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Do you wear regular sanitary pads that are uncomfortable and make you guilty for contributing to environmental waste? You must try the biodegradable sanitary pads to bring a twist to your wellness and menstrual hygiene and  have a safe and environment-friendly cycle. The biodegradable pads are convenient, provide leak-proof periods with a soft and comfortable feel, and keep you fresh and relaxed. Do not compromise or neglect the signs of discomfort using regular or conventional sanitary products. It may be that your body is allergic to the chemicals in these sanitary pads made with chemicals and 90 per cent plastic. However, the biodegradable menstrual pads are devoid of plastic and free of toxins, chemicals, or artificial fragrances that can irritate the sensitive tissues around your pelvic region. These are crafted from completely natural ingredients with high absorption and holding capacity. Biodegradable menstrual products like these are immensely good for the environment; they are more hygienic and safer than regular menstrual pads. Explore a wide range of brands like The Woman’s Company, Lemme Be, PINQ, Sanfe, Avni, Pee Safe, Sirona, and many more and add some biodegradable sanitary pads to your cart to experience hassle-free and guilt-free periods.

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Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

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Get Disposable and Biodegradable Sanitary Pads for Hassle-free Periods and a Healthy Earth

Are you dreading the discomfort and piles of menstrual products that do nothing more than contribute to the non-biodegradable waste? You are lucky as the women’s wellness and hygiene market have shifted its gears to make your periods less hectic and painful. The advent of biodegradable pads in India has opened up huge scope for women who are willing to use products that are not only gentle on their skin but also  eco-friendly for the planet. The biodegradable feminine pads can be disposed of without any worries as they will disintegrate and dissolve in the soil without causing any harm to the environment. Thus, you can reduce plastic waste and toxic reactions by using eco-friendly and disposable sanitary pads.

Benefits of Using Best Biodegradable Sanitary Pads in India

Rashes and itching from improper menstrual products can lead to serious menstrual health issues. However, the market has opened up a new avenue for creating biodegradable items, including biodegradable menstrual products. These are crafted usually from organic cotton and are sterilised in tha safest way possible and without any harmful chemicals. These are rising in popularity for various reasons, mainly their benefits. And here ere are some of them listed below. 

Explore the Range of Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Brands 

If you want both your skin and the environment to stay happy and comfortable, purchase biodegradable sanitary pads online in India. Several brands have resorted to creating safe, sanitary products to maintain optimum menstrual health. Explore brands like The Woman’s Company, Lemme Be, PINQ, Sanfe, Avni, Pee Safe, Sirona, etc., and add some goodies to your cart. Sustainability and biodegradability are important criteria for today’s world. Being conscious of the little things that are good for you and nature will benefit the future. Thus, experience comfort and a peaceful period with doorstep delivery of all products from the comfort of your home.

Types of Sanitary Pads

  • Regular pad: Regular pads are one of the most commonly used types of products to arrest the menstrual flow. They are available in a variety of sizes from regular size to XXXL that are suitable for people with heavy flow. These pads are made for one-time use and are composed of bleached cellulose, cotton and plastic. They are available in various thicknesses so that you can choose one for your comfort level. 
  • Organic Cotton sanitary pads: Organic cotton sanitary pads are made from 100% organic cotton, a renewable resource that helps reduce global warming. The sanitary pads are made from natural, biodegradable materials that do not contain chlorine bleach or perfumes. They are also hypoallergenic and provide greater comfort to the user. If you are sensitive to pads or have experienced rashes or other adverse reactions on your skin after using pads, you should try organic cotton pads. 
  • Cloth sanitary pads: Cloth sanitary pads is another eco-friendly way for women to deal with their periods. They are made from cotton, polyester or hemp and are a great alternative to disposable pads. They come in different shapes, sizes and absorbencies. The first time you use cloth sanitary pads, it may take some getting used to as they feel different from disposables. However, they're much more comfortable as they don't stick or move around like disposables. Cloth sanitary pads are also less expensive than disposables and last longer. Simply wash the pads using your hands or in a washing machine to reuse them for your next cycle. 

  • Which sanitary pad is the best?

    The Sanfe rash-free sanitary pad is an excellent choice for absorbing your menstrual flow. The product is eco-friendly and dermatologically tested, so it is safe for people with sensitive skin. It is composed of bamboo fibre which is 100% organic and gentle on the skin. It is not produced with the help of any chemical substances and contains hypoallergenic, breathable sheets that reduce foul odour and skin irritations. The package includes individual biodegradable bags that enable you to dispose of the used pads effectively and hygienically. 

    Which sanitary pad is best for beginners?

    The Sirona rash-free super soft sanitary pad is a good choice for beginners who have just started their cycle. These pads are available in large sizes to help avoid leakage that might be more common among beginners. The product is soft and gentle on your skin, so it does not cause friction or lead to rashes.

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