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Bella Vita is one of India's leading brands of skin care products. The quality of the products and the affordability make it a favourite of many. They have a wide range of products, including essential oils, face wash, lip balm, night cream, sindoor, lip tint etc. 

The latest offering from the brand includes organic perfumes. Bella Vita has a wide range of organic perfumes that smell amazing. There are different varieties of Bella Vita organic perfumes available at Woovly to cater to men and women. 

You can even find hair perfumes specifically formulated to make your hair smell good. The best part about them is that they are entirely organic, which means they are made up of natural ingredients such as essential oils and natural oils. 

Some of the best Bella vita organic luxury perfumes at Woovly are The Bella vita organics luxury perfume gift set and the Bella vita organic hair perfume mist spray. The gift set is ideal for gifting purposes and comes in  four different scents for men and women.

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Bella Vita Organic Perfumes

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Bella vita Organic has perfumes which are high-quality premium products that uses natural ingredients to develop its Bella vita organic perfumes. Bella vita organic perfumes are cruelty-free and dermatologically tested, so you can use them without worrying about any adverse reactions. 

Bella Vita organic perfume for men and Bella vita organic perfume for women are some of the best selling products from their collection. The Bella Vita organic perfume prices are very reasonable, and you can find some great offers on them during the routine sales at Woovly. 

Types of Bella Vita Organic Perfumes

  • EDP: This is also known as Eu de parfum and is one of the long lasting perfume types that stays on all day. EDP contains a higher concentration o fragrance oil which makes the smell very strong and lasts long. The approximate percentage of fragrance oil in EDP is around 15% to 30%, which can easily last between 8 to 10 hours after spritzing. Some of the bestselling Bella Vita Eu de parfum include the CEO men's perfume and Bella vita Oud perfume for men and women.  
  • EDT: EDT means Eu de toilette, which is less intense than EDP. If you are looking for a mild perfume that leaves a very subtle fragrance, you can go for Eu de toilette. The concentration of fragrance oil in EDT is around 8% to 15%. This makes the scent last for at least 4 to five hours. This is one of the most popular perfume types and tends to be more affordable than EDP. The most popular EDP from Bella vita organic includes Bella Vita organic Fresh unisex perfume.
  • EDC: This is commonly known as Eu de Cologne, and it lasts much lesser than EDT and EDP. They are the cheapest among the perfume types and usually have higher alcohol content. It is an excellent option for everyday use, and it leaves a light whiff of fragrance on your body. The concentration of fragrance oil in cologne is around 8%. You can check out different colognes from Bella vita, like the Bella vita organic Impact EDC perfume, which is formulated for men. 
  • Hair Perfume: Hair perfumes are the latest and one of the most unique innovations from Bella vita organic perfumes. They can be directly sprayed on dry hair to make it smell sweet and fresh. They contain notes of floral and fruity scents that make your hair smell refreshed throughout the day. It is suitable for both men and women and can be used on those days when you are too lazy to wash your hair. 

  • How to use Bella Vita organic perfumes?

    If you are using the perfume, focus on your pulse points such as your wrists, neck  etc. Keep the perfume about a few inches away from your skin and spray the product on the pulse points. 

    When using a hair perfume, shake the bottle well and keep the spray a few centimetres away from your hair. Once you are done styling your hair, spritz a few sprays of the product all over your hair for a long-lasting fragrance. 

    You can spray it on the inside of your hair to make sure that your hair is fully covered in the refreshing scent of the product. Do a patch test on your inner elbow before using it on your hair to rule out any adverse reaction to the product.

    Why should I buy Bella vita organic perfumes?

    Bella Vita is an organic and natural beauty brand. They are a company that is committed to sustainability and natural ingredients. Because of their excellent quality and production methods have grown to be a leader in the organic beauty industry. 

    Bella Vita believes in being environmentally friendly, so they use sustainable practices. Bella Vita products are made with only the finest natural ingredients, which means that their products are good for your skin and good for your health. They often incorporate traditional and authentic Indian herbs in their products to give you the best possible results.

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