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Body lotions are used across all seasons to protect and nourish the skin. Like your face and neck, your body needs the same skin care treatment to keep it soft and supple during different seasons. However, people tend to skip using body lotion for summer as they feel it is unnecessary. But that is how you expose your skin to environmental stressors like UV rays, pollution, harsh weather conditions, etc. Thus, with the help of technology and research, several brands have created summer body lotions for all skin types. The dry skin and the harsh weather straps the skin of its hydration, and you need additional protection for the skin. If you are looking for the best body lotion for dry skin in summer, oily, or combination skin types, then you have come to the right spot. Although summer may seem a time when the body does not need additional hydration, the harsh sun leaves your body and skin parched. Due to dehydration in the summer, the skin can get pigmentation and develop dark spots and wrinkles. Body lotion for summer is essential, and moisturising your body in summer is something that you must not neglect. Explore brands like VLCC, Arata, Bella Vita Organic, MCaffeine, Ustraa, GLAMVEDA, etc., and get some hydration for your body today

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Body Lotion For Summer

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Do you have skin that turns dry, scaly and dull during the hot summers? The solution is a moisturising body lotion for summer to prevent unpleasant skin conditions. Several ingredients can help protect the skin from the heat, and the best body lotion for summer can lock moisture, prevent tanning, and nourish the skin with nutrients that reduce wrinkles and dry patches. With the market flooded with many kinds of products, it is hard to find the best one. You can try the skin whitening body lotion for summer is rich in antioxidants and skin-brightening nutrients that give you an even-toned glow. So instead of hiding your skin behind long flowing clothing, block out the harsh sun and wear those strappy dresses embracing the sun and tackling its severe effects with a body lotion for summer. You need a sunscreen body lotion for summer with a skin-repairing formula for the summer. Most sun-protecting moisturising body lotions contain fruit extracts to help protect the skin from free radicals to give you  a younger and healthier look. You can also get the best body lotion for summer with SPF in India to reduce tanning.

Types of Body Lotions

Anti-ageing Body Lotion 

You may be puzzled by the thought of using skin-replenishing oil-based products in the summer. However, every skin type is different. Thus, people with dehydrated and ageing skin need an extra layer of protection during summers to prevent premature skin ageing and get a soft and supple glow. These are one of the best body lotions for dry skin in summer, having healing properties and repairing the damage. 

Water-based Body Lotions 

If you have trouble with oily skin and clogged pores leading to painful breakouts, you may try a water-based body lotion that soothes your skin while deeply hydrating it. These lotions feel exceptionally rejuvenating after a shower on a summer day. The usual ingredients used in humectant lotions are aqua, aloe vera, etc. 

Moisturising Body Lotions

Powered with milk, peach extracts and several other natural ingredients, moisturising body lotions are the best summer body lotion for oily skin as they lock the moisture for upto 12 hours and help to deliver an even tone to the skin. They also smoothen the skin and have a quick-absorbing formula, and these lotions are the best body lotion for summer.

Sun Protection Body Lotion

Most sun-protecting moisturising body lotions contain antioxidants to help protect the skin from UV damage and lend you a a younger and healthier-looking skin. A body lotion for summer with SPF 15 and more is ideal for shielding your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Skin-firming Body Lotion

These contain potent nutrients that boost collagen production in the skin. The lotion is infused with deeply hydrating ingredients and antioxidants that reduce the free radicals. It also balances the pH levels, retaining your skin's elasticity and keeping it firm and youthful. 

Brands that Sell Best Body Lotion for Summer:

Choosing the best body lotion for glowing skin in summer could be tough. You must strike a balance between moisturising, radiating, replenishing and protecting your skin. Several products are available, from which you can pick one that will suit your skin type. Browse for the best body lotions in India and choose from brands like VLCC, Arata, Bella Vita Organic, MCaffeine, Ustraa, GLAMVEDA, etc., and more for the best for your skin. Explore online for the best body lotion for summer in India to get a product that balances quality and price. Some brands promise to blend quality and price to offer the best body lotion for summer.
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