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Treat your lips with rejuvenating and nourishing coffee colour lipstick to get a perfectly plump pout. Choose a coffee lipstick in natural, matte, glossy shades to perfect your everyday look. With these coffee colour lipstick, you can achieve divine and charismatic looks. A coffee lipstick is a perfect marriage between comfort, style, and longevity. The shade is ideal for casual dates or formal meetings and guarantees a captivating look when swiped across your lips. Get varying textures and shades to match your skin tone. Brown lipsticks add a touch of sophistication to all kinds of makeup. It was popular in the 90s with almost all soap operas and sitcom actors carrying off the coffee colour lipstick from nude brown to a bold brown with ease. You can get these in varying compositions and features like smudge-proof finish, rich pigment, non-cakey finish, non-sticky formulation, etc. These lipsticks highlight your makeup look, especially when you add some bling and bronze into the look. Style your makeup look with appropriate lipstick in several coffee shades that match the Indian skin tones. Browse through premium brands like Coloressence, Mamaearth, Auric, Note Cosmetique, Just Herbs, MyGlamm, etc. to pick the one that best suits you.

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Coffee Colour Lipsticks

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Get Coffee Colour Lipstick to Pair with Any Look

Lipstick shades have evolved, and the coffee shade lipstick has stuck to its popularity ever since. The beauty of a coffee-tinted lipstick is that everyone can wear it, adapting the hue to the style and skin tone and pair it wonderfully with any eye makeup look. With different shades and textures, the coffee brown lipstick is available in various formulations that are ideal for different skin tones and occasions. Read further to check the different coffee color lipsticks textures available.

Different Types of Coffee Lipstick Shades

Pure Matte Lipstick Formula 

The coffee brown lipstick in pure matte has a velvet finish that is soft, non-sticky and waterproof. It is smudge-proof, lightweight and does not crease on your lips. Made with ultra-pigmented formula, it leaves a feather-like feeling on the lips. The lipstick has a rich colour, is highly pigmented and can be worn without worrying about re-application. It offers coverage for up to 12 hours.

Moisture Matte Lipstick Formula

The coffee colour lipstick shades with the moisture matte formula are enriched with the natural goodness of vitamin E and avocado oil. The lipstick has a lightweight formula that nourishes the lips and seals the moisture for as long as 8 hours. Try the toxin-free lipsticks without harmful elements like paraben, sulphates, etc., and make them your BFF!

Hydration Lock Lipstick Formula

The coffee-tinted lipstick with the lock lipstick formula is infused with jojoba oil and almond oil. It offers a rich colour payoff and keeps the lips nourished and moisturised. Lipsticks tend to dry, and this formula is meant to keep your lips hydrated all the time. You no longer need a lip balm! You can just hydrate your lips with this lipstick that not only colours but also moisturises them.

Herbal or Ayurvedic Lipstick Formula

Be it a light coffee colour lipstick or a dark onean Ayurvedic-based lipstick is enriched with vata pacifying herbs with a base of ghee and sesame oil. The active herbs' nutritional benefits keep the skin's innermost layers hydrated, and the lipstick is also pigmented with natural colours that do not damage your lips. The presence of herbs exfoliates your lips whilst also making them look lustrous and rich.

Mineral Semi-matte Formula

The dark coffee colour lipstick shade needs a special formula to stay rich and pigmented all day long, right from the time of application. The mineral semi-matte formula is designed for a high impact with extra hydration. These have a velvety formula enriched with coral seaweed and packed with minerals like magnesium, manganese and calcium. These rejuvenating and deep nourishing elements help restore your lips' natural beauty and protect them from cracks. The lipstick also has vitamin E that retains the natural moisture level making the lips feel smooth and prolonging the stay of colour.

Ultra-rich Creamy Formula

The ultra-rich formula is powered with argan oil and cocoa butter. With its unique formula, it offers rich pigmentation and offers full coverage in just one swipe. It also has vitamin E to protect your lips from free radicals, heal any damage, boost collagen, and has a cruelty-free formulation.

Brands that Sell Best Coffee Colour Lipstick Online

There are a wide variety of coffee-tinted lipstick shades available online. Browse through the various textures and kinds of coffee-tinted lipstick to pick the one that suits your lips. Treat your lips to the best range and browse through the popular brands that are available online. Brands like Coloressence, Mamaearth, Auric, Note Cosmetique, Just Herbs, MyGlamm, etc., offer a range of coffee-tinted lip products that you can now choose from at your convenience. Invest in the best lipstick online and choose the perfect one for your taste. 

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