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Managing healthy, silky, and shiny hair can get challenging without the right hair care products. Without a good hair oil, there would always be a continuous struggle between restoring the split-end damage and preventing the thinning of hair. But what cuts the edge is castor oil for hair care. Castor oil is easily accessible and extremely beneficial for your scalp and hair. The oil is extracted from the finest quality castor beans for your hair care needs. Based on the extraction process and the raw material used, it could be colourless or have darker yellow to black shade. Compared to other oils, castor oil for hair features a thicker viscosity. It is considered a powerhouse of minerals, fatty acids, and vitamin E, responsible for maintaining and improving hair quality. Massaging the scalp with castor oil is age-old wisdom passed on from one generation to another as a treatment for conditioning, smoothing flyaways, and adding shine to the hair. One of the most popular castor oil benefits is nourishing the dry scalp, which further helps in boosting hair growth.

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Castor Oil for Hair

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Improve your Hair Growth with Castor Oil

Top 5 Reasons for Using Castor Oil for Hair

Castor oil is a cocktail of essential fatty acids and nutrients that keeps hair strands healthy, from the follicles to the entire length. This much-loved haircare product offers numerous benefits ranging from anti-bacterial properties to improving hair texture. Here are some reasons which make castor oil a great addition to the hair care routine. 

Strengthening and Nourishing Hair Strands

Castor oil nourishes the hair strands from their roots. Compared to other hair oils, which mostly contain fats, castor oil is a powerful mixture of hair supplements, including antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins. This makes castor oil a wonderful product for nurturing chemically treated hair follicles and irritated scalp and encouraging faster and healthier hair growth.

Anti-bacterial Properties 

A dry scalp can cause fungal formation in the hair, leading to dandruff and flaky scalp. Therefore, you should have a good hair care routine that helps in keeping the scalp nourished and hygienic. Castor oil has both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of fungal and bacterial infections plaguing scalp health. Applying castor oil once a week is a great way of keeping the scalp free from infections. Besides that, castor oil also helps keep conditions like eczema under control. Although one does not face any side effects after applying castor oil for hair, some people can be allergic to the oil itself. In some cases, people can experience hair felting if they do not wash their hair with shampoo properly after applying castor oil. 

Preventing Hair Fall and Frizzy Hair

Castor hair oil massage is essential for preventing hair fall by making the roots stronger. Castor oil stimulates hair growth by triggering the dormant follicles. A simple at-home castor oil hair mask with steam once a week is a great way to strengthen the hair strands from the roots. Additionally, the oil's emollient properties are ideal for smoothening frizzy, damaged, and dry hair. Castor oil contains linoleic and oleic acids that restore hair health damaged by lifestyle, pollution, and stress. Therefore, castor oil is a natural conditioner and hair-softener that improves hair texture to a great extent. 

Vitamin E Supplement

Castor oil has a high content of Vitamin E, which is essential for maintaining hair health. Vitamin E is responsible for making the hair healthy, strong, and shiny, and it protects the hair from the free radicals of the environment that erode hair strength and quality. Castor oil for hair is also popularly known for its protein synthesis property that ensures proper resting and growing cycle for the hair. This way, the ratio of normal hair fall to new hair growth is maintained.

Better Absorption of Hair Care Products

Apart from boosting scalp health, castor oil can also be used for enhancing the absorption of other hair care products. By incorporating castor oil in your weekly hair care routine, your hair would have a healthy hair environment. The fatty acids present in castor oil maintain the scalp's pH balance which boosts blood circulation and ensures good hair and scalp health. This will allow other hair products to penetrate properly into the hair and enhance its look. 

What are the different types of Castor Oils?

There are three kinds of castor oils that you can add to your hair care routine. These include hydrogenated castor oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and organic castor oil. 

Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Hydrogenated castor oil contains amino acids that help soften and moisturize the hair. It provides a healthy environment for the hair and nurtures it to grow thicker and healthier. Besides that, people experiencing hair fall and thinning due to various external factors like pollution, hard water, or chemical treatments can use castor oil to take care of their scalp and hair. For instance, castor oil in Tamil Nadu is a well-known solution for its hair thickening effect. 

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Cold-pressed castor oil, also popularly called arandi ka tel in Hindi, is sourced directly from the castor seed without heating. The cold-pressing technique prevents nutrient degradation in the castor seed, making the oil slightly alkaline, hexane-free, coarse, and organic. Individuals with a dry and itchy scalp, dehydrated hair, or unmanageable curls can use castor oil in their haircare routine.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The castor seeds are lightly roasted and then pressed to extract the oil; the seeds' ashes are also added to the oil for maximum benefit. The Jamaican black castor oil is packed with nutrients and has additional purifying benefits, making it the best castor oil for hair. 

