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Eau De Parfum or EDP is a second most concentrated blend of fragrance. The fragranced perfume comprises more concentrated aromatic oils that define the scent. With over 15 per cent of essential oils and purity attracted, it lasts four to five hours at a stretch. The perfume is more of an ‘essence’ or ‘extract’ and is a more concentrated preparation ranging between 15 to 30 per cent of the raw extract diluted in alcohol. Perfumes do not contain water. Thus, the Eau de Parfum meaning equates to a diluted solution of aromatic extracts. Your choice of fragrance is personal as it acts as a part of your personality. A suitable perfume boosts your confidence and makes you appealing and memorable. It is why scents evoke natural and emotional responses. So an Eau de Parfum is a way of choosing a long-lasting fragrance in the purest form that slowly unfurls throughout the day. Everyone is particular when choosing a signature fragrance to style and complement your personality. Brands are committed to provoking a passion in those with a heightened olfactory sense. Try luxury perfumes from brands such as La French, Bella Vita Organic, Mamaearth, Just Jack, and many more. 

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Eau De Parfum

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Eau de Parfum- Flaunt Luxury and Style with Your Choice of Fragrance 

Finding the right perfume for yourself could be an overwhelming experience. Knowing whether to opt for perfume, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, or  Eau de Parfum can be confusing unless you learn what each offers. With the vast array of traditional and new fragrances available in the market, the below categories of Eau de Parfum could make your choice process a bit easier. Pick the right one and wear a few spritzes as the ultimate accessory for any special occasion or daily. Read on to find out the choice you have to conclude buying the one that will look perfect in your closet and suit you.

Different Types of Eau de Parfum

Organic Eau de Parfum

Made with organic ingredients, the Eau de Parfum natural spray is a gorgeous blend of natural fragrances. Made with extracts of fruits, floral, herbal, and other potent ingredients, this contemporary perfume has a fleeting fragrance that lingers and attracts others. With the billowy and fresh zing of fruity come floral tones, the scent is long-lasting and inspired by romance and mushy love. It is best suited for parties, dinners, everyday wear, brunches and lunches. You can get a blend of wood and spice-based notes for more variety.

Unisex Eau de Parfum

An Eau de Parfum for men and women, the unisex ones have a balanced fragrance. With an ultra-alluring catch and attractive fragrance, it helps prevent odour. It promises 24-hour performance and comes in fragrances like jasmine, orchid, orange blossom, magnolia and more. The scent leaves a pure essence of warmth and sensuality when sprayed on.

Sport Eau de Parfum

One of the best Eau de Parfum for men, sports Eau de perfume is crafted to enhance personality and help live the moment. The fresh and sharp fragrance adds power, character, intensity and a masculine appeal. Non-allergenic and safe to use, they provide a soothing experience throughout the day.

Luxury Eau de Parfum

With the increase in demand for Eau de Parfums because of the fragrance and price, luxury Eau de Parfum for women and men are commonly found in the market. Designed to enhance mood and boost confidence, the perfume has powerful accents. With mild yet strong notes, it makes a sophisticated statement with its musky and earthy fragrances. The charming aroma is for bold men and women who wish to make an impression and scale new heights.

Brands That Sell Best Eau De Parfum Online 

These fragrances are the perfect accessories to evoke memories and emotions or trigger an attraction. A whole universe revolves around the world of fragrances. Depending on the characteristics, a perfume can be categorised as Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne. With several brands now committed to bringing Eau de Parfums of various varieties and categories to the consumer wanting a unique fragrance, you can now shop for it online. Brands like La French, Bella Vita Organic, Mamaearth, Just Jack, and many more are committed to selling and matching Eau de Parfum's price and quality. Look no further to invest in the best fragrance to smell and feel your enigmatic best. The more you learn about the intricacies of perfume, the more likely you will buy a fragrance based on your taste and preferences, making your purchase experience satisfactory and seamless. While buying perfume has always been an in-person experience, plenty is available online for you.
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