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You are always only one massage away from a good mood. One doesn’t always have to wait till the weekend to have a session of self-care. Fashionistas and influencers are Gua sha-ing their face for a lymphatic massage or jade–rolling their cheeks till they glow. Every scroll of the Insta feed proves the various advantages of using these face massagers. Combine the face massagers with nutrient-rich products like the Khadi Natural Rose and Aloe Vera Face massage gel to revolutionise your skincare regime. Getting an expensive massage at a salon always feels great. But you may not always have the time or the energy for it. That’s what these jade rollers and face massager machines are for – to give you salon-like luxury in the comfort of your own home. By definition, face massage is an exercise from historical Chinese medication intended to stimulate the pores and skin with the help of face massager rollers. They manipulate and rub the pores and the skin on the face to drain the lymphatic system to reduce puffiness. In the past few years, people have become increasingly aware of the usefulness of the best face massager machines out there. The best face massagers have plenty of benefits. They increase blood circulation, stimulate collagen production and the lymphatic system, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, release muscle tension in the face and increase the elasticity of your skin

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Face Massager

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5 Face Massagers for the Best Facials at Home 

Want to get yourself a luxurious face massage at home? Try the Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar. Designed by celeb make-up artist Jillian Dempsey, this 24K gold variety not only tones and sculpts facial muscles, but the vibrating T-bar also stimulates blood circulation. The Skin Owl The Glow Stick is also a great option. This double-sided stick carries a smooth, polished curler to de-puff swollen areas (like the under-eyes) and helps with improving blood circulation to the face. The Yang Face Massage Set comes with a textured jade curler that stimulates blood flow, a facial cup to help tone your face, and a mushroom-shaped "pounder" equipment to knead the tension out of your facial muscles. Roll the spiked device down your neck, chest, forehead, and cheekbones, and use the pounders in round upward and outward strokes on your jawline and cheeks. The Skin Gym Face Sculptor is also a great option if you are looking for massagers. You can also go for the Mount Lai Jade Tension Melting Massager for Face & Neck – which is another dual-pronged massager that gently tones your jawline and your cheekbones. The jade stone has a cooling effect and is known to decrease redness and skin irritation.

Facial Massagers for Younger, Radiant Skin

Face massagers are easy to use on your own. The method entails stimulating tensed areas of the face, neck, and shoulders. You can use lotions, oils, or cleaning balms for facial massages, in addition to an electric face massager or a flat gua sha tool. Using facial massagers lets moisturisers get easily absorbed into your pores. It can have a calming and rejuvenating effect on your skin and your entire mood. 

At Woovly, you can find a range of face massagers from the best brands – Khadi Natural, Lukzer Himalayan, Vega, to Tyzag and Skinn – on offer. Just choose the massager and the accompanying massaging gel or moisturiser you want, make the payment using a secure gateway, and then have your products delivered without you having to step one foot out the door.


Do face massagers work?

They significantly improve the blood circulation of the face. It can reduce swelling by stimulating lymph nodes. It also cools and helps with the absorption of skincare products.

How to use a facial roller?

Apply a well-lubricated facial oil, serum, or moisturiser. In the absence of lubricant, the tool can pull on the skin, which can cause wrinkles. Start from the back of your neck and roll it up. For best results, keep rolling up, don’t rub back and forth. Use gentle pressure to roll from the chin to the ears on both sides. You can continue this movement from the chin line to the cheekbones. Roll it up just from the forehead to the hairline. Roll flat across the eyebrows horizontally. This can relieve headaches.

How often should one use a facial roller?

Face rollers are safe to use every day, but some people prefer to use them on alternate days. . Some studies show that one will see better results if one uses them frequently. 

How to clean your facial roller?

Wipe off excess oil and products with a soft, clean washcloth. Use a gentle face wash or soap to kill the bacteria. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with room temperature water. Do not expose the face roller to very hot water or soak it in water. Place the roller horizontally on a clean cloth to dry.

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