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In every makeup enthusiast’s humble opinion, a concealer is slightly underrated. It is actually quite efficient as well as a versatile product that can be used in many different ways. It is similar to a foundation except that it’s generally thicker and tends to hide age spots, dark circles, blemishes, etc., by blending these imperfections with the skin tone and hiding their pigments. They’re a close cousin to the colour corrector. And, when using a concealing product, less is always more. A small amount of the product will always do the trick.

When it bottles down to makeup, a concealer is everyone’s fairy godmother. The word concealer means something that hides or conceals. They are types of cosmetics that are used to mask the imperfections on your skin. From a tiny discolouration to dark circles, blemishes as well as scars, it helps in hiding away all-natural imperfections we are born with and leaves you with flawless skin. Every concealing products generally seems to be like a magic solution to all of your beauty wishes and woes. Applying large quantities of it has its own risk since it could potentially make your makeup look quite cakey. Also, keep in mind that the wrong shades can mess up your look as nothing else can. And using them is pretty easy too. Just dab and blend into your skin with your fingertips or a concealer brush. Though applying concealing products may not be an intuitive process, it is no rocket science either so you can learn how to use it well from almost the first try.

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How to Use Concealer

The most flattering and appropriate way to apply concealer makeup is by drawing triangles under your eyes and at the points that run towards your cheek with the base. This shape will not only conceal all dark circles but also instantly make your facial angles look sharper. Always use the pads of your finger to softly pat the concealing product till it has finished blending and disappears against your skin tone. You can also finish up by brushing on some translucent face powder with a fluffy brush to set it in place. 

To conceal pimples and other blemishes, make sure to cancel out the redness of the pimples with a green concealing product palette and a clean brush. Once this is done, you can use a cotton swab and cover the areas with another high coverage concealing product. It will blend into your skin tone and help in camouflaging your pimple or blemish.

How to Deal with Concealers 

The dos:

The don’ts:

The Benefits of a Concealer 

The concealer’s uses and benefits are many:

  1. It doesn’t get stuck between fine lines: Fine lines are natural. A good concealing product takes these lines into account and helps blur them out without getting stuck in the creases
  2. It helps you contour: It can be used to help you get the coveted, chiselled look. It takes only a few swipes of the product to make your cheekbones look sharper and your nose smaller. To do this, choose a colour that’s a shade or 2 darker than your natural skin tone. 
  3. It helps cover dark circles: All those nights you stay awake binge-watching your favorite shows will tend to leave their mark on you. An easy way to deal with the dark circles they leave behind is using a concealing product that hydrates and brightens your under-eye areas, making you look well-rested and glowing. 
  4. Highlight those cheekbones: One of the most simple ways to get a face that glows all year round is to use concealing products to hide blemishes and highlight your cheekbones. Additionally, it could also be used to highlight your brow bones, the cupid's bow, and the bridge of your nose. 
  5. Hiding blemishes: Using makeup products on acne can feel quite counterintuitive. But a concealing product that has salicylic acid can help reduce the size of the acne while also hiding it.
  6. Priming lips and eyelids: Concealer liquids work as the ideal primer bases for lipsticks and eye shadows. They create even bases for smooth applications and even help in making your products last longer. 

To buy the right concealing products, it is important to know the uses of all the different shades that are available in the concealer palette. Each tint and shade is meant to hide a certain type of blemish so you should use them accordingly.

Always make sure to blot the area under your eyes with a thin tissue after using the product to prevent the product from settling inside creases.

When used in the right way, your blemish concealing product can also help your lips look fuller and make your brows pop.

How to Choose the Right Product for you? 

concealing products are generally hard to choose. You need to consider your skin type and what you will use it for before investing in the products. The wrong kind of concealing products may give you acne, end up getting cakey and stuck inside creases, and give you an uneven skin tone. 

  1. For dry skin: Applying concealing products on dry skin generally leads to dull and patchy skin and flaky makeup. The perfect ones come with hydrating and nourishing formulae and preferably have water bases. A light, full coverage one can do just the trick. 
  2. For oily skin types: People with oily skin can apply a normal concealing product and cover It with a layer of face powder. But your face may go back to being a glossy and oily mess later in the day. One of the quickest and easiest fixes for oily skins is powder-based concealing solutions. The best concealers for oily skin can help you hide away the blemishes and the dark spots in a jiffy. 
  3. For normal skin tones: If you have a normal skin type, you can choose any type of blemish concealing product. Generally, a mousse-based and non-greasy one would be the most ideal type. But remember to opt for lightweight formulas that feel comfortable on your skin. A medium to full coverage concealing product would work wonders on normal skin. 

Concealing liquids by different brands and of different shades also costs different. You can find concealers priced under 100 and even concealers priced under 50.

As much as we love foundation, the key to a flawless face is no doubt a concealer. It is a product every woman would want to have in her vanity. At Woovly, you can find a range of the best colour correctors at competitive prices. You can shop products from brands like Note Cosmetique, Coloressence, Lujobox, mCaffeine, etc., pay for them using the secure and easy payment gateway, and have them swiftly delivered right to your doorstep.


Do you use it before or after foundation?

If you are going for a powder-based type, then apply it before the foundation and allow it to set. Liquid concealing products are generally applied after foundation, blended with a brush, and set with face powder.

Can you use concealing products as foundations?

Your concealing liquid can come in handy in case you have run out of foundation. However, it is important to keep in mind the difference between the products consistency and use them accordingly.

What is the difference between a concealing liquid and a foundation?

Their difference lies in the purpose they serve as part of makeup regimes. Foundations are good for overall coverages. When trying to hide more significant problems such as big blemishes, zits, birthmarks, under-eye circles, etc, concealing products offers the best solution.

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