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Hunting for the best eyeliner pencil is a mammoth task. Eyeliner in pencil form is a game-changer for your final makeup look. It can bring a major change to your look with a single stroke. These come in rich pigments and varying formulations. The market is filled with a multitude of pencil liner varieties. The pencil liners are effortless to use and easily glide over the eyelids. Thus, no more worries about a shaky hand spoiling the wing or outline. Several makeup professionals and amateurs find it easy to apply pencil liners around the eyes for a dramatic look. You can switch it up with varying styles of eye lining. A thin stroke on the lower eyelid just beyond the waterline or bold wings on the upper eyelid takes a few minutes, and you are ready to go. If you are confused about how to use an eyeliner pencil, then it is not that tricky. Eyeliner pencils are soft and easy to use. The eyeliner style you choose can give a different definition to eyes. Eyeliner may be an intimidating part of makeup, but you can create magic when you get it. Explore brands like Coloressence, Note Cosmetique, and many more for a vast collection of pencil eyeliners.

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Define Your Eyes with Eyeliner Pencils 

Earlier, people made kajal in their homes by burning ghee and oils and collecting fumes in a container. It is a dark black creamy substance that people apply to their eyes. With time and science, the world of makeup introduced safer and eye-friendly compositions of eyeliners that last all day long. Thus, today you can get smokey eyes liner pencils, gel eyeliner pencils, liquid pencil eyeliner, kohl pencils, etc. These are various formulations that you can try to accentuate your eyes, and with different styles of eyeliner, you can change your eye shape. Eyeliner and kajal do the same work with a slight difference. Kajal is generally used for the lower waterline, but you can use eyeliner for the upper on top of the eyelid and lower waterline. Kajals may get smudged unless they are waterproof. Eyeliners are available in waterproof formulations to get a smudge-free look. You can choose a type of eyeliner as per your need; someone who is a beginner can start with a pencil eyeliner. You can experiment with eyeliner pencil colors other than plain black eyeliners like metallic, matte green, blue, red, etc. Choose one or many that suit your outfit and personality.

Different Types of Eyeliner Pencils

Applying eyeliner is not rocket science as it might feel a bit too much to a beginner. Still, by following these easy tips, it would become much easier. For a beginner, the best eyeliner pencil is creamy in texture, so it easily glides over eyelids and waterline. You can make them appear big or small or get an intense dramatic look by creating a cat winged eyeliner or a subtle look by just highlighting the upper and lower waterline. For a basic, simple, and minimalist look, pick a more natural color like black or brown and slowly draw a thin line along the eyelashes and a thin line on the upper and bottom waterline. It defines your eyes and makes them more expressive. Take a smudgy eyeliner for a smoky eye look, draw a line on your upper eyelid, and smudge it with your finger. They are easy to do and give a bold look; choose eyeliner pencil or kajal that blends easily.

Pencil Eyeliners

Pencil eyeliners look like pencils that you can sharpen with further use. You can sometimes get a pencil liner with a sharpener to achieve a sharp wing ling. You can rub the tip and apply for a smudged look that looks great. They are incredibly easy to use as you draw lines on your upper eyelid, and there is no need to wait for it to dry.

Gel Eyeliners

Gel eyeliner pencils are generally darker than pencil eyeliner. They are soft gel-like in texture, helping to create a beautiful matte finish that pairs well with any makeup look. 

Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

Waterproof makeup is incomplete without a waterproof eyeliner. It stays for hours and is not only smudge-proof but also doesn't wash out with water or tears. You can easily remove it with a makeup remover.

Brands that Sell Eyeliner Pencils Online

There are various brands available with a wide variety and options. Brands like Note Cosmetique, Coloressence, etc., offer different pencils for a smoky look, intense look, and a two-in-one pencil that works as lipliner as well as eyeliner. ach eyeliner pencil is available in multiple colors to experiment with. The pencil eyeliner prices vary as per the type and performance of the eyeliner. Thus, make your choice, and add to the cart as per your requirements for those mesmerising eyes.
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