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Floren strongly believes that each woman is unstoppable if she wants to be! Our goal is to motivate, applaud and stand by such women. Additionally, to conquer the world, they need to take care of themselves too.

We wish to empower women so they are comfortable during their time of the month. Floren brings in a wide range of hygiene products for her. Some of these include Intimate oils, wash, and wipes, menstrual cups and a lot more.  Our mission is to initiate, spread awareness and educate society to eradicate social stigmas. We strive to break all stereotypes revolving around menstruation. It’s vital to make young girls and women everywhere understand that periods are natural, beautiful and a very important part of a woman’s being. It’s time to be aware, accept and ensure access to the basic hygiene care for women and also feel comfortable in doing so.

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