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Body lotions are well known for their hydrating properties but you will not believe the other benefits it provides. These products are formulated to provide advantages like sun protection, brightening, firming, tan removal, etc while hydrating the skin. The main ingredients in these products are emollients or humectants that help in trapping moisture on the surface of your skin. They should ideally be a part of your daily skincare routine to keep your skin completely hydrated. One of the most popular products at Woovly is body lotions for dry skin. People often invest in body lotion for winter rather than investing in body lotion for the summer.

It is important to use body lotions in all seasons to keep your skin nourished. Some of the most popular body lotions in Woovly are aloe vera body lotion, cocoa butter body lotion, coconut body lotion, etc. The body lotion prices are reasonable and are available for all skin types. You can also find body lotions with sun protection like the Greenberry Organics Day and Night lotion, Bare Minimum Natural Body Lotion, Skin Tatva Almond body lotion, etc. If you are looking for the best body lotions for winter, check for hydrating ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, coconut oil, etc in the ingredients list. Cocoa butter body lotions are also popular for winter skincare since they are highly nourishing to the skin.

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Body Lotion

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Lotions for the body should not be skipped at any cost. They provide a wide range of long-term and short-term benefits to your skin. It is important to consistently use it to have healthy and nourished skin. These skincare products are easy to use and result-oriented. But it is important to select the right body lotion that suits your skin type to get the best results. Woovly has a wide range of body lotions for men and women that give you good results.  Some of the best-selling body lotion brands in Woovly are Gemblue Biocare, UXR Bath & Body, Coco Soul, Skin Tatva, Body Code, Globus naturals, etc. You can select from a wide range of products like whitening body lotions, body lotions with SPF, and body lotions for oily skin. 

What are the benefits of Body Lotion?

  • Hydrates your skin: The main function of body lotion is to provide sufficient hydration to the skin and prevent it from cracking. Our skin goes through a lot of environmental damage like dry weather, dust, pollution, etc. So it is important to provide nourishment and hydration to keep it healthy and smooth. 
  • Reduces skin irritations: If you have dry skin, you are often prone to skin irritations like itching, redness, etc. Moisturising your skin with a lotion will provide a quick fix to such problems. 
  • Reduces dry patches: It is very common to find dry patches around your skin especially on the elbows, lower arms, wrists, lower legs, knees, etc. This problem is more prevalent during the winter months. A body lotion can help in distributing moisture evenly throughout your body to reduce these patches. 
  • Reduces calluses: Calluses are often formed on the skin as a result of standing on your feet for long hours or other activities that cause friction on your skin. Consistently using body lotions can help in smoothing these calluses and reducing the problems caused by them. 
  • Slows down ageing: This is one of the most important benefits of using a lotion. If your skin is dry and dehydrated, you will experience early onset of ageing. So it is important to maintain the moisture of your skin and make sure that you can control the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • Helps you relax: A body lotion is a simple way to relax and unwind after a long day. Most body lotions have a soothing scent that lingers on your skin for a long time.
  • Improves your skin elasticity: Moisturising your skin regularly can improve the elasticity of your skin and make it immune to damage and ageing.  
  • Even skin texture: Moisturisation of the skin promotes cell regeneration, especially when you use it at night before going to bed. So you will end up with smooth and even textured skin after regular use. 

  • How To Use a Body Lotion?

    A body lotion is easy to use so you don't have to take too much effort to include it in your body care regime. 

    After shower: The best way to hydrate your body using a lotion is by applying it to damp skin. So right after you step out of the shower, wipe off excess water from your skin and apply the body lotion. Damp skin already has a lot of moisture in it so the layer of lotion helps in sealing this moisture. This makes it easy for the lotion to work on your skin. If you apply it on dry skin, it will be difficult for your skin to absorb and you will need to use more of the product to get the same results. 

    Before bed: Another way to use a body lotion effectively is to use it before bed. This gives your skin overnight nourishment. Our skin regenerates its cells when we sleep so the product assists in the process and promotes healthy and supple skin. Our skin tends to be more permeable in the evening than in the morning so the products work better if you apply them before bedtime. This is especially helpful if you are using lotions with active ingredients like antioxidants, retinol, etc. The products work overnight to heal your skin and give you the best results. 

    When you apply the product to your body, start from the bottom to the top. Make sure that you cover all the hard-to-reach areas like ears, feet, back of the neck, etc. It is important to evenly distribute it throughout your body so it is best to work the lotion section by section. It is not recommended to use it on your face unless it is specifically formulated for the face to avoid any irritations.

    What is the Difference Between Body Lotion and Cream?

    Body lotions and body creams are often confused with one another. Although both their primary functions are to hydrate your skin, there are significant differences in their formulas. A body lotion has a lighter and watery consistency than a cream. This is because their formula has a higher water content than creams. A body cream has a really thick consistency and creates a moisture barrier around your skin to prevent loss of water. Most of the creams are oil-based so it is not recommended for the face unless it is specifically formulated for them. 

