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Bathing a tiny newborn baby for the first time and onwards could be a baffling and nerve-racking experience. Babies have soft and sensitive skin. Their skin is too delicate to be treated and washed with regular soap. Regular soap contains harsh surfactants and chemicals that affect the protective and tender barrier of your baby’s skin. However, it is crucial to cleanse the dirt of babies too. Babies need to be given a bath with a kid-friendly soap that have nourishing properties. Dermatologists suggest that cleansers used on babies need not be harsh to clean effectively. With the right gear like a baby bathtub and the right kind of baby soap, your baby is bound to have a fun-filled bathing routine each day. Plenty of baby soaps are out there, and it is essential to know which ingredients to avoid. Parabens, fragrance, and alcohol are definite no-no. One must know that harsh chemicals can irritate babies' sensitive and delicate skin. The best baby soap would be one that includes the goodness of ingredients like ceramides, aloe vera, shea butter, oats, and coconut oil. These soaps are also available in various animal and toy shapes that keep your child interested and busy while you can get them clean and fresh. To help you navigate the baby soap aisle in the supermarket, you can look for popular baby soap brands like Juicy Chemistry, earthBaby, Cetaphil, Mamaearth, etc.

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Baby Soaps

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Let Your Little Ones Enjoy a Comfortable Bath with Best Baby Soap

As a parent, caring for your newborn is one of the most fulfilling experiences. Everyone wants to choose the best products for their baby food, hygiene or clothes. Hygiene products are essential for your baby’s sensitive skin, and not all products on the market should be blindly purchased. There are different  types of soaps for different skin types and purposes. You must study these products and choose a soap suitable for the baby’s delicate and fragile skin. You can easily replace your baby's soap with organic and natural ones designed to help cleanse your baby’s skin and keep it feeling refreshed. Read on to know more about the best soap for newborn babies available in the market:

Different Types of Baby Bath Soaps For Newborn Baby

Organic Baby Soap

These are ideal bathing baby soap bars and are the best baby soap for the face. Certified and enriched with ingredients like aloe vera and calendula, these nutrient-rich soaps cleanse and purify the skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, the soap prevents infections and skin rashes while stimulating the healthy growth of cells and repairing damaged tissues. Made with the traditional cold-process method, the soap retains all the vital nutrients of the elements and is efficient in application. Bath times can be fun again with this soap. Apart from the body and you can also use this baby whitening soap to wash hair. It moisturises the hair and rids it of dandruff and itchiness.

Medicated Soap

Contrary to its name, medicated soap has no harsh ingredients that will harm the skin. Dermatologists highly recommend this soap as it is enriched with shea butter, olive oil, and avocado oil, and is designed to cleanse the skin and retain moisture. It is a soap-free formulation that blends and forms a rich lather to clean and hydrate the skin. It is powerful enough to clean and is equally gentle too. It is paraben-free, and also free from colourants and minerals. You can use this soap on the body, face, and hair.

Moisturising Soap

Babies are sometimes born with skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, etc. A moisturising soap is a rich crème formula that is gentle and safe to use on the skin from head to toe. Infused with the goodness of goat milk, oatmeal, and shea butter, it leaves the baby’s skin feeling soft and smooth. Balanced with a 5.5 pH, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Free of toxins like paraben, sulfate, colour, and synthetic perfume, these soaps do not sap the baby’s skin of its natural oil. For stressful free bath time, the soap is tear-free and does not irritate those delicate eyes. The natural ingredients in goat milk get absorbed in the baby's soft skin and keep it moisturised for a long time.

Brands that Sell Best Baby Soap in India

There are a wide variety of soaps for toddlers. Browse the best baby soap in India and pick one that you think will be ideal for your little one. Popular brands like Juicy Chemistry, earthBaby, Cetaphil, Mamaearth, and more are great. Browse the best soap for newborn babies in India and discover a range of products to select one that will suit the delicate and sensitive skin of your newborn, toddler, or any child. Invest in the best baby soap brand available online and choose one that will suit you and your family as you want nothing but the best for your baby!

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