At-home Castor Oil Masks to Try

If your hair is missing the much-needed nourishment it deserves, then it's time for you to apply a hair mask with castor oil as its key ingredient. Here are a few DIY castor oil hair masks to give your hair the best makeover. 

DIY Coconut and Castor Oil Mask

Long and medium-chain fatty acids are found in abundance in castor oil. Coconut oil is popular for strengthening hair, preventing hair damage, and enhancing hair growth. It absorbs deep into the scalp and nourishes the hair cuticles and hair cortex. Therefore, the coconut and castor oil mixture is perfect for protecting the hair against any damage caused by chemical hair treatments. You can use this mask twice a week to get the best results. 

Directions to Make the Mask:

Step 1: Take some coconut and castor oil in a bowl and mix it.

Step 2: Gently massage your scalp with the mixture for five minutes.

Step 3: Apply the mask on your hair roots properly. 

Step 4: Use a clean towel or shower cap to cover your head. 

Step 5: You can keep the mask overnight or for two hours. 

Step 6: Wash your hair with mild shampoo and lukewarm water. 

DIY Aloe Vera and Castor Oil Mask

Aloe vera works wonders as a hair care product. It prevents the building up of natural hair oils on the scalp along with impurities and dirt. This helps in treating dandruff and reducing hair loss. Aloe vera is also rich in Vitamin E, C, and A, which remarkably reduces stress on the scalp. Castor oil, also popularly known as Amudamu in Telugu, is excellent for adding volume to the hair when combined with aloe vera. 

Directions to Make the Mask:

Step 1: Mix one tsp of aloe vera and two tbsp of castor oil in a bowl.

Step 2: Add one tsp of fenugreek powder and one tsp of basil powder.

Step 3: Blend everything into a thick paste. 

Step 4: Apply the mask to your hair length and scalp.

Step 5: Cover your hair with a shower cap to allow the mask to seep into your hair. 

Step 6: Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water. 

DIY Onion Juice and Castor Oil

Onion juice is renowned for reducing hair fall and boosting hair growth, and it also provides shine and strength to the hair. Using a mask made of onion and castor oil like dryness, thinness, and frizziness will help get shinier and fuller hair. 

How to Make the Hair Mask:

Step 1: Mix two tbsp of onion juice and two tbsp of castor oil in a bowl.

Step 2: Blend everything together and apply the mask to your hair and scalp. 

Step 3: Massage the mask on your scalp and keep it for two to three hours. 

Step 4: Wash your hair with shampoo and lukewarm water. 

The Best Castor Oil Brands in India

The list of castor oil uses and benefits is endless. Various brands claim to offer the best castor oil. However, only a few offer the best oil formula and quality ingredients beneficial to the hair. Some of the renowned brands you can trust for their authentic products include Khadi Natural, Bombay Shaving Company, Just Herbs, Ustraa, and St. Botanica. Besides these, you can also try castor oils by Bella Vita, VLCC, Spantra, and Him Ayurveda if you are looking for budget-friendly options. At the same time, Greenberry Organics is a great purchase if you prefer using organic products. 

Start Your Haircare Regime Today with Woovly

Castor oil can control hair fall, promote hair growth, strengthen thin hair, and help revitalize the hair by replenishing the scalp's natural oils. At Woovly, you can find the best castor oil for your hair care needs, and the castor oil prices are quite competitive. 

From authentic beauty products and extensive quality checking to safe payment gateways and rapid delivery, Woovly is a one-stop-destination for all your hair care needs. 


Please take a few drops of castor oil on your palm, and then gently massage it on your scalp with your fingertips. Cover your head with a cloth wrap or shower cap for two to three hours, followed by regular shampoo and hair conditioner regime. 

Castor oil has a heavier consistency than widely used hair oils, and it can stick to the hair strands if you do not wash your hair properly. Therefore, ensure you wash your hair thoroughly with a good shampoo to prevent the oil from sticking. 

You can apply castor oil to both dry and wet hair. However, as castor oil is slightly thicker than other hair oils, it is recommended that you apply it to damp hair for better and easier absorption. 

Every individual has different hair and nourishing needs. There is no specific time within which you can witness the results of using castor oil. Nevertheless, most castor oil users notice changes within three months of consistently using the oil. 

Both castor and coconut oil are good for hair. Castor oil is heavier than coconut oil, and some people might face difficulty applying it to the scalp. You can balance your application by using them as per your needs and requirements. 

Jamaican and cold-pressed castor oils are the most suitable options for promoting hair health and growth. Jamaican castor oil has more nutrients and a thicker consistency than cold-pressed castor oil, which deeply nourishes the scalp and prevents hair thinning. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something that is easily available and cost-effective, cold-pressed castor oil is the best option.

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