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Eyeshadows are an essential cosmetic product that helps in accentuating your eyes and makes them look brighter and bigger. You can try out a variety of eye makeup looks using eyeshadows. They are available in various textures like matte, glitter, and shimmer. Although they are available in various forms, pressed eye shadow powders are the most popular and easiest to use. These are suitable for beginners or people who are going for simple and minimal eyeshadow looks. But that doesn't mean that you can’t try out heavier looks using the eyeshadow palette. If you are going for a light daytime look, it is best to use matte eyeshadow colours. The glitter shades are perfect for nighttime or when you have special occasions to wear heavy makeup. Most of these palettes contain a combination of different textures so it is easy to find one that includes the different colours and textures.

A lot of people want budget-friendly options like eyeshadow palette under 100, eyeshadow palette under 150, eyeshadow palette under 200, and eyeshadow palette under 300 but such cheap prices could compromise the quality of your makeup products and give you bad results. If you are looking to find the best eyeshadow palette in India, Woovly has a great selection of glitter eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow palettes under 500. You can also find big eyeshadow palettes with a lot of shades to match all your looks. If you are using eyeshadow for the first time, it is recommended to invest in a mini eyeshadow palette like the Coloressence satin eye shadow range. These contain three different shades and are priced at only around 500 rupees. The Note Cosmetique Luminous silk Quattro is also a great option for beginners. It comes with four different shades and an application wand. Check out our full range of products to find the lowest price eyeshadow palette.

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Eyeshadows are a must-have in your makeup kit. The right one can upgrade your look by highlighting the beauty of your eyes. In the beginning, it might get a little difficult to blend the product but eventually, you will get the hang of it. The key to doing good eye makeup is by practising. The more you practice, the better you get at it. Apart from the eyeshadow, it is important to invest in other eye cosmetics like kajal, liner, and mascara to complement your eye makeup. But it is not necessary to use all these products when you are applying eyeshadow. Ultimately, it depends on what kind of look you are going for. Some of the best-selling eyeshadow palette brands in woovly are Coloressence and Note Cosmetique. The Coloressence Brown Sugar Matte eyeshadow palette contains eight different shades of brown and maroon that are perfect for a nude eyeshadow look. These shades are neutral and perfect for a daytime look. You can use these colours together to create a popping eye makeup look. The Note Cosmetique professional eyeshadow palette in shade 102 comes in a range of five shimmery pink shades. These shades can be blended to create a ravishing look on your eyelids and they are perfect to wear when you go out at night. 

Types of Eyeshadow

There are different types of eyeshadows available at Woovly that are made up of different formulas. 

  1. Powder eyeshadow: Powder-based eye shadows come in the form of pressed powders in eyeshadows palettes or individually. This is the most common type of eyeshadow and it is easily buildable. They are a great choice for beginners since they are very easy to use. These are applied using an eyeshadow brush or a sponge. If you are looking to invest in a beginner-friendly eyeshadow palette, check out the Coloressence satin eye shadow range from Woovly. 
  2. Liquid: Liquid eyeshadows are the most pigmented eyeshadows. They are usually opaque and cover most of your skin when applied. These are also the longest-lasting eyeshadows and are packed in small transparent containers. A liquid eyeshadow looks very similar to a lipgloss or a liquid lipstick and it is applied exactly like you would apply liquid lipstick. Most of them come with an application wand so you can use it to apply the product to your skin. But it is recommended to use an eyeshadow brush to blend the eyeshadow well. These are often used as coloured eyeshadow bases when you are planning to go for a glittery eyeshadow look. This helps in making your eyeshadow look more vibrant and long-lasting. If you have an oily face, look for waterproof liquid eyeshadows. Otherwise, the eyeshadow will start creasing after some time. 
  3. Loose glitter eyeshadow: A loose glitter eyeshadow contains fine glitter particles that help in giving a very loud and extra look. These are finely milled to create a loose powdery consistency. The application of this product can be a little messy but the results are unmatched. The glitter particles in these products are brighter and amplified so it gives your eyes an impressive look. It is very important to use an eye primer before using a loose eyeshadow to make sure that it stays intact. If you don't have a primer you can use a concealer to fix them. Otherwise, the fine powdery particles will not stick to your skin. It can be a little intimidating to use loose eyeshadows but it is pretty simple. Use a brush and dip it in the eyeshadow pot. Gently pat it over your eyelids to distribute it. Use a powder brush to remove any excess or spilt product.  
  4. Cream eyeshadow: Creamy eyeshadows are semi-solid and are applied to your eyelids like a cream. These are long-lasting and usually have a really thick consistency. These are available in tubes, pots, and even sticks. Just like liquid eyeshadows, cream-based eyeshadows also crease easily. So if you have oily skin, you should stick to a powder-based eyeshadow. If you are applying this product, use a flat eyeshadow brush to pick up the product and distribute it over your eyelids. It is not recommended to apply the product using your fingers since the heat from your fingers could melt the product.

How to use Eyeshadow?

Before you start with the eyeshadow, it is important to make sure that your eyelids are completely clean and dry. Apply some primer to your eyelids and lightly dab some concealer on top of it. This will make the colour pigments pop and ensure long-lasting makeup. After prepping your eyelids, take an eyeshadow brush and get some product on it. Tap the brush lightly on a surface to remove any excess product and apply it over your eyelids. Blend well to get your desired look. Finish off with eyeliner or mascara for a head-turning look.  

Which Eyeshadow Palette Is the Best?

When you are selecting an eyeshadow palette, look out for products that contain long-lasting pigments. The Note Cosmetique Professional eye shadow palette is a high-quality eye shadow palette that is easy to use and blend. It comes with five different complementary shades and is available in seven different variations. The texture of the products is satin velvety and shiny so it is perfect for both daytime and nighttime. The eye shadow can be used as it is or can be mixed with water or primer to get a richer pigment. The formula is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E which prevents the loss of moisture and reduces dryness. 

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