cm and avoid smoke. Always keep the burning candle away from children and pets. Finally, blow out the candle before you leave the room.

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