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Are you looking for a quick fix to reduce the time spent on trimming body hair? Get an effortless last-minute trim with a body trimmer for men. Body clippers are designed to shave and cut the body hair all over your skin. It is specifically crafted to glide along the complex contours of any body type.

Modern technology and engineering have enabled body grooming devices that hardly miss a strand of hair on the body, giving you satisfactorily smooth skin. These devices are built with changing settings to customise how close you want to shave or trim. Trimmers allow you to quickly touch up a fade-out beard or detailing on the face (such as sideburns).

Similarly, trimmers effectively remove unwanted body hair as per your need. Get hair trimmers with a range of attachments and guards that function like hair clippers. These act just like a regular beard trimmer but are scaled differently to efficiently shave off the body hair along the contours of your body. Trimming gadgets for body hair are ever-evolving and have improved into preferable man sculpting and hair clipping gadgets. Body grooming gets effortless when mobility limitations get dropped off. For example, a body trimmer for men comes with user-friendly features like waterproof units, flexible heads, battery-operated, detachable customisation units, blades, etc. They are available with various other attachments that allow the trimmer to clip the hair on the chest, pubes, neck, and even inside the nose and style the beard. Trimmers might also include brow attachments. The attachments are ultra-thin, which aids in the cutting of hairs in difficult-to-reach curves and crevices of the body. Thus, there is no need to acquire separate tools for grooming body or tummy hair. Woovly offers a wide range of trimmers for convenient and hassle-free manscaping.

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Body Trimmer for Men

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4 Factors to Know Before Buying Body Trimmer

When you have made up your mind and decided to trim your body hair, there are certain factors that you must keep in mind. These pointers guide you to make better choices when purchasing a body trimmer for men. There are many types of body hair clippers available in the market to achieve different goals and specifications. And deciding on the ideal one for your body hair type might be challenging. However, we recommend you to follow this buying guide to understand the essential requirements and factors to get a suitable body groomer for yourself. 


The durability of a body hair groomer is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing one. The durability of a body groomer is determined by how you prefer to use it. Some are suitably built to get used on wet skin, and some only on dry skin. There are both dry and moisture-friendly body groomers available online. While wet ones can be totally or partially waterproof, they can be used in conjunction with shaving foam or gel to prevent delicate skin from rashes and irritations. It is easy to use with water or other foaming essentials on your body as these body hair groomers are partially or waterproof. Always check the product details and usage guidelines to avoid issues later. On the other hand, dry body groomers are practical and available in various forms, and you can shave your hair on the go.

Run Time

If you are on the go and need a cordless body trimmer for men, choosing a rechargeable body groomer is ideal. Most rechargeable body groomers and trimmers need to be charged before they can be used and have a good run time. However, the corded ones may not be portable or easy to move around from room to room, but they have no hassle of charging before using or purchasing batteries. Several people who trim their body hair prefer to have both types in their collection to get a quick shave. The battery-operated ones keep evolving and have a reduced charge time with a longer run time to provide you hassle-free shaving experience. Thus, it is entirely dependent on your call of what fits your criteria and capacity, and there is a wide range of options to determine.


You want to acquire the best body groomer within your budget. There are various types of body hair clippers with varying specifications and adjustments. Similarly, these factors are bound to the ultimate criteria: budget. To purchase a body groomer that fits your budget, you must check the product's options and versatility. You can go for a budget-friendly clipper with primary settings if you have basic requirements. And if you plan to scale up and get more for what you pay, then going over the multiple unit body trimming gadgets with luxurious options will be perfect. In the end, there is something for everyone on Woovly for manscaping needs.


When it boils down to portability and mobility, cordless body groomers are convenient for most manscaping enthusiasts. You can use a cordless body trimmer for men anytime and anywhere you choose. These body groomers are entirely portable and rechargeable. You can use cordless ones in your bathroom, dressing room, at home, or even carry them in a travel kit to another place. Though battery-powered body groomers provide the same movement level, they have batteries with a limit to battery usage. However, corded body groomers may have restricted movement, but some come with a long cord that you can quickly move around. The choice is yours. 

Woovly brings you a vast range of hair clippers and trimming gadgets to suit your need. We recommend that you go over the buying guide and add suitable hair cutting and shaving units to your shopping cart. You can explore options for trimmers and shavers from brands such as ZLADE, Bombay Shaving Company, LetsShave, and many more based on your needs and requirements for yourself or as a gift. Pay through a secure payment gateway and enjoy the bliss of a smooth and clean, manscaped look once your purchase gets delivered to your doorstep. 


Can I rinse my body hair trimmer in the running tap water?

We recommend you to check the product usage guidelines as it is crucial. You can do it as long as the product mentions that the body clipper is waterproof and is fit to get rinsed under running water. Examine the indications and symbols written on the box or trimmer body to see whether this is the case. If you find a crossed-out tap sign on the packaging or body of your groomer, it implies that it cannot be washed and must get cleaned without water. A tap sign on your grooming gadget indicates that it is washable, and its units, like the cutters and combs, can also be washed with water.

Which is one well-known brand that can be trusted when buying a body hair trimmer?

One can consider buying a body groomer for men by Manscape. Manscape Trimmer is a durable and elegant choice to consider. It offers you a trimmer for the private areas that males can use as a ball trimmer. Brands like Manscape believe in quality, and thus, it is one of the best brands you can consider while looking for a body hair trimmer.

Are men’s body shavers and men's body hair trimmers the same?

Trimmers and shavers are principally different. However, both can be interchangeably used to trim or shave the hair on the face and body. The most fundamental difference between these is that a trimmer is used to cut the hair and reduces the length of hair uniformly. On the other hand, a shaver glides along the skin for a clean shave and removes every single strand of hair on the skin, leaving you fresh and clean.

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