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Facial razor for women is a revolutionary facial exfoliation tool. The buzzword ‘dermaplaning’ is functionally the same. These razors are also called dermaplaning tools. Dermaplaning is an easy process of achieving a silky smooth face. It eliminates the build-up and accumulated dead skin, residual make-up, and unwanted hair growth on the face. After the peach fuzz and dead skin is gone, you are left with baby-soft smooth skin. Regular use of women’s face razors gradually fades the premature fine lines on the face. It eventually shrinks open pores in the face, leaving your skin porcelain smooth. Razor for women’s face consists of a single blade engineered to ensure safe exfoliation and dermaplaning. Each blade lasts for a period of about six to eight shaves.

Get a facial razor and use it for multiple purposes. The razors offer a hygienic shave and are easy to glide. The protective layer on the razor blades prevents any bacterial infection, redness of the skin, and bruises caused by regular razors. Facial razors help the skin soak nourishing serums and other skin rejuvenating products quickly and effectively. Thus, it reduces the chances of any eruptions or breakouts. Therefore, no more rushing to the salon for threading or waxing when you have a facial razor for women. It is a safe and painless method of getting a clean and glowing face. These razors have a safety guard with anti-bacterial properties, which reduces any chances of after-shave irritation. Brands like Sirona, Bombay Shaving Company, LetsShave, Gynocup, ZLADE, and others are popular amongst the facial razor clientele. Adopt the practice of facial hair removal with facial razors exclusively from the catalogue of Woovly. Choose from an array of facial razors and buy online the one which suits you best.

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Facial Razor For Women

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Facial Razor for Women- Convenient Shaving Within Your Reach

Facial razors for women have become an essential part of the beauty regimen. Ditch painful facial hair removal methods like waxing, threading, and plucking and take up a facial razor for a smooth and even-toned face. The core benefits of shaving lie in it being hassle-free, does not need a second person, and can be done at your convenience. It is a painless process of effectively removing the facial hair and peach fuzz without causing any irritation. Get instant results after the first session and unveil skin that looks fresh and radiant.

Benefits of using women’s face razor

  • Convenient and hassle-free 

Face razor for women is a hassle-free facial hair and dead skin removal tool. It glides smoothly over the face shave-after-shave and delivers a quick, perfect, and painless performance. Shaving is a quick way to get rid of facial hair. Women’s razors get explicitly built to help remove stubborn facial hair. These are lightweight, compact, and offer a good grip; hence, they are easy to operate. These razors can be used on the go and do not require any charging.

  • Removes unwanted hair

Using a facial razor, you can get rid of the dead skin and peach fuzz on your face. It is suitable for upper lips, upper cheek, and chin and is also a splendid tool for shaping eyebrows. 

  • Get clear, smooth, and glowing skin

The skin breathes better after shaving the face, looking dewy and emanating a beautiful glow. It brings you clear skin and an even-toned complexion.  

  • Better absorption of face rejuvenating products

Another benefit is that the skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin, reaching beneficial ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants deep inside the cells. After the first shave, your skin gains a better rate of absorbing essential nutrients from collagen serums and cleansers.

  • Better application of make-up

Achieve a flawless make-up look with an even canvas to work on. Make-up, when applied to bare clear skin, gets absorbed well and spreads evenly. Remove the dead skin and the peach fuzz with one shave to get an even surface. Hence, your make-up blends so well that a little goes a long way and lasts longer.  

  • Controls bacteria and dirt

The hygienic anti-bacterial blades of the facial razor for women reduce the chances of infections. It removes dirt and dead skin, helps the skin breathe better, and reduces bacterial growth. 

  • Travel-friendly

The facial razors are lightweight, compact, and easy to use on the go. Time and again, razors prove to be excellent travel-friendly grooming tools, and it takes up little to no space and skips the trouble of charging or batteries in your portable set-up.  

Why is face shaving better than other methods of facial hair removal?

There are several other options to remove dead skin and facial hair. Some popular options include threading, waxing, plucking, laser hair removal, and others. However, shaving is a choice and is an equally popular method of facial hair removal. It is painless, brings faster results, is hassle-free, and is portable. You do not require assistance to shave. It is also easy on your pocket and gives you clean and butter-smooth skin from the comfort of your home. Options like waxing, plucking, and threading seem painful and time-consuming compared to razors. Any forced pull and tear of facial hair to sensitive skin causes premature wrinkles. Waxing and threading result in a slight pull on the skin, resulting in fine lines. At times, the problem of ingrown hair does arise. However, shaving the face eliminates both dead skin and facial hair. One trick is to remove hair in the direction of facial hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs.  

The process to use a facial razor for women

It is always advisable to use a good quality razor. Keep in mind that everybody’s skin and body hair are different. A type of razor that suits one person won’t necessarily match the preferences of the second person. Hence, choose a razor crafted for your skin. However, the best way to shave is beyond razors - it is how you prepare your skin for the experience. Shaving for women includes a different set of steps to follow. Experts suggest that women should follow the process for instant results: 

  • Cleansing the skin

The primary step is to cleanse the skin to remove the make-up, dead skin, or any other residue on the surface. Wash the face with a facial cleanser. It will clear your skin and soften the hair on your face. Pat dry with a towel after washing your face. 

  • Applying a shaving cream or gel (meant for women)

First, wet your face and apply a thin layer of cream or gel to the skin. Some women prefer shaving on clean, dry skin as they find it easier to exfoliate it in this manner. However, experts recommend applying shaving cream or gel on damp skin before shaving. It gives you a smooth shave and prevents the skin from getting pulled, and it also reduces the chances of irritation and redness from rashes. 

