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DoYou – For the Woman on the Move

Born out of necessity to cater to the busy women of today, DoYou has created a range of beauty products that focus on quality while also balancing ease of use and sustainability.

Their products take the sting out of your stressful life rather than adding to it and repair the damage caused by everyday skin stressors. Their products also fit all skin types and textures. So, go ahead and indulge in a range of products from lip serums to oil-free moisturisers, face washes to night creams, mousse masks to night creams, and more.

Face Wash

DoYou Face Wash eliminates ‘harshness’ from your skincare routine. The parabens and sulphate-free face wash combats pollution with a mild formulation to cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin- all three at one go. Its non-drying formula restores the suppleness while effectively cleansing any buildup in your pores. It is useful for taking off light makeup or sunscreen without spending extra time or effort. 

How to Use:

Splash your face with water. Ensure your makeup has been removed. Squeeze the tube for an almond amount of the product on your palm. Lather up and massage the face wash from your face to your neck in upward circular motions for an all-in-one CTM experience. Wash with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft face towel for a clean, smooth-textured, glowing look.

Lip Serums

The Plumping Up lip serums give your lips a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home or when you are on the go. They revitalise your lips and leave them feeling softer and lighter. These serums also give lips a dazzling gloss while hydrating them.

How to Use:

Apply 1-2 drops of serum oil to your fingertips and massage it in. You can use them alone on your lips or even as a primer over lipstick. Apply the serum before going to sleep at night for the best results.


DoYou’s range of moisturisers is designed to hydrate and nourish your skin from the inside. The Nourishing Moisturiser is best suited for dry and dehydrated skin. The Cool Club oil-free moisturiser is perfect for oily skin or daily or summertime use.

How to Use:

To prepare your skin, wash it with lukewarm water. For each application, use an almond-sized quantity of product. The amount of moisturiser you apply varies depending on the product. Apply a modest amount of the moisturiser of your choice to your face in various spots. Apply tiny dabs of the moisturiser to major dry areas, including your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, using clean fingertips. This aids in the uniform distribution of the product throughout your face.

Facial Masks

Getting facials at spas tend to be time-consuming and expensive affairs. Thankfully, DoYou has you covered. The DoYou mousse masks hydrate, soothe, and repair the effects of pollution and skin stressors, leaving your skin glowing with health. 

How to Use:

Fill a glass or plastic dish halfway with cold water. Pour the content onto the water's surface. Wait 30 seconds for it to swell. Lightly blend and then apply to face and neck with fingertips. Gently massage and rinse after 15 minutes.

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DoYou offers an extensive range of products for extended skincare needs like serums, gels, sunscreens, hand creams, eye creams, repair and rejuvenation products, and more. Explore a multitude of options for skincare, haircare, and general wellness products from DoYou.

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