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The skin on our feet tends to be thicker and coarser than the skin on the rest of our bodies. So our regular moisturising cream will not be strong enough to nourish and moisturise it. Foot creams are specifically formulated to keep your foot moisturised. These tend to be thicker than your regular moisturising creams. They are available in a variety of flavours for various skin types. You can find some of the best foot creams in India at Woovly, like foot whitening creams and foot creams for dry skin. Our popular products include Nutriment foot moisturising cream, Gemblue Biocare Foot cream, TVAM Hibiscus and Chamomile Foot cream, Gemblue Biocare foot spa cream, Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot cream, Cocoa Soul Foot Cream with Coconut, Neem and Ayurveda etc. You can also find specifically formulated foot creams for cracked heels like the Khadi Natural Jasmine Green Tea Foot Crack Cream and Globus Naturals crack cream. 

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Foot Creams

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Foot creams are an essential part of foot care. It nourishes your skin and helps prevent many foot issues like infections, cracking, corns, calluses, etc. The most common types of foot cream are foot cream for dry skin. Dry skin on the feet is very common, especially during winters, so it is essential to use a suitable product to keep it moisturised. Otherwise, it could lead to cracked heels and fissures. At Woovly, you can find a variety of foot creams offered by top-selling brands like Globus Naturals, Cocoa Soul, Fuschia, Juicy Chemistry, Khadi Naturals, Gemblue Biocare, Nutriment, TVAM, VLCC, La Flora, GLAMVEDA etc. 

Benefits of foot creams

  • Makes your feet moisturised: The key to avoiding most foot-related problems is to keep them hydrated. It can thicken and harden to cause other problems like calluses and corns if you have dry skin. So it is imperative to regularly use foot cream to nourish and provide sufficient hydration to your skin. 
  • Makes your skin soft and supple: It becomes soft and smooth to touch when your skin is hydrated. To maintain long-term softness and hydration, you should consistently use a foot cream. 
  • Prevents cracked heels: Cracked heels are a prevalent foot issue that many people experience. It is easier to control and stop it if you can recognise it initially. It is commonly found in people who exert too much pressure on their footpads. One way of preventing the development of cracks on your heels is by keeping them moisturised. Cracked heels tend to develop faster on people with dry skin, so it is necessary to use foot creams. 
  • Gives you a relaxing experience: A foot massage is one of the most relaxing experiences. Even if you do it for a short time, it can uplift your mood and make you feel better. When you get a foot massage, it activates your nervous system and releases endorphins.  
  • Reduces feet odour: Scented foot creams can help in preventing smelly feet. Ensure that you have properly cleaned your feet and dried them before applying the cream for best results. 
  • Reduces foot irritation: A foot massage gives you a better peek into your feet and other issues they might be facing. It helps identify problems like ingrown toenails, corns, sores, blisters, etc. This enables you to act fast and reduce any irritations or inflammations. Foot creams can also relieve itching and other irritations from your skin. 
  • Provides nourishment to the skin: When you massage the cream on your feet, it gets better absorbed by your skin. The active ingredients in the product penetrate better to give your faster results. Your skin also gets deeply nourished because of the nutrients in the products, and the cream remains on the skin for longer. 
  • Improves blood circulation: Foot creams are the perfect products for an excellent foot massage. When you get a foot massage, it boosts blood circulation on your feet. This decreases the chances of developing sores on your feet. It also speeds up the healing process of cuts or wounds on your feet. Your muscles and tissue will be healthier with the improved circulation, and your feet will start looking brighter and even-toned. 
    • Prevents skin infection: Athletes foot is a common fungal skin infection prevalent among people who sweat a lot. It can also be caused by wearing tight-fitting shoes. It can lead to irritations like rashes, itching, burning etc. Using a foot cream regularly and maintaining a clean foot can help prevent such issues. 

    How to use foot creams?

    The best time to use a foot care cream is when you step out of the shower. Our body tends to absorb moisturisers better when applying them to damp skin. Otherwise, it will not be completely effective, and you will have to use more quantity of the product to get similar results. 

    Ensure that your feet are spotless before applying them. Massage the cream all over your feet in a circular motion for a few minutes. Focus on the Achilles and pressure points to promote blood circulation. If you need some intense moisturisation, you can wear cotton socks and leave them overnight. Apply twice a day for best results.

    Which is the best foot cream for cracked heels?

    The Volamena Foot repair cream is one of the best foot crack creams for healing dry and cracked heels. It is packed with moisturising and healing ingredients like Shea butter, Urea, Peptides, Vitamin E and Eucalyptus Oil.

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