  • Start shaving

Grab a single-blade razor explicitly designed for women’s facial shaving. These razors also have a straight edge. A note of caution is never to use a dull razor as it irritates or nicks the skin. Face the mirror and gently place the razor at a thirty or forty-five-degree angle. Once you get the feel of it, start shaving in short strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Shaving must be in the direction of hair growth. If done otherwise, there are chances of skin irritation and trapped ingrown hair. If the razor skips or tugs at the skin, use the other hand to pull the skin and then shave over the region.

  • Rinse and disinfect the razor

Keep a bowl of water with disinfectant next to you. You must rinse the razor after every stroke in this bowl of water or wipe it with a wad of cotton dipped in a disinfectant. You must also be careful when moving from one part of the face to another. The razor blade should be completely clean of grime, dead skin, and hair. Wipe it clean before resuming shaving the other side. It is to make sure that infection (if any) does not spread from the earlier shaved area to the new area being shaved. 

  • Rinse well

Once done shaving, rinse the face well with cool water, and it helps close the open pores and tightens the skin. Check to see if any fuzz remains and clean it.

  • Moisturise

After washing the face, apply a gentle moisturiser. Avoid products that contain harsh ingredients like glycolic acid and retinol. 

  • Store razors after shaving

Once you have completed your shaving routine, carefully clean the blade of any residual grime and fuzz. Dip or wipe it with disinfectant. Put it aside for drying. And remember to cover it before putting it away for subsequent use. 

Get Rid of Skin Irritation During Facial Shaving

To avoid skin irritation while shaving, you must shave correctly. Follow the recommended shaving method to prevent issues. Keep the skin hydrated in order to thwart skin irritation. Wash your face with lukewarm water to soften and hydrate all the fine vellus hairs on your skin. Exfoliation can also soften and ease facial skin by removing dead skin cells. Shaving gel or cream is essential for shaving the face with a razor blade. It helps the razor blade glide smoothly and gives you a satisfying shaving experience. Apply a moisturiser with mild ingredients to soothe the skin after the facial hair, and dead skin cells get eliminated. Aloe vera is a fantastic substitute in such a case. And lastly, use a clean and sharp razor blade.

Changing and Discarding the Facial Razors

When the razor blade loses its edge and becomes dull, you must discard it and get a new one. Old razor blades can tug at the skin or pull the hair, causing nicks and cuts on your skin. It is highly advisable to get a new set of shaving blades for your razor and have it disinfected before every use. 

Facial Shaving - Do’s and Don’ts


  • You must always moisturise and soften your facial skin before shaving. Shaving on dry skin may cause unwanted skin damage and irritation.
  • Shaving must be in the direction of hair growth and never otherwise. 
  • The razor should always get rinsed after each stroke.


  • It would help if you did not interchange razor blades used for the rest of the body. The bacteria and grime may irritate your facial skin and cause a rash out of the blue.
  • Do not use an old or dull razor.
  • If you have sensitive skin or any other skin condition, facial shaving is not recommended. Take an expert’s advice to ensure that shaving won’t affect your skin. 

How Do Facial Razors Last Longer?

The number of shaves and the texture of the hair (peach fuzz) affect the lifespan of the facial razor blades. Proper care can keep the edges sharp and running for a more extended period. Keep your skin well hydrated while shaving, and use a shaving gel. Rinse your razor after each stroke. After the shave is complete, rinse the razor, wipe it dry, and put it away safely. 

Facial razor for women is available in various designs and models, and Woovly offers a variety of products for your beauty regimen routine. You can check out brands like Sirona, Bombay Shaving Company, LetsShave, GynoCup, ZLADE, and others to select the best face razor for women according to your need and requirement. Purchase online to avail yourself a hassle-free and safe payment gateway and get your product delivered according to your convenience.


I have peach fuzz. Is it ok to shave it?

Shaving has a multitude of benefits that get overshadowed by unnecessary doubts. Shaving the vellus hair on your face unveils a beautiful look with an even tone. There is no harm caused to the skin when using a suitable method. While it is a known fact that all the body hair and the peach fuzz on the face is there for the various types of protection (nose hair to prevent certain types of pollutants from entering the respiratory passage), there will be no significant harm if you shave off your peach fuzz. You will look well-groomed and will have more confidence. Finally, the call to remove or not remove peach fuzz from your face is a call that each one has to take based on personal preference. 

I have heard that if I shave my facial hair, it will grow denser and thicker. Is this true?

It is a myth that if you shave your facial hair, it will grow back denser and thicker. Generally, you will see that the hair grows back slower and gets sparse and soft.

What is the proper interval of time for shaving facial hair?

As soon as you notice the first signs of a hair poking out, shave it off. But generally, personal preference takes over. A good rule of thumb is to fix days and shave, just as you wash your hair regularly. 

Does it hurt to shave facial hair or peach fuzz?

Shaving facial hair does not cause pain. All you have to do is get the shaver that suits the thickness of your facial hair. Go by the directions provided with the product for ideal results. It is essential to hold the razor the correct way so as not to cause any damage.

I want to keep my face clear of facial hair or peach fuzz. Is there any cause for not shaving my face?

There are several conditions under which you should refrain from shaving your face, such as an open wound, skin rash, skin swelling or bruise, sore skin, swelling on your face, skin outbreak or acne, ingrown hair, or a razor burn. Postpone shaving till the ailment has healed, and you are comfortable. If the skin is compromised, it is easy to catch an infection from a razor burn or nick. 

When should I discard my facial razor?

When the razor blade loses its sharpness, it should be changed. If, while shaving, the blade tugs at the hair or pulls the skin of the face, you must realise that the razor blades have become dull, and it is time to get a new one from Woovly.

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