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Bombay Shaving Company is a brand exclusively created to cater to your body hair grooming needs. Their products are carefully designed to give you the best shaving and hair removal experience for you. 

They are well known for their shaving kits catering to men and women. You can find shaving kits suitable for specific body parts like the intimate area, underarms etc. Apart from hair removal products, you can also find other grooming products like hair straighteners, face serums, sunscreen,  hair masks, hair oil, gifting kits etc. 

Their hair removal kits are some of the most popular products in their collection. The Bombay Shaving Company complete shaving kit provides all the products you will need for a smooth shaving experience. You can find numerous positive Bombay Shaving company kit reviews that will reinforce the quality of their products.

The Bombay Shaving Company kit prices are very reasonable, and you can find great discounts and offers on their products at Woovly. Make sure you are up to date with the latest offers and sales at Woovly to get the best prices on these products.

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Bombay Shaving Company Kits

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Bombay Shaving Company is one of the top brands of shaving products in India. They have exclusively curated shaving kits, one of the best available in the market. These kits are available for both men and women. Most of the contents in the shaving kits include razors, shaving foams, after-shave soothing gel etc. 

They also have skincare kits that include products like face scrubs, charcoal masks, peel-off masks, face packs etc. One of their top-selling product is the Shave and Dazzle gift kit. This is ideal for gifting purposes for a man and comes with many products for smooth facial shaving. The kit contains a charcoal shaving foam, post-shaving balm, Valeno Eu De Toilette and a Dexter shaving stick. 

Types of Bombay Shaving Company kit

  • Charcoal facial starter kit: This skin care kit from the Bombay Shaving Company is perfect for beginners. The kit comes with a Charcoal face scrub, peel-off mask, face pack and face wash. Charcoal is an excellent ingredient for the skin because it can absorb toxins from the skin's surface. It also helps control excess oil, reduce acne issues, and reduce sun tan. The products are infused with other nourishing ingredients like turmeric, pomegranate extracts, papaya extracts etc.
  • Hair growth kit: The Bombay Shaving company hair growth kit is created to reduce hair fall and encourage new hair growth. The kit includes an Onion and Bhringraj hair growth oil, an Onion and egg hair mask and a hair boost derma roller. Onion is an excellent ingredient for reducing hair fall and improving hair growth. The derma roller is a minimally invasive tool that helps in hair growth. Using the device can also lead to increased hair growth by stimulating blood flow in follicles and increasing sebum production.
  • Beard Care gift kit: This is a good gift option for men with beards. It is a complete beard grooming kit with products like beard shampoo & conditioner, beard serum, beard butter, moustache wax, beard oil and beard growth oil. It helps in softening your beard and keeping it under control. The beard growth oil helps improve your facial hair's growth. 
  • Defender for her kit: This body hair removal kit is made exclusively for women. It ensures a smooth and comfortable shave without causing any razor burns or cuts. The kit contains sensitive shaving foam, post-shaving balm, pre-shave scrub and a razor. 

  • How to use Bombay Shaving Company kits?

    It is essential to check the user manual before using the kits. Since each kit caters to various grooming needs, their usage will be specific to the products. If you use the shaving kit, you can start with the pre-shaving exfoliation, followed by shaving the body using the foam and the razor. You can finish off with the post-shaving balm to soothe your skin. 

    Why should I use Bombay Shaving Company kits?

    Bombay Shaving Company kits are perfect for anyone who wants to start shaving with a safety razor. They offer high-quality products at an affordable price, and the kits make it easy for you to get started.

    Their kits have everything you need to start shaving with a safety razor, from blades to shaving foam and post-shave balm. Their skincare and grooming products are also made of high-quality ingredients that guarantee excellent results.

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