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Foundation cream is an essential item in your makeup kit when it comes to makeup. Foundation cream works as a 5-in-1 product that primes, corrects, hydrates, perfects, and protects your skin, giving you a flawless face. The cream foundation has a creamy-textured formula that glides smoothly on your skin, diminishing the appearance of blemishes and other skin imperfections. It gives you an even-toned skin and a dewy, moisturised appearance. The no-clog formula leaves your face breathable and fresh all day. The foundation makeup cream is enriched with vitamins and ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and conditioned. It also offers a long-lasting natural finish to your face with sun protection. It smooths your skin tone delicately, enhances your complexion, and gives you a natural-looking coverage that lasts long. Thus, the cream will not only correct the spots on your face but also nourish your skin with essential ingredients.

The foundation gets formulated with powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from all kinds of environmental or external stress. The cream makeup is easy to apply with a makeup foundation brush. It also helps reduce the appearance of large pores with professional cream makeup. Browse Woovly to get a suitable foundation makeup cream crafted for all skin types and preferences. Brands like Note Cosmetique, Paul Penders, Coloressence, Februus Organics, Disguise Cosmetics, and many more offer a wide range of makeup creams on Woovly. Compare foundation cream prices before your purchase and benefit from exciting offers on Woovly. Add other makeup products to your shopping cart, like cream mousse, pancake foundation, etc., from the comfort of your home.

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Benefits of Foundation Cream for Skin

Foundation cream, if chosen rightly, gives your face much-needed care and enhances the glow. The cream is soothing and moisturises your face. It comes with appropriate levels of SPF, protecting your skin from harmful sun rays or ultraviolet rays. The soft creamy texture conceals any uneven tone with a seamless glowing complexion. All your dark spots and imperfections get effectively covered, and you get flawless skin that lasts the whole day. The foundation mousse is also formulated differently for every skin type, owing to the perfect finish. With every application, the regenerating, detoxifying, and repairing ingredients in cream formula foundation make your skin healthier than before. The creamy smooth texture blends well, forming a smooth and bump-free canvas for your makeup. The cream is lightweight and lets your skin breathe well. Some creams are waterproof and non-sticky too. These come in different shades, giving you the liberty to effortlessly find your pick. As per your skin type, choose formulations that suits you the most. Some get made with a moisturising formula to hydrate skin deeply. And some get formulated with non-clogging properties and antioxidants to enhance your skin texture.

Ingredients used in foundation cream

Foundation cream leave an illuminating finish to all skin types. It has a non-greasy formula made from organic herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Any cream-based foundation gives your skin a dewy look and blurs your skin imperfections. The product smoothen your wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. The ingredients used promotes skin regeneration and provide you with brighter even-looking skin. These products are entirely cruelty-free, paraben-free, dermatologically tested, and vegan. The multipurpose feature of a makeup cream gives you the liberty to use it as an everyday moisturising primer, mix it with highlighter, or lighten under-eye area. You can even mix it with face cream for radiance, blend with foundation, hydrate and nourish lips, and beyond. The cream recharges, replenishes, and protects your skin barriers. After application, its sweat-free formulation causes visibly less sweat on the face and neck. The varying shades blend quickly and effortlessly with your skin tone and add a charming glow to boost confidence. 

How to use foundation cream?

Foundations are effortless to apply to your face. It hardly eats up your precious time when used the right way. To ensure that, follow this expert suggested process to lay the foundation the right way. 

Using foundations with SPF and skin-rejuvenating properties daily slows down collagen depletion and improves cell renewal. The proper foundation with the efficient needed nutrients provides your skin with an illuminating glow. These paraben-free foundations are suitable for daily use and enhance the quality of your overall makeup. 

Extend your makeup look with products from Woovly. Explore the range of cosmetics for all skin types and add them to your cart. Get a soft and supple look with the aftercare and preparatory skin products for better results. With a hassle-free payment process, get goodies for your skin delivered to your doorstep at your convenience. 


Which foundation cream is best for dry skin?

You can search for the best foundation for dry skin in India online and select one compatible with your skin type. Please refer to the product description to choose the perfect cream that suits your skin.

My makeup budget is not much. Is cream-based foundation very costly?

These creams are good products and worth the money. They come in a wide range, prices varying with properties and features. You can compare the prices of foundations before your purchase and get the one that suits your skin the most.

Is cream-formula foundation harmful to oily skin?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of creams available in the best foundation for oily skin in India. If you use appropriate and high-quality cream, it won’t harm your skin.

Can I use foundation daily?

If you choose good-quality foundation cream from a reputed brand, there is nothing wrong with using it daily. Choosing a foundation with ceramides and appropriate serums will also improve your skin’s health, texture, and appearance.

How do you make cream-based foundation stay?

Which brand offers a good cream formula foundation?

Brands like Note Cosmetique, Paul Penders, Coloressence, Februus Organics, Disguise Cosmetics, and many more offer various creams online. You can search, select, buy, and get it delivered to your home from Woovly. 

What brush should I use to apply a cream-based foundation? 

Choosing the right makeup brush is very important while applying the cream. Have a rounded foundation brush or kabuki brush to lay the creamy foundation. The coverage will be sheerer and leave a smooth, glowing surface without any hassle.