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Body wash for men goes beyond the basic cleansing process offered by bar soaps. These specialised formulations can remove the skin of pollutants, sweat, and body odour, leaving it radiant. Body washes with nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, vitamin E, shea butter or coconut oil also moisturise the skin. Body cleansers Infused with elements like citrus extracts can enhance your mood, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. Every type of body cleanser comes with characteristic benefits. A big difference between a body wash for men and that meant for a woman is its fragrance. To avoid potential skin allergy or irritation, men could try and choose a unisex or fragrance-free body wash too. You can find a range of top body wash for men with a cleansing formula to suit a particular skin type. The skin on your body may differ from your facial skin - understanding your skin type goes a long way in selecting the formula. Brands like Arata, GLAMVEDA, St.Botanica, Ustraa, Globus Naturals, Vedaearth and more offer men’s body cleansers online. Available in multiple sizes, stock up on travel-friendly multi-packs, ensuring that you stick to your regular skincare routine while on the move.

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Body Wash For Men

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Pick the Best Body Wash for Men for Long-lasting Freshness

Men’s skin tends to be oiler owing to hormones that trigger sebum secretion. Although any cleanser will get the job done, harsh chemicals like sulphate compounds tend to dry the skin leaving it flaky. These are common ingredients in soaps. While anti-bacterial ingredients and Salicylic acid may treat specific skin concerns like acne or eczema, they risk removing all oils from the skin. Some of the best men's body wash for acne promises balance treatment and cleansing. Exposure to harmful radiation, pollution, dirt and grime regularly, the skin deserves much attention to undo all these. Thankfully, body cleansers are here to revitalise the skin and give it due care.

Types of Body Washes

Body cleansers used by men can vary in consistency and formulation. They can be broadly categorised into the following types.

Body Wash or Shower Gel

Containing a major portion of water, these are gel-based formulations. Usually labelled as ‘Body washes’ or ‘Shower gels’, this body wash for men's oily skin not only cleanses the skin but keeps it hydrated. They score high on fragrance as compared to soaps. Available in various scents, including fruity or floral, you can find formulas suited to different skin types. 

Shower Creams

As the name suggests, this type of moisturising body wash for men has a higher percentage of conditioning ingredients. With a thicker, creamier consistency than their gel counterparts, these are gentler and leave the skin well-moisturized. These are well-suited for those with sensitive or dry skin.

Foaming Body Washes

These are extremely lightweight formulations that have a frothy consistency and get easily lathered. You can easily work with small amounts to create lather, made for use without a bath sponge or a loofah. Usually suitable for use with all skin types, the gentle cleansing properties make this the best men's body wash for dry skin. These are a great option for those with sensitive skin as well.

Body Scrubs

These have tiny granules in them in addition to cleansing ingredients and are meant for infrequent use. The micro-ingredients help removes skin clogs and dead skin to leave your natural skin looking healthy and fresh.

Shampoo and Body Wash

These are specialised 2-in-1 formulations containing a combination of ingredients that work in unison on hair and skin in different ways. Components like activated charcoal cleanse the skin, hair and scalp while other elements like argan oil and aloe vera nourish them. Woody, musky, and spicy- these also come in various fragrances.

Brands that Sell Body Washes for Men

For environment-conscious men, body washes are specially formulated from plants and other natural sources. These do not have chemicals like parabens and sulphates. What’s more? You can look for certified vegan, and cruelty-free ranges of the best men's body wash for oily skin in India, letting you pamper your skin guilt-free. Among others, the bouquet of authentic ingredients used by Arata, GLAMVEDA, St.Botanica, Ustraa, Globus Naturals, Vedaearth and other top brands include peppermint, sandalwood, argan oil, green apple and orange. Find a wide range of skin cleansers for your skin type and requirements and have a refreshing start in your shower. With various fragrances, oils, and hydrating compounds– browse for your choice of indulgence. Find the best body wash for men in India.