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Essential oil is the oils extracted from plants and flowers. These potions are boon for your skin, hair, body, and skin. These are extracted through cold pressing and distilling flowers, roots, stems, herbs, and several other potent ingredients from the laps of nature. These extract oils are immensely beneficial for your hair. It retains the moisture and natural oil levels of your scalp while reducing problems like dandruff, excessive oil, frizzy hair, weak strands, dull hair, etc. To get the best results, you must mix the concentrated oil in a carrier or base oil like coconut, jojoba, almond, etc. You can also take essential oils to enjoy and calm your senses with its pleasant aroma, refreshing your environment, and have a relaxing sleep. Take a few drops and add them to your hair care routine for great results. Essential oil for hair works amazingly. The essential oil has solutions for all, whether you have an itchy scalp or hair fall issue. Everyone likes their hair to look beautiful and healthy. Pick any essential oil that addresses your hair problems at its roots. You can buy the best hair essential oils from a drugstore, nearby mall, or an online shopping website. You can get your favourite oil from brands like Bella Vita Organic, Vedaearth, Khadi Essentials, Nhea, Brave Essentials, etc.

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Essential Oil For Hair

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Get Essential Oil for Thick and Shiny Hair

Nowadays, the use of essential oils for hair is a common practice as it has been in ancient times. They are majorly used because of their nutritional and natural aromatic profiles. Properly using essential oil will resolve lots of hair issues. But essential oils are generally used along with a carrier oil. Carrier oils are also known as base oils. Like essential oil, they are derived from plants. They are mainly used to dilute the essential oil and carry their therapeutic properties intact. Extracted oils are powerful and, if used directly, can irritate the scalp or skin. The carrier oils have no to very minimal scent, thus making it best to be used along with essential oil.  

Benefits of Essential Oils for Hair

Essential oils for thicker hair — Use essential oils for hair growth and thickness. They work wonders if appropriately applied. Mix the extracted oil with base oils like coconut or olive oil and massage it to your scalp. Use your fingertips or use a massager. It will help in the even distribution of essential oil. The essential oil strengthens hair, makes it healthy, and reduces breakage, making them thicker.   

Essential oils for dry hair — Essential oils like almond oil are perfect for hair conditioning. Use a few drops of lightweight essential oil to the damp hair. It will lock in moisture and add shine to the hair strain.   

Essential oils for hair loss — Hair loss is a global problem. Everyone dreads the loss of their beautiful locks. Essential oils that are rich in antioxidants and provide nourishment to hair follicles can help hair follicles strengthen, reduce hair fall, and promote new hair growth. You can use essential oils for hair regrowth. Oils like rosemary and lavender are famous for their nourishing properties that reduce baldness. 

Essential oil for scalp health — Suffering from the itchy and irritated scalp? Some fungal infections can affect your scalp, resulting in redness, hair fall, and pimple-like bumps. Using essential oil with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties will soothe the scalp and calm the irritation. With constant use, you will have a healthy scalp. And a healthy scalp is significant for healthy hair. Essential oil like tea tree oil is very effective. 

Anti-dandruff essential oil for hair — Dandruff is sometimes challenging to treat. Dandruff could be caused by dryness or fungus, or oily scalp condition. Essential oils like lavender oil, tea tree oil, and thyme, with their anti-fungal and moisturising properties, give relief to dandruff. It also  works as anti-dandruff if used regularly in hair care routine.    

Essential oil for stimulating blood circulation — Proper blood circulation relaxes the mind and boosts memory. Using essential oils like peppermint that give a cooling, soothing, and tingling sensation to the scalp helps stimulate blood flow. 

Brands that Sell the Best Essential Oils for Hair

There are various essential oils available in the market. There are essential oils from flowers like lavender, jasmine, etc., and our platform offers all types of essential hair oils from premium brands. These oils are extracted from herbs and plants to heal and cure your issues. One can choose essential oils for hair from brands like Bella Vita Organic, Vedaearth, Khadi Essentials, Nhea, Brave Essentials, and more. One can search for the best essential oil for hair growth and select as per requirement and need. These oils are generally pure and free from chemicals. But before making a purchase, it would be advised to go through the ingredients list to check for any allergens as some have pollen allergies.
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