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Cleansing milk is a type of cleanser that aids in the removal of makeup, grime, and other pollutants from the face. While it won't help you get rid of acne or prevent breakouts, it will help in keeping your face looking fresh and lovely. Try a face cleaning milk if you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or are just looking for a milder cleanse. They have a non-foaming formula that gently massages your skin while removing dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and fresh complexion. They gently cleanse the skin and remove all traces of makeup, oil, and pollutants without drying or stretching it. Cleansing milk has a plethora of uses and benefits. Cleansing milk price varies depending on the brands and ingredients. Some brands that provide high-quality ingredients and formulae are Khadi Natural, VLCC, Paul Penders, etc. If you're seeking affordable products, consider products from Skin Tatva, Gemblue. Prakriti Herbals, on the other hand, makes for an excellent purchase if you prefer organic products.

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Cleansing Milk

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Get Healthy, Hydrated Skin with Milk Cleansers 

Cleansing milk for face has many benefits over face washes.

  • An indulgent, calming, and refreshing experience

When it comes to this product, texture is key. It's softer, creamier, and thinner than your normal gel cleansers. It doesn't attract nearly as much attention as the scrubbing varieties of cleansers. The creamy smoothness seeps into our pores, softly removing surface debris while retaining our skin's natural moisture and softness. Some more abrasive cleaners can peel the skin, leaving it dry and tight. It has a pillow-soft texture and emollient properties, making it the ideal choice for dry and sensitive skin.

  • Does not need water 

Water is used as an activator in most skin cleansers. The water forms the base of the cleanser, whether it's a lather or a scrubber. Because the lathering action occurs from the lipids in the formula, you can choose to apply the milk to the skin without using water.

Deep-cleans your skin

  • Removes all filth, grime, makeup, and bacteria that accumulate through the day

The combination of oil and water is what distinguishes cleansing milk from other facial cleansers. There is no need to utilise water while using this cleanser. This means that there is no surfactant cleansing agent at the action. Water is only required to rinse the cleanser off once it has already done its work on your skin.

  • Cleansing milk for dry skin and oily skin

Face cleansers made from cleansing milk is gentler on the skin than conventional face cleansers or soaps. They are gentle and suitable for all skin types, from dry to normal, as they effectively clean pores without leaving your skin tight and dry. They hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and supple. Deep pore cleansing milk cleanses and hydrates your skin by penetrating deep into them. It removes filth and moisture from your skin without robbing it of its natural hydration. It is usually the most popular cleansing milk for oily skin

  • More natural, less harsh ingredients

The same ingredients that provide skin-supporting nutrients also act to remove dirt and grime. For example, vitamin E support, moisturising and softening characteristics, antibacterial cleansing, and a thorough, gentle clean are all provided by multitasking ingredients like coconut oil in the coconut oil cleansing milk. You don't want to attack your skin with astringents or super-textured cleansers while it's still repairing, especially if you have mixed or dry skin. Applying cleansing milk first thing in the morning to wipe away any residue kick starts the moisturisation and hydration process.


How to Use Cleansing Milk?

If you are using cleansing milk at home, below is the process you should follow: 

  • Wash your hands

Before applying, make sure your hands are clean. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and warm water. Bacteria on your hands could cause infection or breakouts on your face.

  • Warm up the cleansing milk 

In your palm, take a mid-size portion of the cleansing milk. Warm it up in your palms and continue doing this for a while or until it suits your skin's temperature.

  • Apply the milk to your cheeks 

Apply mild pressure on your cheeks with your hands while using the product. This allows the milk to be transferred onto and seep into the layers of your skin.

  • Tap it on your face using your hands gently

Once you’ve transferred the milk to your face, gently pat the product onto your skin with the palm of your hands a couple of times. This will help pull impurities to the surface of your skin and they can be removed easily.

  • Massage the milk onto your skin

Apply gentle pressure and massage it lightly onto your skin. This will help the potion reach specific areas and let the milk absorb any dirt and makeup residue.

  • Rinse off with lukewarm water

Rinsing your face will get rid of any leftover milk from your face. You can also remove the remaining milk with a soft microfiber cloth that won’t be harsh on your skin.

  • Wipe away any remaining residue

Use a warm towel to wipe off any remnants. Milk cleansers tend to leave a greasy residue on the skin. If the greasiness prevails, cover your face with a damp towel. Repeat until necessary.

  • Tone and moisturise

Tone your face using a toner that suits your skin type. This will help deep clean your skin. Post that, use the appropriate moisturiser to hydrate your skin. 

Skincare with Woovly

Restoring the skin’s natural health can help breakout, encourage circulation, tighten and rejuvenate skin. You can find the best cleansing milk for your skincare needs at Woovly – the one-stop-shop for all your skincare and haircare needs – and use the secure payment gateways and quick delivery services to have the products delivered to your home.



What are the cleansing milk benefits?

The purpose of this product is to dilute and remove makeup, oil, and impurities from the skin. It won't irritate your skin or strip it off its natural oils. The gentle formula will ensure your face is well-nourished and hydrated after each use. 

Can I use it daily?

Yes, since it works in the same way as a face wash. It is definitely the gentler option and has many benefits.  

How are cleansers and face washes different?

Face wash prevents acne and breakouts while cleanser targets excess oils, makeup, and grime. As it does not contain harsh components like face wash, the cleanser is also gentler and is less likely to strip natural oils off your skin.

How many times can it be used in a day?

It can be used twice a day instead of your regular face wash. The milk can be used at night to help remove light makeup.

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