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Nobody can beat you in your pursuit of beautiful and healthy skin if you have the right moisturiser in your skincare routine. But choosing a suitable moisturiser gets tricky for combination skin folks. Having the best moisturiser for combination skin is the key. You have combination skin if you have an oily nose, oily T-zone area, and dry cheekbones. Combination skin is slightly challenging to manage as a regular moisturiser can further cause a disbalance of oil and hydration on your skin. Environmental changes also worsen the struggle to keep this skin type stable and replenished. But the good news is that a range of options is available to cater to this complicated skin type. The idea is to create balance in your skin by sufficiently feeding it with moisture, nutrients, and hydration while preventing any breakouts of drying. And you can achieve this by picking a moisturiser that hydrates yet does not make your skin feel greasy or tight throughout the day. Various popular brands offer word-class products in this category, such as Skin Secrets, Ustraa, Glamveda, Arata, Plants Care, and many more. So, boys and girls- shed your inhibitions and reclaim your flawless glow by choosing the best moisturiser for combination skin.

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Best Moisturizer For Combination Skin

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Add that Midas Touch to your Skin with Combination Skin Moisturiser

Everyone wants to get a moisturiser that suits their skin and keeps it hydrated and plump all day. But people with combination skin have their share of complexities as they have a little bit of both worlds- dry and oily. And the biggest challenge such skin types face is figuring out the right formula for combination skin moisturiser. In an age where stress and pollution show their effects on the skin, and when the skin is of a combination nature, it is imperative to find the best combination skin care moisturising products. However, the beauty world has evolved, so people’s awareness and inclination toward this field are increasing. Now, multiple brands provide a one-stop solution to the search for the best moisturiser for combination skin. So all the beautiful people out there, book your no-compromised, glowing skin by choosing the best face moisturiser for combination skin.

Types of Moisturisers for Combination Skin

When you find a good moisturiser for combination skin, the thumb rule is to pick a lightweight, non-greasy, and non-comedogenic moisturiser for your skin type. It will not clog your pores and prevent excessive dryness and possible breakouts. Maintain a regular skincare routine for the health of your skin. If you have excessive oil in one area of your face, it is recommended to blot it away by using blotting paper. Here is a list of various types of moisturisers available in this category.  

Water or Gel-based Moisturiser

Gel or water-based moisturiser for combination skin can be a safe bet in your search for appropriate face moisturiser for combination skin. It has a non-comedogenic and non-oily formula that can provide the right hydration without causing any harm to your skin. Moisturisers with hyaluronic acid in this category can also be a good choice. 

Non-oily Moisturiser 

While choosing a moisturiser for combination skin, pick a lightweight, non-oily formula as it will not clog your pores and keep your breakouts or acne worries at bay. It will be an effective solution to your oil areas and hydrate your dry or rough patch on your facial skin.

Cream-based Moisturiser

If your skin feels more dry than usual, you can go for cream-based moisturiser, as it will help restore the right balance. Don’t use a heavy cream-based moisturiser on the oily parts of your face. It is best for hydrating and nourishing the skin and not disturbing the oil levels of your skin. 

Brands that Sell the Best Moisturisers for Combination Skin in India

Moisturisation is a crucial part of your skincare routine. It is imperative to provide hydration to your skin to achieve health and glowing skin. In combination skin cases, dry areas need moisture and nourishment to prevent extreme dryness, and the oily regions need hydration for the smooth look of the skin. Today, many brands understand the unique property of this skin type and have come up with wonderful products in this category. People searching for a moisturiser for combination skin in India can find multiple options in the online and offline space. Brands like Skin Secrets, GlamVeda, Ustraa, Arata, Plants Care, Prolixr, MCaffeine, Aryanveda, DoYou, and Vedaearth have a good range in this category. So, what are you waiting for, guys? Give your skin some special treatment by choosing the best product that suits you.
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