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A facial roller is a tool that has a roller at both ends and is made from rose quartz or jade. This roller helps you massage your face, giving a soothing effect. Face rollers are made from materials like amethyst or stainless steel. The roller has numerous benefits. It improves blood circulation to your face, making your skin more radiant and glowing. A face roller increases the blood flow to your face, which might help you to make your skin look brighter. The facial roller benefits before and after are visible after regular use. A facial roller also helps to decrease puffiness. Rolling this tool may also reduce puffiness, such as in under-eye bags. The roller makes it possible by increasing lymphatic drainage that carries away waste products from your body. Researchers linked this type of massage tool to decreasing the rate of swelling. You can buy this product and gently massage your face because it has many benefits for your skin and makes your skin look healthier. It might help reduce your stress and act as a tension-reliever, just like a spa does to your body. There are various brands that you can find selling this roller online. The companies that sell the best facial roller in India are Mirabela, The Glow Rituals, mCaffeine, RAS Luxury, Sanfe and others.

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Facial Roller

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Facial Roller - A Skin Brightening Tool

A face roller is a tool similar to a Gua Sha, an old tool or technique that helps in skin brightening. If you are thinking about where this product came from, then you should know that the history of this roller can be traced back to ancient China. Normal people of that country were not allowed to use this and were commonly used by wealthy Chinese women. The beauty roller is a handheld facial tool that ends with crystal heads or jade stones on both sides. These heads are rolled on various parts of your face, depending on the size of the roller. With time this beauty product got hugely popular. These rollers come in different shapes and sizes. For example, a mini roller is smaller and has only one roller head. You can carry a mini roller anywhere you want as it is travel friendly and more affordable than any big face rollers. The mini roller is designed to massage around the eye and mouth areas. Face rollers are made from stones like Obsidian, Amethyst, Jade, and others.

Benefits of Facial Roller - A Tool to Add Glow to Your Skin

In your skincare routine, you can use this facial tool as face rolling tones your facial muscles. This also increases your skin’s elasticity, slowing down wrinkling, making your face less puffy, and reducing signs of ageing. You will find different combos like facial roller and gua sha set online. They help increase the blood circulation in your skin, improve the glow, and reduce puffiness. The rolling acts as a treatment and is as effective as any other facial massage if you massage your face with it correctly. It makes your skin feel more energised by replenishing your skin cells. Face rolling increases the blood flow on your face and around your eyes, making them look brighter and fresher. It increases the production of collagen, which is a facial skin protein.

Using Facial Rollers

The facial tool can act like magic if used properly. Before using it, you should know how to do a facial massage with a roller to get the best result. The first step is to prepare your face roller by putting it inside the freezer for 3-4 hours. While you keep this tool in your freezer, clean your face with your favorite cleanser. Use a face cleanser that suits your skin type. Make sure your skin is clean and is devoid of dirt. Then, wipe your wet face with a soft and clean towel and apply the moisturiser or serum to your face. Next, take your face roller and roll it in the areas you feel swelled up. You can roll it downwards on the face and sides of your neck. When you have completed this, apply it to the front of your neck and move it to your jawline. After completing the previous step, bring your roller to the areas that need a massage. First, roll this tool on your cheek area before going to the forehead. The smaller side of the roller is made so that you can gently massage the corners of your eyes. Lastly, wipe your face with a clean towel, and apply the moisturiser that suits your skin.


How many days in a week should one use a face roller?

A facial roller acts as a massage tool for your face and does not have any side effects. You can use a face roller every day or at least three times a week to see the changes in your face. When massaged properly, it will increase the blood circulation in your skin, and you can see the instant glow on your face.

Should the roller be used on a bare face or after applying a serum?

To see the best result on your skin, you can pick the moisturiser or serum that suits your skin type. After applying it thoroughly, roll your tool on the face and neck and see the changes within a few use.

Does the rose quartz facial roller show better results than jade facial rollers?

Both the facial rollers have the same benefits. The jade vs rose quartz facial roller might increase your confusion. To understand which one is best for you, you must understand your requirements. Jade has an adaptive nature and becomes warm when it comes in contact with the skin, whereas rose quartz is cool. 

Where should one keep facial roller?

You can keep your face roller in the refrigerator so that when you massage your skin with it, it gives a cooling effect.

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