    A body lotion has a lower viscosity so it gets absorbed well into your skin. It works best for people with normal to dry skin. If you have extremely dry skin, a body cream is your best bet. These are more potent than lotions to keep your skin hydrated. Body creams are recommended for the winter season since our skin needs that extra boost of moisture during the dry season. Lotions are perfect for the summer because it does not make your skin feel oily or greasy. 

    How To Select a Body Lotion?

    There are so many body lotions available at Woovly so it can be a bit confusing to select the right one for you. The most important thing to consider while choosing a skincare product is your skin type. Lotions are specifically formulated for different skin types to make them work better. If you have oily skin, you can go for a water-based lotion that will not make your skin look oily and greasy. If you want to fix other issues on your skin like pigmentation or improving the elasticity, you will also find a lot of body lotions with active ingredients that will tackle your skin issues. The Paul Penders after-sun lotion is perfect for soothing irritated skin after sun exposure. 

  • Oily skin: This skin type usually occurs because of the overproduction of sebum by your sebaceous glands. It makes your skin look oily and greasy. Oily skin is also followed by dullness, open pores, and acne. Due to their skin texture, people with oily skin often skip using a moisturiser or a lotion. However, it is imperative to hydrate no matter what your skin type is. It is also common to over-cleanse oily skin to remove the excess oil but this is not good for the outer layer of the face. Oily skin can be a result of your sebaceous glands overcompensating for the lack of hydration. For oily skin, look for lightweight, water-based lotions that do not make your face look greasy. The mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Lotion is a non-sticky, non-greasy lotion that works well for people with oily skin. It is enriched with the goodness of coffee, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. 
  • Dry skin: People with dry skin often suffer from skin issues like itching, cracking, patchy spots, and other inflammation. Their skin tends to become worse when it comes into contact with extreme climate conditions. They also start showing signs of ageing earlier than the rest. Body lotions for dry skin should contain moisturising ingredients like moisturising Oils, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, etc., to hydrate dry skin. You should also use the body lotion twice a day for optimal results. People with dry skin can try out lotions with ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, etc which are formulated to provide maximum hydration to your skin. The Gemblue Biocare ultra moisturising body lotion is formulated with Avocado oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C that help in providing intense nourishment to your skin. You can also try the Gemblue Biocare Intensive Body lotion which is a great option for people with dry and sensitive skin
  • Sensitive skin: You should be very careful while selecting body lotions for sensitive skin because the wrong choice can cause bad reactions and aggravations to your skin. Sensitive skin will have rough patches, redness, dryness, itchiness, flaking, and other irritations. These can get aggravated when you use certain skincare products. Always look for products that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin. The Sirona Blueberry Body Lotion is a great choice for those with sensitive skin and it is formulated with Cocoa Butter, Red Aloe Vera, and Blueberry Fruit Extract. 
  • Normal skin: This is the healthiest skin type. People with normal skin are not prone to skin irritations often. The skin tends to be even textured with no open pores. You can use any type of lotion on normal skin to hydrate. The GLAMVEDA Mango Seed Body Lotion works well for those with normal skin and has a sweet scent. It is a non-sticky product that hydrates your skin for over 24 hours and makes it soft and supple. You can also try out the Donna Chang French Vanilla Hydrating Body Lotion for soft and radiant skin. It has a relaxing scent of vanilla that will soothe your senses. 
  • Acne-prone skin: If you have acne-prone skin, you should opt for skincare products containing active ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Beta Hydroxy Acid, etc. You can also look for ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber that can soothe inflamed skin. These ingredients can heal and relieve your acne flares while soothing your skin. The Globus Naturals Aloe Vera and Cucumber lotion can help in calming your skin and reducing redness. The Aryanveda Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hydra Moisturising Skin Care lotion also hydrates and soothes your acne-prone skin. 

  • Can I use body lotion on the face?

    Applying body lotion once or twice to your face isn’t harmful unless, of course, you have acne-prone or sensitive skin. But it is definitely not a good tendency to use it every day. The skin on the face is thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. Since body lotions are meant for thicker skin, these products can be a little aggressive on your face. It could even trigger reactions like redness, discolouration, itching, or breakouts.

    Body lotions will also not be able to fulfil certain needs of your facial skin such as anti-ageing, reducing wrinkles, acne, dark spots, etc since they are formulated to manage other issues like skin elasticity, stretch marks, etc. 

    Facial products will have active ingredients that can fulfil your skincare needs. They are carefully formulated to avoid any kind of aggravations. If you have normal skin, you can use your lotion once in a while if you run out of your face moisturiser but it is not recommended to use it every day. 

    Which body lotion is best for your skin?

    The best body lotion for you depends on your skin type and the needs of your skin. But when you are selecting the product, make sure the ingredients are safe for your skin. Skincare products may contain harsh ingredients like sulphates, phthalates, mineral oil, and parabens that could cause long-term and short-term side effects on your body. These are ingredients that are used to prolong the shelf life of the product but they can cause various skin problems like irritations and allergies, especially for people with sensitive skin. Woovly has a wide range of products with clean and safe ingredients like the GLAMVEDA Mix Berry Madness Refreshing Body Lotion, Cocoa Soul Nourishing Body Lotion, etc that are 100% safe to use.

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