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Is the skin on your body looking dull and dry? Skincare gets associated with the image of beauty and grooming products- all meant for the face. While body lotion for women is not an uncommon sight, it is mostly reserved for generic moisturisation and regular throughout-the-year usage. However, everyone does not have the same skin type and needs varying ingredients in their lotions. Skincare is not limited to your face. Thus, taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your face- meaning that skincare routines like hydration, moisturisation, and exfoliation of the body play a vital role in your daily skincare procedure. While drinking plenty of fluids helps you stay hydrated from the inside, body lotion protects ad nourishes your skin from the outside, sealing in the moisture. It helps your body stay hydrated and plump during summer and chilly winters when your skin starts flaky. Additional SPF protection in such body lotion for women guards your skin in summer from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. 

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Body Lotion For Women

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Lock-In Your Moisture with Body Lotions for Women

The earliest evidence of body lotion for women goes as far back as 3000 BC to the Ancient Sumerians and the Ancient Egyptians. Skincare was vital for the Egyptians who lived in harsh climates, were exposed to extreme heat and wind and often experienced skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. So a combination of nutmeg oil, palm oil, fats and benzo-pyrene was lathered on to layer the skin to keep it moisturised. Over time, different cultures added medicinal herbs from flowers and fruits to lotions to increase their therapeutic properties. Even today, as humans battle varying weather conditions, pollution, and chemicals, the body lotions with these potent elements herbs cure and heal your skin from skin conditions. Body moisturisers regulate the external hydration of the skin so that your skin stays supple and smooth in every weather condition. Regular showers and usage of cleansing products to keep yourself clean. However, it strips your skin of its natural oils and moisture, turning it dry and flaky. But body lotion helps restore the lost moisture while adding an extra layer of protection to your skin. 

Different Types of Body Lotion for Women

No two people have the same skin type; hence skin care products come in different shapes and forms to cater to varying skin types and conditions. Below is a list of different kinds of body lotion available for women.

Body Lotion for Summer

You can apply the best body lotion for women in summer to keep your skin cool and refreshed. Summer-based body lotions are specially crafted for hot and humid climates as it keeps your skin soft and hydrated, and the SPF shields it from harmful sun radiation. It moisturises your skin and has a brightening effect that brings out your natural inner glow. 

Body Lotion for Winter

The sole purpose of a winter-based body lotion is to prevent dry skin and keep it hydrated, soft, and supple. However, several brands have winter-baser body lotion variants, several of the best body lotions for women in winter. These lotions are rich in shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, eucalyptus, and spearmint, providing intensive moisturisation, soothing and rejuvenating dry skin without causing any chemical damage. 

Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Some people have naturally dry skin, irrespective of the weather conditions or year. This dryness can lead to skin conditions like itchiness, irritation, redness, cracks, and moisture loss. Try to include lotions with almonds, honey, and other deep hydrating elements. This type of body lotion for dry skin women keeps your skin soft and hydrated all year round without leaving a greasy layer. 

Brands that Sell the Best Body Lotion for Women Online

Many organic and chemical-based brands have variations of the best body lotion for women's skin online. Thus, you can browse through the best body lotion for women in India and pick the one that suits your skin the most. Several best-selling Indian brands like VLCC, Arata, Bella Vita Organic, GLAMVEDA, MCaffeine, St. Botanica, etc., have their range of skincare products and best body lotion caters to all types of skin and skin care needs. So before choosing your perfect body lotion for women, make sure to compare your product with other similar options available online. It will make your buying process more economical and allow you to place an order for a product that meets all the needs of your skin and body in one go.
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